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25 Ways to Organize It with a Clipboard

Looking for some cheap yet effective ways to get organized?  Well here’s your solution The Clipboard!!  Here are 25 ways to organize it with a clipboard including solutions for groceries, chore charts, daily planners, birthdays, photo wall galleries, and even homemade gift ideas and family traditions. These are creative and beautiful ways to use clipboards as easy ways on how to organize your life!

25 Ways to Organize It Using a Clipboard

Organize It

Kids Homework Done Clipboard 1.  Kids Homework Done Clipboard ~ A fabulous way to have your children keep track of their homework progress.  When the work is complete they get a check mark.  A little craft paint, vinyl and embellishments.  Voila!  This would be a great way to involve your children.

2.  Clipboard Command Center ~ We spend a lot of time in the kitchen everyday so what better place than this to have a command center?!  It features a meal planning board, dry erase note board, magnet board and chore charts.  Everything you need to plan your week.

3.  Kids Chore Chart & Allowance Clipboards ~ Each child has a morning clipboard. These clipboards outline the tasks they need to do to prepare to leave home. If they follow the clipboard and mark off each item, then I clip a dollar bill to the clipboard once they are gone and I’m cleaning up.

4.  Kids Magnetic Chore Chart Clipboard ~ List the chores to be completed on the left column with a magnetic marker.  When the chore is finished slide the magnetic marker over to the “done” column.

5.  Grocery Planner Clipboard with Free Printable ~ This grocery planner is fantastic!  It adheres to your refrigerator with magnets to help keep you organized.  The free printable includes a daily menu and a shopping list.  You can add your pen and coupons in the little box next to the clipboard.

6.  Printable Clipboard Calendar ~ These free printable calendars are from 2011 but I adore the idea of having access to your calendar in such a handy way.  This is actually what I use at home.

7.  Creative Triplet Mom’s 3 clipboard assigned duty for the week ~ This clipboard is for chore duties as well as an allowance system.  If the children do the chores listed on the clips then they will receive their weekly allowance.  If they don’t complete their chores then money is deducted.  At the end of the week the amount is tallied up.

8.  Yearly Birthday Calendar Clipboard with Printables ~ This is a super easy and super adorable birthday calendar.  Rotate your monthly calendars and use it all year long!

9.  Pantry Organizer ~ A great tip for a pantry, add a clipboard with copies of your shopping list attached, so you can quickly add anything that runs out!

Home Office Wall Clipboard Organization

10.  Home Office Wall Clipboard Organization ~ Use decorative paper or left over wallpaper to cover clipboards.  Looks beautiful!

View Clipboard Gallery

Clipboard Photo Gallery

11.  Clipboard Photo Gallery ~ Sadly, I couldn’t find a link to the original creator of this fabulous wall.  But it’s so pretty I couldn’t help but show it to you.

Shabby chick Clipboard Wall Gallery

12.  Shabby Chick Clipboard Wall Gallery ~ Mini clipboards are a great alternative to picture frames.  Muslin was added to the clipboard to give it a warmer effect.  Twelve of these clipboards were used to showcase each month for the first year of a babies life.

13.  Clipboard Kids’ Art Display ~ A perfect way to display all of your children’s artwork.  Once school is in session you will be loaded with plenty.  Spray paint the clipboards with silver spray which gives it a simple industrial look.

Use Clipboard for Traditions

14.  Countdown Clipboard {Tutorial} ~ This tutorial shows you how to make a countdown to summer calendar, either for yourself or to give as a gift.  Includes free printable number sets.

15.  Count Down To Any Holiday Clipboard ~ This adorable clipboard is decorated for Christmas but really it could be tailored to any holiday as a fun family tradition and count down calendar.

16.  Fall Family Traditions Clipboard ~ This mini clipboard is decorated for Halloween, but how fun is this idea to modpodge  your family traditions to a clipboard and then use clothespins as your marker.  This would make a darling and cheap gift idea!

Clipboard Gift Ideas

17.  Blinged Out Clipboard ~ Adhere your favorite rhinestones and blingage to a plain clipboard with a hot glue gun!  Add some pretty paper to the clip and voila.  This would also look lovely on a clear clipboard.

18.  Teacher Appreciation Gift Clipboard ~ These clipboards, mini or regular, would make terrific gifts.  Decoupage some scrapbook paper to the clipboard and add some embellishments such as ribbon and stickers.

19.  Friendship Bracelet Kit {Tutorial} ~ This kit is quick and easy to put together – great to give as a birthday or back to school gift.  Don’t forget to print out the free tag to add to your clipboard.

20.  Mini-Clipboard Note Pads ~ Let your children’s creative juices flow with these mini clipboards.  Let them decoupage paper on them and add buttons and felt.  They would make great gifts for their friends. 21.  Mini-Clipboard Ornaments ~ Ok. Ok. I know that the holidays are past but how adorable are these mini-clipboard ornaments!!  They’d make such a fun gift for any holiday tree.

Activities for Kids Clipboard

22.  Travel Clipboard Activity ~ These clipboards are a fabulous idea for traveling!  Use chalkboard paint on the board and decoupage paper on the bottom and embellish.  A great activity for your children to practice math, spelling, ABC’s or even play tic tac toe.

Organize kids with the clipboard

23.  Mudroom Reminder Notes for Kids ~ Mount a clipboard for each kid where you can write daily notes and reminders and a hook for putting backpacks and lunch boxes where they won’t be forgotten.

Coaches Clipboard

Coaches Clipboard

24.  Personalized Coaches Clipboard ~ If you’d rather buy a clipboard instead of embellish one, here are some really fun coaches clipboards. Basketball Court Coaches Clipboard

25.  Basketball Court Coaches Clipboard ~ I couldn’t find the exact link on where to buy this basketball court clipboard but how cool is it!  You could print out an image of a basketball court and modpodge it to a regular clipboard.  {snicker}

More Ways To Organize It


Ways to Organize It with a Clipboard


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  1. Hi Clipboarders – These are so cute and such a great idea. However, I am a dork at crafts and a busy one at that. Are any of these for sale? I’d love to have a kids chore clipboard – something teenagerly awesome for 13 year old boy. And I’d love a couple of blinged out or pretty ones for grocery lists, to-do’s, etc. You can find me at

  2. I’ve seen clipboards at the Dollar trees. This is such a good idea for organization in a classroom, completed assignments projects, lunch choices, absenses, make up homework etc. I have always thought my obsession with clipboards was odd, but these decorative ideas are great. Looove the command center.

  3. Where did you get the circles a the squares that you are using for the kids” check marks and smiley faces.. And while I’m on here, the letters are those just normal sticky letters??
    Thanks Dear,

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