21 Ways to Make Beautiful Flowers {paper, fabric}


How to make beautiful flowers in paper or fabric that are adorable!  These step-by-step how to make flowers out of fabric and how to make paper flowers craft tutorials include burlap fabric flower tutorials, tulle fabric flower tutorials, crepe paper flowers and how to make a paper rose.  These tutorials are fun, engaging and fabulous.  Why not make a flower today?

How to Make Flower Out of Fabric

How to Make Flowers Out of Fabric 

1.  Ruched Fabric Flowers ~ Follow this step-by-step tutorial to make these lovely ruched fabric flowers.  Add these beauties to hair accessories, jewelry, packages, use as a corsage, or a handbag.  There are so many things you could adorn with these.

2.  Fabric Petal Flowers ~ This simple flower is adorable and does not require sewing.  It’s a hot-glue gun lover’s dream.  Change up the color and you have seasonal flowers.

3.  Sunburst Flower Tutorial ~ Love.  Love.  Love this sunburst flower headband.  Time to learn how to make a new fabric flower. It looks adorable as a headband, but wouldn’t this also be beautiful on a pillow or bag?

4.  No Sew Fabric Flower {pattern} ~ Look at these fabulous shabby chic rolled flowers!  Rolling chenille pipe cleaners with fabric is the perfect way for keeping the shape of the flower.

5.  No-Sew Fabric Flowers ~ Look at these fun and colorful fabric flowers!  The best part is that they are “no sew”.  Hot-glue lovers this is for you.  Simply use old scraps of fabric, trace a circle on the fabric, cut and glue.  Imagine how many flowers you could quickly pop out!

6.  Five Minute Fabric Flowers ~  Lots of ruffles and gathering make this beautiful flower.

Burlap Fabric Flower Tutorial

Burlap Fabric Flower Tutorial

7.  How to Make Burlap Flowers ~ Learn how to make several different burlap flowers to make a bouquet.  The tutorials include burlap roses, burlap sunburst carnations and burlap button-eyed daisy.

8.  No-Sew Burlap Rosette ~ A simple straight stitch is used to make this gorgeous rosette burlap flower.

Tulle Fabric Flower Tutorial

Tulle Fabric Flower Tutorial

9.  Tulle Flower Tutorial ~ Just like making a tissue paper flower, but adding a tulle layer.  Love the combination of textures!

10.  DIY Tulle Flower Baby Headband ~ This headband is adorable, perfect for baby to toddler aged girly girls! Learn how to create this cute hair accessory with this great tutorial. She created this headband pattern to be simple enough for anyone to be able to create with ease!

How to Make Paper Flowersv

How to Make Paper Flowers

11.  Wax Paper Flower ~ Believe it or not, these pom pom flowers are made from wax paper!  Great for a last-minute add on to a gift, or make several for table decorations at your next party.

12.  Coffee Filter Flower Decoration ~  This coffee filter flower decoration was used for a bridal shower  using a hoola hoop (it’s huge), but it can be used for regular decoration and it’s just plain gorgeous!

13.  Butcher Paper Flowers ~ Can you believe this gorgeous wreath is made out of simple butcher paper? Come learn how to make your own!

14.  Paper Sack Flowers ~ Here is an incredibly inventive and inexpensive way to update your bedroom for less. Add paper sack flowers to the wall, and if you’re really daring, add chicken wire to your walls for easy wall decor change-ups!

15.  Giant Paper Flower Bouquet Centerpiece ~ Giant paper flower bouquets are a perfect centerpiece ideas for every occasion, and they’re so simple to make! Paper flowers are essential centerpiece ideas for multi-day events, where warm rooms can wilt real flowers over time.

How to Make a Paper Rose

How to Make a Paper Rose

16.  DIY Free Paper Rose Templates ~ Paper flowers are so popular right now, and with this free paper rose template you can be creating beautiful paper craft flowers at home in no time. Paper flowers are perfect for a variety of crafts, including accents on gifts, as hair accents, broaches, or you can scatter a few on table for an easy centerpiece idea.

17.  Tissue Paper Roses ~ Add a handmade touch to your gift packing with this tissue paper roses papercraft tutorial. These beautiful and delicate paper roses will add a thoughtful and personal touch to any gift wrapping. Group a set of paper roses together for a great alternative to a bow.

Crepe Paper Flowers

Crepe Paper Flowers

18.  Crepe Paper Daffodils ~ These gorgeous table decorations are the perfect additional to a springtime tablescape. Create these table decorations in soft pastels for a beautiful and festive Easter tablescape.

19.  Crepe Paper Flowers {Paper Design Ideas} ~ This beautiful Crepe Paper Flower tutorial is a paper design idea perfect for a centerpiece or a lovely little bouquet for a wedding or Mother’s Day bouquet. 

Make Tissue Flowers

Make Tissue Flowers

20.  DIY Festive Mexican Paper Flowers ~ Bring some flair and joy to your party with these festive flowers.  You can make them with tissue paper or recycled newspaper.  Use the popular ‘poof’ method to create these flowers and adding extra colors.

21.  How to Make Tissue Paper Flowers {ombre} ~ Making Ombre Tissue Paper Flowers as a craft are easy as 1-2-3 with this DIY tutorial! They are even easier to make than tissue paper balls, and making them in ombre colors is SO in right now!  All you need is tissue paper, scissors, pencil, plain sheet of paper and a stapler.


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