34 Ways to Celebrate Dr Seuss’s Birthday


Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!  Join in the fun and celebrate Dr. Seuss Birthday which this year is Wednesday, March 2nd.   You can celebrate at home or school by dressing up or making one of these Dr. Seuss crafts or activities together.  {so fun!}

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Join in the obSEUSSion with these Dr. Seuss Crafts, free printables, party decorations, games, dress ups, printable quotes, food ideas, and desserts.

Dr. Seuss Day

Dr. Seuss Day is celebrated on {or around} Dr. Seuss’s birthday which is March Second.   It’s also the nation’s largest reading party, NEA’s Read Across America Day which this year is on March 2.  Across the country, students are busy decorating classroom doors, planning green eggs and ham breakfasts, and organizing reading pep rallies and flash mobs.

Dr. Seuss Birthday

Dr. Seuss on the Loose Party

1.  Dr. Seuss on the Loose Party ~ An adorable back drop is created by covering foam core with Dr. Seuss fabric.  Some other amazing party details includes a book cover banner, truffula trees, mustache straws and book inspired party games.  

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish Party

2.  One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish Party ~ A fun and colorful Dr. Seuss party that incorporates all of the classical favorites.  To make it easier on you to recreate, Jen has provided all of her sources.  

Dr. Seuss Party Ideas

3.  Dr. Seuss Party Ideas ~ A colorful Dr. Seuss dessert table decorated with wrapping paper, polka dot balloons, paper fans and book cover cut outs.

Dr. Seuss Printable 

Dr. Seuss Printable Art

4.  Dr. Seuss Printable Art ~ This “Oh, the places you’ll go” printable is perfect for celebrating Dr. Seuss’s birthday or even as a theme for a graduation party.  All you have to do is download, print and frame it. 

Dr. Seuss Fish Alphabet Banner Pack

5.  Dr. Seuss Fish Alphabet Banner Pack ~ Free alphabet party banner to download, print and decorate your party with.  

Thing 1and Thing 2 Party Printables

6.  Thing 1 and Thing 2 Party Printables ~ All the printables needed to decorate your party are included in this free printable set.  They include a banner, tags, water bottle labels, party circles, food tent cards, flags and even a gift box.

Dr. Seuss Cootie Catcher

7.  Dr. Seuss Cootie Catcher ~ A Dr. Seuss inspired printable fortune teller, a cootie catcher.

Dr. Seuss Day Bookmark {printable bookmark}

8.  Dr. Seuss Day Bookmark {printable bookmark} ~ Commemorate Dr. Seuss’ birthday with a bookmark.  You can laminate them for better durability.   

Birthday Decorations

Horton Flower Pots

9.  Horton Flower Pots ~ Inspired by Horton Hears a Who, these adorable flower pots can be made in just 15 minutes.  Seriously!

One Fish Centerpieces

10.  One Fish Centerpieces ~ A simple centerpiece idea for any Dr. Seuss inspired party.  Aren’t they adorable how the fish line up?!  

truffula tree

11.  DIY Truffula Tree ~ Learn how to make truffula trees for your next Dr. Seuss inspired party using dollar store plungers and a feather boa.

Dr. Seuss Birthday Activities

Dr. Seuss Bingo Printable

12.  Dr. Seuss Bingo Printable ~ Twenty four printable bingo cards, perfect for large groups or classrooms. Use red and blue m&m’s for markers.

Cat in the Hat Balloon Toss

13.  Cat in the Hat Balloon Toss ~ Raid your recycle bin to make this fun balloon toss game.  The hat was constructed from an empty oatmeal container, frozen dinner box and duct tape.

DIY Photo Booth Props

14.  DIY Photo Booth Props {free file} ~ Photo booth props are always a hit at any party! These free files include A bowtie, lorax mustache, and the hat from Cat in the Hat.

 The Cat in the Hat Slime

15.  The Cat in the Hat Slime ~ A fun hands-on activity for kids using Elmer’s glue, liquid starch, water and food coloring.  After all, what child doesn’t like to get their hands icky?!

Dr. Seuss Crafts

Horton Hears a Who Cotton Ball Painting

16.  Horton Hears a Who Cotton Ball Painting ~ Cotton balls and paint are perfect for making these colorful truffula trees.

