Kids Valentine Crafts and Traditions

Here are several kids Valentine crafts and tradition ideas. Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it! This year it falls on a Saturday, so it’s the perfect day to plan a romantic day with your man or fun day with your family. For some extra bonding time this year, here are a couple fun Valentine’s Day traditions:

Kids Valentine Crafts

Valentine Craft for Kids

Kristi made these Valentine count downs (or Valentine Advents) for her girls with little gifts & candy inside to open each day.

Melissa’s man likes to buy her daughter a few small roses for Valentine’s Day. He leaves them in a little vase on her dresser before he leaves for work in the morning so she wakes up to them. It’s such a sweet tradition between the two of them it makes my heart ache just a little. {{so sweet}}

Ashley makes a Valentine’s breakfast for her Sweethearts complete with little treats for each one.

Because I don’t have enough food on my blog

I found TONS of Valentine’s Day traditions over on K’s Mom Blog. Some of my favorites are:

  • Make a Heart Banner with love notes on them
  • Have a heart hunt
  • My secret Valentine with the family

I’m really looking forward to making this year extra special. If you have a tradition, feel free to share it in the comments. I know we’re all looking for new ideas.

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  1. Great tips about Valentine's Day. Thanks for sharing.
    Love & blessings in NC!

  2. Growing up we always did a “Heart’s Desire” dinner. We put parts of the dinner in a hat and then whatever part we chose, i.e. main course, dessert, bread, drink, side, etc, we got to choose our “Heart’s Desire.” We LOVED it! I remember crazy dinners with Jone’s Soda, Lazagna and Twinkies! So fun!

  3. Love the roses! That’s so sweet! Jacob and I are making some valentines this year out of the air dry clay; we’re going to shape the clay into hearts, then use candy hearts as inspiration and carve a saying into each of our clay hearts. Then, we’ll paint them and send them to grandparents.

  4. Thanks for the fun ideas and the neat links. Here is our favorite Valentine activity:
    On Valentine's Day we make mini cakes in small heart tins, one for each of us. We each draw the name of another family member. The name we draw is the person we decorate our cake for. Each year we have fun buying special decorations, frostings, sprinkles, etc. to use in decorating our special, edible Valentines. It is a fun mess & we look forward to it each year!

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