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Spray Painted Brass - Suburble

Give Your Old Brass Some Sass!

While I love brass in its original golden glory, there are some pieces that just aren’t living up to their potential. A gorgeous mama-and-babe giraffe pair was given to me, and I knew that it could be something spectacular. Using the power of spray paint, the pair was given a new life and a new look. The fomerly tarnished brass pieces are now faux-ceramic chic! It’s an upcycle that I’m very excited about!

You Will Need...

Estimated Time:
  • Step 1

    Scour your mom or grandma's house (or the thrift shop) and find an awesome brassy beauty needing a bit of spray paint love
  • Step 2

    Spray paint the piece in a white or off-white colour; apply at least 2 even coats and let stand to dry
  • Step 3

    Admire your handiwork! You've upcycled beautiful home decor!

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