4 Tips to Upgrade Your Laundry Room


Hi!  I’m Laurie with tipjunkie.com with an easy upgrade from Downy.  Today’s tip is how to upgrade your laundry room!

It doesn’t matter if you have an entire room or a small closet.  You’ll be able to use these 4 tips to help transform any space that holds your washer and dryer into a beautiful place that gives you the functionality that you need.

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laundry room storageAmazing Laundry Room Makeover from Finding My Aloha

Tip #1 ~ Add Storage

The goal is to keep your laundry room and workspace as clean as possible with minimal maintenance.  Ask yourself, how can you maximize this space?

• Add a counter on top?
• Add shelving or a cabinet? {above or below washer/dryer}
• Add a clothes hanging rod?
• Can you stack the washer and dryer?

Create Storage. Emily transformed her small laundry room with a $5 cabinet from Craigs list, two shelves, bead board, and then built a laundry riser to store her laundry bins.  She created hidden space for supplies, shelves for storage and decor, as well as really cool space for the laundry bins.

Sausha has hooked us up with this great pictured tutorial on how to make a washer/dryer pedestal to hold full-size laundry baskets {a.k.a Laundry Riser}

Laundry Basket Dresser tutorial

I also really like this Laundry Basket Dresser tutorial with complete building plans from Ana-White.  What a great way to take an ugly plastic bin and make it chic by incorporating it into the design of the room.

laundry room before and after This is a great example of maximizing your space in the laundry room to accommodate your needs.

Create a folding station. In The Fun Lane maximized her laundry room layout by completely starting from scratch!  She gutted her room and installed new floor to ceiling cabinets and added a table on top of her washer and dryer to create a folding station.  Two shelves from Ikea complete the look and add storage at her finger tips.

Camera’s & Chaos spa blue paint

Tip #2 ~ Paint

Paint a comforting color scheme.  Doing the laundry is hard enough!  You deserve an area that’s soothing and helps to take the stress out of this weekly chore.  So choose a soothing color pallet that makes you feel good when you walk in.  I love this spa blue paint in Cindy’s laundry room.  Did you notice the chandelier?!?  {love it!}

closet laundry room make over

If you’re working with a laundry closet, color is going to do wonders for your space!  Consider using wallpaper on the back of your shelves like Jenny.  Or stencil the walls like Kelsey did in her laundry room closet make over.

cute laundry room storage solutions

Tip #3 ~ Hide Laundry Supplies

Use Cute Storage to hide laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, and anything else you use often.  The key here is to assign everything its own space for easy use and quick clean up.  It doesn’t have to be fancy.  It can be simple baskets to grab and drop in supplies.  Or  you can go all out and coordinate fun and different shaped containers to give your laundry room some personality.

stack washer and dryer in laundry room

Tip #4 ~ Decorate

Use a pop of color, fabric, or fun pattern to add some personality to your laundry room like Missy.  She used a darling curtain to conceal an unsightly utility structure.

decorate laundry room

Missy also transformed a Good Will Dresser and added personal touches to her laundry room like this damask photo board, mason jars, and framed artwork.

Create a Ironing Station. Make your ironing station lovely with a fun print ironing board cover.  I love this Wash.Dry.Press.Fold.Repeat ironing board holder by Elyse.

Those are my 4 tips on how to upgrade your laundry room.  I’m Laurie owner of tipjunkie.com.  Join me next time when I share another upgrade from Downy.

Feel free to share your laundry tips by leaving a comment here or over on the Tip Junkie Facebook page. Or if you’re looking for a specific tip or tutorial let me know! I’ll be happy to find it for you. {I’ve got your back!}

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  1. My laundry room is the most hated room in the house and it’s right at the back entrance. You know, the one everyone uses!! It’s been in planning mode for too long. Going to have to do something about that! Thanks for the beautiful pics and ideas!

  2. I love to make over of the kitchen! It really looks so good.. Washing cloth will not be that boring.. The rooms really looks so great!

  3. Thanks for using pics of laundry room’s that DON’T have those fancy front loaders for both washer and dryer. Some of us still have the old school ones and it’s nice to see some pics with those. I’m redo-ing our laundry room and got some great ideas from this!

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