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DIY Lace Crowns {how-to}

Make your own crows with lace! Perfect for a kid’s party, prop or even just for fun! All you need is lace, fabric stiffener, glitter and some fabric flowers.

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You Will Need...

  • Lace, Glitter, Fabric, Button,
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  1. Rachelle Brancato
    Rachelle Brancato

    At the bottom of the post it says, “Inspired By: DIY Lace Crown Tutorial”, click on the that and it will take you to the tutorial. Hope this helps ūüôā

  2. Comment-Anonymous

    you have a site that is how too do it but there are no directions, i want to make a a larger version of a crown and put lace on it and put it above my babys crib. any suggestions!!!! Thank you.

    Sue Parker

    DIY Lace Crowns {how-to}

    Angie Ramirez

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