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12 Fun Water Games to Play Outside


Beat the heat with these water games that are fun to play and will keep you cool this summer.  You and your kids will have so much fun with these water balloon games, water fight games, water slide games, homemade sprinkler and a bike wash you can play! 

12 Fun Water Games to Play Outside

If the kids are bored this summer then send them outside with a water hose and a few simple items to keep them entertained so they can play these fun water games which make great activities for kids to play together.  I’ve also got ya covered with swimming pool games if you need some new ideas to keep the kids busy.

Water Games

Water Games

1.  Splash Games ~ Keep your children cooled off this summer with these four water games.  They include splash volleyball, freezing-water tag, beach towel toss, and back-to-back balloon dash.

Water Balloon Games

2.  Water Balloon Pinata  ~ Who doesn’t love a good ol water balloon? How about pinata style? It’s a fun and easy way to beat the heat. Perfect for all ages to play!

Water Balloon Games

3.  Water Balloon Baseball {Outdoor Water Games} ~ While this post features a whole baseball themed party, you could just use the idea of water balloon baseball for a fun afternoon activity! Perfect for all ages to play!

Balloon Game

4.  Water Balloon Spoon Race ~ This Water Balloon Spoon Race is fun for any type of children’s party.  The wooden spoons were purchased from the dollar store, painted and decorated with washi tape.  You could of course leave yours plain.
Balloon Pop Game5.  Angry Birds Water Balloon Game ~ What kid doesn’t love a good water balloon game? And since most kids know and love the angry birds game, this is a super fun activity pairing the two! Perfect for an afternoon of play or even for a birthday party game! You’ll definantly get cool mom points for this one!

Water Slide Game

Summer Activities for Kids

6.  DIY Water Blob ~ The ultimate water toy for kids.   It’s made from two pieces of plastic sheeting sized 9×12 and duct tape.

Backyard Water Games

7.  DIY Slip-n-Slide ~ Make your own slip-n-slide with a 50? x 3? heavy duty contractor drop cloth.  Just add water and kids!

Water Fight Games

DIY Sponge Bombs

8.  Summer Sponge Bombs ~ Instead of water balloons try making sponge bombs.  They are made from cut up strips from a mop, sponges and drawer liners.

Backyard Wet & Wild

Backyard Wet & Wild

9.  Trike Car Wash ~ This car wash is too cute not to share.  It’s really spruced up with shooting water, rainbow sponges and streamers.

Backyard Water Games

10.  DIY Water Wall ~ Create a water wonderland using recycled products.  It will keep your kids entertained and cooled off!

PVC Pipe Sprinkler

11.  Homemade Sprinkler ~ Learn how to turn pvc pipe into a giant homemade sprinkler.  It not only entertains and cools off your child, but waters your lawn.  {wink}

Summer Activities

12.  The Deluxe Kid Wash ~ The Kid Wash is crafted almost entirely from PVC pipe, a material we love not just for its low cost (about $30 for all the pieces shown here) and durability, but also for its ease of use (with all those interconnecting pieces  it”s like Tinkertoys for grown-ups).

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