Winter Project Ideas

My boys had an unexpected snow day yesterday which got me thinking of fun winter projects.  Here are a few that I’ve had just waiting their debut – enjoy!

1.  Oreo Cookie Snowman tutorial
2.  Perfect Little Milk Bottles
3.  Easy Paper Snowflakes for decorating
4. 3D Paper Snowflake Snowballs

5.  Season of Joy embellished peanut can
6. Snowman Soup embellished tin
7. Snowman Coffee Cup Cozie
8.  Mary’s homemade heating pad

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Upcoming Tip Junkie Events:

1.  January 12th – Talk to Me Tuesday: Favorite Project completed in 2009

2.  Next week on the TJ Community:  Newborn Week

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  • Mom-preneur & Giveaway: Sweet Baby Creations


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  1. These sound so good. I emailed to my niece, since she moved we can’t do as many things together but blogs like yours allow us to share fun stuff. Thank you for posting.

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