28 Preschool Valentine Crafts and Games


How to make Valentine preschool crafts, games, and fun activities for preschool and Kindergarten.  These preschool Valentine crafts include love bugs, love blossom tree, heart-shaped bucket, hand print valentine painting, and diy heart stamping.

free printable preschool valentine crafts

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Valentine Preschool

Preschool Valentine

1.  Band Aid Valentine’s Day Cards {free printable} ~ Band-aid’s for the love sick kid!  How cool is this Valentine?!  It’s a terrific alternative to passing out candy and we all know how much little children love putting them on.  {{wink}}  All you have to do is print them, attach a band-aid and let your little doctor sign their name.

Preschool Valentine Card

2.  Bubble Valentines Card ~ This darling Valentine card reads Being your friend makes me BURST with joy.  You could attach a tiny bottle of bubbles as shown, or even a piece of bubble gum.

Preschool Valentine

3.  Tic Tac Toe Valentine {free printable} ~ Valentine X’s and O’s!  A fun game and snack all-in-one package.  Print the free tic tac toe cards and add some m&m’s to the goodie bag.

Preschool Valentine

4.  Play-Doh Valentine {Valentine Printable} ~ Instead of a sugary treat, let your preschooler give their classmates a Play-doh valentine that will last longer than the 3 seconds it takes them to devour a piece of candy.  Kelli even has a free printable to easily turn a small can of play-doh into the perfect preschool valentine.

Preschool Valentine

5.  Homemade Glitter Chalk ~ Not only are these glitter heart chalks absolutely adorable, but they are sugar-free.  The recipe to make the chalk is included as well as the free printable labels.  {{score}}

Preschool Valentine Crafts

Preschool Valentine Craft

6.  DIY Heart Stamping ~ Use cardboard tubes (toilet paper or paper towel rolls) and some paint to stamp heart shapes. This was a fun project that I did with my two year old.  We’ll give some of the artwork to her grandparents for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine Activity

7.  Kids Handprint Valentine Painting ~ Here is a fun Valentines activity that kids of all ages will enjoy! Gather the supplies and your kids around the kitchen table where with your help they will create Valentine hand-print art. Great to not only display for the holiday, but will make lovely pieces of memorabilia!

Valentine's Day Crafts

8.  Love Blossom Tree {Valentines School Crafts} ~ Mom and Dad will love receiving this keepsake valentine from their littlest love bug.  This blooming heart tree is a great craft for preschool and kindergarten aged children to create for their parents on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine Crafts

9.  Love Bugs {Kindergarten Valenties Craft} ~ Kindergarteners will love turning empty toilet paper rolls into cute Valentine’s Day love bugs.  With basic classroom craft supplies your little love bug will be able to make love bug valentines of their own.

Valentine Crafts

10.  Heart-Shaped Bucket ~ Old school meets modern day Valentine holder.  The heart-shaped bucket was constructed from a painted manila folder, pipe cleaners, glue and construction paper.  You will even learn a fun technique to smoosh paint with wax paper.

Preschool Party Game

Q-tip Valentine Game

11.  Valentine’s Day Game ~ A fun family or group game where players shoot q-tips through a straw into the heart-shaped bowls.

Valentine's Day Game

12.  Valentine’s Day Matching {free printable} ~ Turn Hershey’s kisses into a game of matching.  Simply print out the darling matching game printable and attach to the bottom of the Hershey’s kisses.

Mrs. Valentine Party Game

13.  Pin the Lips on Mrs. Valentine {free printable} ~ A fun version of the classic pin the tail on the donkey.  Draw your own Mrs. Valentine head on a poster board and print and cut out the Mrs. Valentine lips.

Valentine Party Game

14.  Valentine Tic Tac Toe ~ FREE Valentines Tic Tac Toe Board and game piece printable set for Classroom Valentines parties and a bonus set of cupcake toppers, too!

Valentine's Day Games 15.  Valentine’s Day Bingo ~ Here’s a fun activity you can do as a family or at a Valentine’s Day, or red day party.

Preschool Valentine Activities

Preschool Valentine Activity

16.   Valentine Activity Kit ~ Valentines day is coming up soon and it’s a great time to share some love!  Here’s an original Kawaii Valentines Kit for you to enjoy!  Great for teachers to use too!

Valentine's Day Activities

17.  Valentine Activity Pack {free printables} ~ {FREE} Printable Valentines, Decorative Banner, Games, Poems, Educational Activities, Coloring, and More! For Kids in Preschool Through Early Elementary. Includes Full Color Set and Black and White Coloring Book Outline Format.

Valentine's Day Activity

18.  Frozen Vinegar Hearts {science} ~ What happens when vinegar and baking soda is frozen?  Freeze the solution in heart-shaped molds and it’s a perfect lesson for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s For School Class

Valentines for the Class Room

19.  Classroom Valentines Cards ~ Use these if you are looking for an alternative to the drugstore valentines.  They are sweet and simple, and you could always add some glitter glue or rhinestones if you wanted to jazz them up a bit.

** Update: These are no longer available as sadly the blogger has taken down their site.  However, I wanted to keep up the idea for inspiration for you to make our own preschool valentine craft.

Classroom Valentine

20.  Cool Kids Valentines Printable ~ Attach these darling cool kids with manners printables to a bag of popcorn or any type of goodie.

Classroom Valentine's

21.  Valentine PomPom Monsters ~ Make these adorable pompom monsters to pass out to classmates.  Follow the simple pictured step-by-step tutorial to make them.

Valentine’s Day Candy & Edible Gifts

Valentine Edible Gift

22.  Chocolate Valentine Lips ~ Aren’t these smoochy lips fabulous?!  They double as a fun photo booth prop and a sweet treat.

Valentine Edible Gift

23.  Hot Cocoa on a Stick ~ Normally a popular gift during the holidays, adding some heart sprinkles makes this perfect for Valentines Day.  It’s still certainly cold enough outside for hot chocolate!

Valentine Edible Gifts

24.  Rice Krispie Valentine Treat ~ You can make these in a heart shaped pan, or use a heart cookie cutter to cut them from a rectangle pan.  Add melted white chocolate and let the kids top with sprinkles.

Valentine Edible Gift

25.  Ladybug Oreos {Edible Gifts}These charming ladybugs are a perfect treat to pass out for Valentine;s Day or for a bug themed birthday party.  I’m thinking you could also use green and make cute little turtles.

Valentine;s Day Food & Recipes

Valentine Recipes

26.  Healthy Brownie Recipe {gluten free} ~ Bake a yummy heart-shaped brownie treat for Valentine’s Day.   Bananas and greek yogurt are added to the brownie mix so they are good for you!  {{wink}}

Valentine Snacks

27.  Valentine’s Pudding Cups ~ A festive and light snack for Valentine’s Day!  It’s a mixture of pudding mix, whipped cream, milk and food coloring.

Valentine's Day Recipes

28.  Chocolate Valentine Kiss Cookies ~ A delicious treat for the little one’s!  Chocolate cookies with sprinkles and a kiss in the center.

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