12 Ways to Celebrate National Play Doh Day!


Do you like celebrating year round? If you don’t like to wait for major national holidays to roll around, then start celebrating the lesser known holidays. Did you know that just about every day of the year has been designated as a “holiday”? Celebrating the wacky and fun day can bring tons of enjoyment. That’s why we are planning on making every day a holiday. Here are Fun Ways to Celebrate National Play Doh Day!

National Play Doh Day falls on September 16th of every year. We adore Play Doh, so this September Holidays is enjoyed by us and our kids!

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What is National Play Doh Day?

What is National Play Doh Day? Well, it’s the day to learn more about the original Play-Doh. Did you know that Play-Doh was invented by Joe McVicker, and it was originally sold as a wallpaper cleaner? Crazy, right? Play-Doh was inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame in 1998! Additional, over 2 Billion Play-Doh cans have been sold, and there is actually a Play doh fragrance marketed for those that love the smell!

How are you going to celebrate National Play Doh Day? We are planning on making our own! Wee! Here are a few excellent How to Make Play Dough recipes, and don’t forget to check out some of these other fun ways we’ve come up with to celebrate the day like touring the Play Doh Factory!


Play Doh

1. There are so many amazing Playdough recipes that you can make at home, ranging from sweet smelling to edible. If you love to DIY “stuff”, then definitely make your own play doh today!

play doh

2. We are partial to DIY tutorials and recipes, but if you love, love, love the original Play-Doh that can ONLY be found in the fun yellow containers, then make today the day that you purchase a new can or playset!

Play Doh Recipes

Here are some of our favorite Play-Doh Recipes that are perfect to make to celebrate!


3. Best Ever No-Cook Play Dough Recipe ~ This recipe can be make in 4 minutes. It really IS that easy.


4. Two-Ingredient Super Soft Play Dough ~ Who knew it was possible to make play dough with only two ingredients, right?


5.  Edible Marshmallow Play Dough ~ Probably one of my favorite edible play dough recipes, this one is easy to make and who doesn’t love marshmallows?

Koolaid play dough

6. Koolaid Play Dough ~ You can make this play dough in 5-minutes, and the vibrant colors the Koolaid makes is a favorite!

Play-Doh Creations

play doh creations

7. Here are a BUNCH of play-doh ideas perfect creating something a little more detailed than you might normally make. We love mixing colors without smooshing them together. {wink}


8. Work on reading with your kids in a new and fun way, today. Can you imagine learning to read with play dough? Now you can make learning to read more enjoyable for your kids with this idea that uses Free Printable Sight Word Mats.


9. Make Play-Doh Kits for your kids or future guests at your home. Play-Doh kids are so clever we can hardly stand it. Think of a theme and then add items to a plastic box that go with the theme for even more play dough fun.

Celebrate National Play-Doh Day!

play dough party

10. Give a nod to National Play-Doh Day by having a Play Dough Party! Grab your kiddos and their friends and let them share the wonder of Play-Doh with you!


11. Kick start your Halloween celebrations by making Spider Play Dough! How cute is this activity?


12. End your day by washing up with Play Dough SOAP! Here’s how you make it! It’s easier than you’d think.

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