Thing 1 Handprint Art

17.  Thing 1 Handprint Art ~ Using your child’s handprints you can make a fun Thing 1 and Thing 2 Artwork using a red handprint for the body, white palm print for the head and blue finger prints for the hair.

Lorax Finger Puppet

18.  Lorax Finger Puppet ~ Celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday with this fun foam kids crafts.  This craft is great for children of all ages, including teenagers.

Lorax Felt Storyboard

19.  Lorax Felt Storyboard ~ Make a fun storyboard for children using an embroidery hoop and felt.  Kids love changing the storyboard around.

Dr Seuss Inspired Leopard

20.  Dr Seuss Inspired Leopard ~ A fun paper plate craft inspired by Put Me in the Zoo.  Children will enjoy adding all the colorful spots to the leopard.

DIY Dr Seuss Pinwheels

21.  DIY Dr Seuss Pinwheels ~ Use Dr. Seuss book pages to assemble these quick and easy pinwheels.  If the idea of using book pages makes you cringe you can always use construction paper. 

Dress Up Ideas

Thing 1 & Thing 2 Costumes

22.  Thing 1 & Thing 2 Costumes ~ Here is a fun costume, perfect to help celebrate Dr. Seuss day! Since most of us have grown up with Dr. Seuss, this is an awesome way to celebrate the fabulous author and all his works that have made story time so fun! 

cat in the hat

23.  Dr. Seuss Costumes {hat craft} ~ “Say! I like Green Eggs and Ham! I do! I like them Sam I Am!” How adorable are these Dr. Seuss costumes?!  They are made from mostly felt.


24.  The Lorax Costume ~ Anyone can pull together this fantastic Lorax costume.  You don’t even have to sew.  If you already have a bright orange sweatshirt or hat you’re set.  If you don’t try a sporting goods store, hunting section.

Party Food Ideas

Dr Seuss Snacks

25.  Dr Seuss Snacks ~ How fun are these Dr Seuss Snacks?  String cheese dressed up as the Cat in the Hat using markers and One Fish, Two Fish goldfish crackers.

Cat in the Hat Cookies

26.  Cat in the Hat Cookies ~ No baking required for these adorable cookies!  An oreo cookie is used for the base and red gummy lifesavers for the hat.

Green Eggs & Ham Pretzel Bites

27.  Green Eggs & Ham Pretzel Bites ~ Make these easy and festive Green Eggs & Ham treats using only 3 ingredients, pretzel squares, white candy melt and a green m&m.  

Dr. Seuss' Sneetches Cupcakes

28.  Dr. Seuss’ Sneetches Cupcakes ~ Yellow cupcakes are decorated with yellow star tipped frosting and topped with a green fruit roll up star.

Truffula Tree Cake Pops

29.  Truffula Tree Cake Pops ~ Instead of dipping your cake pops into melted chocolate wrap cotton candy around them instead.  Makes the perfect truffule tree.

Dr. Seuss Cookies

30.  Dr. Seuss Cookies ~ Colorful cookies with sprinkles that are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.  Use the Lofthouse recipe provided or you can buy the premade sugar cookie dough.

Green Eggs and Ham Donuts

31.  Green Eggs and Ham Donuts ~ Throwing a Dr. Seuss party for your little guy or gal? Then this post is perfect! These green eggs and ham donuts are adorable and look really difficult to create, but with the help of this great tutorial it’’s easy!

Birthday Favors

Mini Seuss Hat

32.  Mini Seuss Hat ~ Make miniature sized Seuss hats to decorate mason jars.  You can fill the jar with crayons or other small trinkets for an adorable Dr. Seuss inspired party favor.  

The Lorax Treat Bag

33.  The Lorax Treat Bag ~ Because party favors have to come in cute packaging too!  This adorable Lorax bag was made from dollar store bags, craft foam and googley eyes.  Super simple.

How to Make Truffula Tree Pencils

34.  How to Make Truffula Tree Pencils {favors} ~ So you’’ve watched Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax and fell in love with the Truffula trees. You can’’t bring one home from the movie theater but you can get some Truffula pencils. They are just like the Truffula trees, only better because you can make them yourself. Check out this tutorial to learn how.



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