Ways to Makeover Your Kids Playroom


Have you always wanted a playroom for your child? Here are several easy and creative tutorials on how to make a kids playroom complete with pictured instructions.  These kids playroom ideas will help you learn how to decorate a playroom, girls playroom ideas, boys playroom ideas as well as other do-it-yourself play room tutorials.

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Kids Playroom Ideas

Playroom Reveal

1.  Playroom Reveal ~ Inspired by mid-century furniture this cozy playroom features vinyl record artwork, exit sign, school desk and a cozy tent to burrow in and ready a book.

Wonderland Playroom

2.  “Wonderland” Playroom ~ I love the idea of a playroom with a space for reading in a teepee because it just looks so cozy.  And, an entire chalkboard wall to draw on.  How cool is that?! It looks like it will really appeal to both girls and boys.

Play Room Ideas

Cafe Themed Playroom

3.  Cafe Themed Playroom ~ How fun is this bright and cheery cafe themed playroom?  Learn all the tips and DIY’s for toy storage and decorating while maintaining a budget.

How to Create the Perfect Playroom for Any Age

4.  How to Create the Perfect Playroom for Any Age ~ Using bright colors can be daunting, but after seeing this reveal you might just want to be brave and try it! This living/playroom is a family’s paradise! Perfect for all members of the family to enjoy, and with the lovely decor they might never want to leave this awesome room!

Bright and Fun Kids Playroom

5.  Modern Playroom Design ~ A modern black and white themed playroom with pops of bright colors really liven the space.  How cool is the indoor hopscotch?!

Playroom Design Ideas

Bright and Fun Kids Playroom

6.  Bright and Fun Kids Playroom ~ I’m loving this lime and blue playroom.  There’s a space for creative art, reading and even watching a little tele.  Dressers not only make the space look nice, but are also great for storing toys.

Built-in Playroom

7.  Built-in Playroom ~ Built-in’s are great for a multitude of things, seating and lots of book storage.  Add colorful empty frames to a wall to hang artwork in, which makes changing them out easy.

Bright and Fun Kids Playroom

8.  DIY Playroom With Rock Wall ~ This playroom is the perfect haven for children to use their energy.  It includes a rock wall, hanging rings, swing and sensory boards.  You can also learn how to store and organize your children’s toys.

Ideas for Playrooms

Children's Grocery Store

9.  Children’s Grocery Store ~ This is a really cheap and easy way to make a fun and original market for your little one. A great tutorial using pvc pipe.

Playroom Stage

10.  Playroom Stage ~ Your child will love being in the spotlight with this adorable stage.  The dress up wardrobe is a perfect organizational solution to piles of dress up clothes that little girls acquire!  It’s a win win!

DIY Painted Playroom Wood Sign

11.  DIY Painted Playroom Wood Sign ~ Create fun and colorful artwork for the playroom using plywood, craft letters and paint.

Stuffed Animal Swing

12.  Stuffed Animal Swing ~ Here is an inexpensive and cute idea for organizing all of your stuffed animals!

DIY Book Bin

13.  DIY Book Bin ~ Kids will read more books if they can see the covers! Learn in this tutorial how to build a cute book bin that are sure to keep them reading all year long.


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