Geico Caveman and Progressive Insurance Flo DIY Costumes

This is one of my favorite costumes my husband and I have done. Each year we go to a big costume party where everyone has to not only dress up, but perform a skit as well. I’ll spare you the details of our skit, (even though I thought it was hilarious!) but here are the

Winter Wonderland Snow Cake

Winter Wonderland Snow Cake. A white, icicle encrusted, winter wonderland snow cake. Imprinted with a snow angel, and decorated with snowballs and snowflakes.This stunning white cake is perfect for Hanukkah or Christmas, and a winter weddings.

Last Day of School Tshirt Tradition

Print a fun graphic onto printable ‘dark’ Tshirt iron on paper for a fun last day of school tshirt tradition. It’s a great way to thank their school teacher for their hard work, makes a wonderful photo op, and a memorable moment they’ll look forward to year after year.

Little Hands Sugar Cookies Tutorial

These cute cookie creations actually take on the shape of your little one’s hands, making them the perfect treat, straight from the heart for Mother’s or Father’s Day, Christmas or any other special occasion! We are going to show you just how to make them, too! Just simply follow the step-by-step tutorial we’ve outlined below

DIY Y’all Outdoor Pillow Tutorial

Tutorial to make a stenciled outdoor pillow. I am so excited to share my latest addition in my front porch mini-makeover with you. A fun stenciled outdoor pillow can be super easy to make and save you a bundle as you fix up your porch and patio for summer.

How to Make Patriotic Flag Sugar Cookies

Step-by Step guide from Silviya on MomSE on how to create Patriotic Flag Cookies. We promise you will be amazed at how easy it really is! Please feel free to ask questions. Perfect for your 4th of July picnics.

DIY Party Favors

This DIY Party Favor will use those old baby food jars. Save them to make beautiful (and cheap!) DIY party favors for any kind of party! These jars are unique, fun, and can be made to match any colors and theme of any party! And did I mention it’s very inexpensive?

Mini Party Cakes {Tutorial}

Bake adorable and colorful cakes inside baby food jars!! Perfect for parties and get togethers, these mini cakes can be customized to match party colors, favorite colors, etc! These mini cakes are SO easy to make, and are unique and so much fun! They can be made ahead of time for easy party prep, and

How to make spa birthday invitations

How to make a very cute invitation that’s perfect for a spa birthday party. You make it, decorate it, write on it, and send it! Simple as that! You and your kids will love this birthday craft idea!

Simple Reupholstered Dining chair DIY

This tutorial shows how to reupholster dining chairs. Grab some chairs from your basement, a garage sale, or thrift store and with a little DIY, change them into beautiful, “new” dining chairs!

How to Decorate a Gym for a Christmas Party

How to decorate a church gym for a Christmas party on a very low budget using paper crafts like 3D snowflakes hanging on twine, snowflake wall collage and green paper place mats and red cups.