Geico Caveman and Progressive Insurance Flo DIY Costumes


This is one of my favorite costumes my husband and I have done. Each year we go to a big costume party where everyone has to not only dress up, but perform a skit as well. I’ll spare you the details of our skit, (even though I thought it was hilarious!) but here are the deets for the costume:

For my hubby’s caveman face, we ordered a partial prosthetic from a Halloween special effects company. This was the most expensive part, but well worth it. We applied it as directed on the packaging, and bought a small package of “beard hair” from the Halloween store to give him the facial hair he needed. The sloppier the better, since cavemen aren’t exactly well groomed. 😉 Add a wig, a button-up shirt and some khakis and you are set. In fact you might say it’s so easy, a caveman could do it. {Cheesy laugh hahahahah}

My costume was much easier. White apron (bought at Hobby Lobby), white pants, white polo shirt. I found a Progressive logo online, printed it on an iron-on transfer page (available at any craft store) and ironed it onto the apron. I also just printed the “I heart insurance” and “FLO” nametag on cardstock and adhered it to a couple of safety pins and pinned them to the apron. I bought a basic dark wig, but you must also add a bump-it and a purple headband. Draw on some black eyeliner with dramatic wings and some loud, red lipstick and don’t forget to be smiley and super annoying!

This was a hit at the party and we even won best costume! I also love that I was comfortable all night. No itchy face paint, no leather pants – it was great.

Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
$25 to $50
1-2 Hours
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