55 Winter Olympic Activities and Crafts for Kids


Olympic activities and winter Olympic games are such fun indoor winter activities.  Whether you’re looking for a great Kids Olympics birthday party theme, Olympic games for kids for a play group, here are several amazing Olympic activities for kids!  If you are looking for some DIY winter Olympic crafts and family fun ideas; you’ve officially hit the mother-load. I hope you enjoy these fun tutorials!

Winter Olympic Activities and Crafts for Kids

The Tip Junkie Creative Community has over 20 olympic activities, food ideas, and DIY crafts.  So be sure to check it out if you’re looking for ideas. 


DIY Olympic Rings Candy Jar

1.  DIY Olympic Rings Candy Jar ~ Aren’t these olympic candy jars adorable?  It’s a fun mason jar project using the jars and rims.  Paint the rims and lids for a festive olympic inspired candy jar. 

Winter Olympics

 Olympic Torch Cupcakes

2.  Olympic Torch Cupcakes ~ Unique torch cupcakes baked in sugar cones with candy clay to create the flame look.

Winter Olympic Events

Ski Jump 3-d Art

3.  Skiing ~ Ski Jump 3-d Art ~ Children will love the thrill of the sport with this artwork using different textures.  A free template is provided.

Olympic Skiing Clothespin Dolls

4.  Olympic Skiing Clothespin Dolls ~ Let your children’s imagination run wild when they create their own clothespin skiing dolls.  They’re perfect for encouraging creative play and storytelling.

American Girl Doll Olympic Sled

5.  American Girl Doll Olympic Sled ~ How fun are these olympic doll sleds?!  Wooden sleds were painted and decorated with stickers and some bling.  What girl wouldn’t love pulling their doll around in one of these?

Learn to Draw Skeleton

6.  Skeleton ~ Learn to Draw Skeleton ~ Kid’s can learn how to draw Skeleton, a fast and icy Winter Olympic sport.

Downhill Bobsled Race

7.  Bobsleigh ~ Downhill Bobsled Race ~ See who can get their bobsled down the track the fastest! Empty wrapping paper tubes are perfect for tracks.

Ice Skating in a Box

8.  Figure Skating ~ Ice Skating in a Box ~ Eventhough the directions are not in English you could easily make your own by using an altoid tin, paper clips and a magnet underneath to make it move.

Balloon Hockey

9.  Ice Hockey ~ Balloon Hockey ~ Who says you need the ice to skate?  All ages will love this indoor game of hockey using balloons, cardboard tubes and boxes.  Also, a great rainy day activity. 

Marble Track Race {Indoor Games for Kids}

10.  LugeMarble Track Race {Indoor Games for Kids} ~ This is a clever game that your kids will love!! Super fun for kids of all ages and both girls and boys! Even greater because it’s super easy to create!

DIY Mini Ice Rink

11.  Skating ~ DIY Mini Ice Rink ~ Create a mini ice arena with frozen water and a pie pan.  You may not be able to skate on it, but little toys can!  

Snowboarding on the Half Pipe

12.  Snowboard ~ Snowboarding on the Half Pipe ~ Shred some snow with this fun snowboarding down the half pipe craft using pipe cleaner and cardboard tubes.

Curling Coloring Page

13.  Curling ~ Curling Coloring Page ~ Curling is a team sport played on the ice where large round flat “stones” are slid across the ice towards a mark, while members of the team use brooms to sweep the surface of the ice in the path of the stone to control its speed and direction.  Download and print this free coloring page.

Olympic Craft Ideas

Felt Ring Puzzle

14.  Felt Ring Puzzle ~ Learn how to make a felt ring puzzle in honor of the winter olympics.  It can be reused again for the summer olympics!  {knuckle bumps}

How To Make A Felt Gold Olympic Medals

15.  How To Make A Felt Gold Olympic Medals ~ A do-it-together craft that involves a little bit of sewing and after wards, you’ll have an adaptable award to give over and over again to the kids that mean the most to you.

DIY Ribbon Wands16.  DIY Ribbon Wands ~ Create some ribbon wands ready to join in the celebrations out of a wooden dowel rod and ribbons.

Olympic Educational Games

Tacky the Penguin {Math Games}

17.  Tacky the Penguin and the Winter Games {Math Games} ~ You’ve hit the motherload with these winter olympic math games.  There are 45 pages in this free unit.  {score!}

Math Olympics Activities

18.  Math Olympics Activities ~ Five interactive math activities that incorporate the olympics.  They include olympic rings math, olympic medals addition, country tally of medals and a math and geography activity.

Olympic Printables

Winter Sports Writing {free printables}

19.  Worksheets for Kids ~ Winter Sports Writing {free printables} ~ Twenty one writing pages and rubric to encourage grades K-2 to write about winter sports.  All free of course, simply become a fan by “liking” on facebook! 

Winter Olympic Printable {preschool worksheets}

20.  Winter Olympic Printable {preschool worksheets} ~ A fun worksheet that helps children learn about the winter olympic sports.

Winter Olympics Word Search

21.  Winter Olympics Word Search ~ A fun word search that includes all of the winter olympic sports.

Olympic Parties

Free Party Banner or Birthday Signs to Print

22.  Free Party Banner or Birthday Signs to Print ~ You’ll love this free Printable Party Banner you can quickly print out for any occasion! Use it as a Happy Birthday banner, Welcome sign, or Name Pennant. These primary colors are vibrant, can be used for both boys and girls, and will be a timeless addition to your party supplies. These party banners were created to coordinate with the Olympic Party Printables from Tip Junkie

11 Free Olympic Event Signs to Print {Olympic Games}

23.  11 Free Olympic Event Signs to Print {Olympic Games} ~ The Winter Olympics is coming up and a perfect time to host an Olympic birthday party or Olympic themed event. Use these 11 free Olympic event signs and print them out as party signage for your fun activities for kids! There are several blank signs as well ~ so you can add your own games and Olympic events.  

Olympic Winner Podium Signs {free printable}

24.  Olympic Winner Podium Signs {free printable} ~ The three winners podiums don’t have to be elaborate. Simply attach these first place, second place, and third place signs onto what’s available for your Olympic Gold Medalists award ceremony.

Olympic Cupcake Topper {free printable}

25.  Olympic Cupcake Topper {free printable} ~ There are so many ways you can use these darling Olympic printables. Cut them out to use them as Olympic cupcake toppers in squares {as shown} or use a 2 inch circle punch to make them round in seconds.

Olympic Mini Food Flags {free printable}

26.  Olympic Mini Food Flags {free printable} ~ These Olympic mini flags are absolutely adorable on straws, don’t you think? You can also attach them to toothpicks to make a veggie tray more festive. Sky’s the limit on how you can use these fun little mini flags.

Olympic Water Bottle Label {free printable}

27.  Olympic Water Bottle Label {free printable} ~ A free printable Water Bottle Wrap {or label} is a quick and easy way to incorporate your Olympic decor into any birthday party or event. Simply print, cut, and tape onto any bottle to transform it into a food table decoration, momento, or festive prop.

"Welcome Olympic Athletes" Banner {free printable}

28.  “Welcome Olympic Athletes” Banner {free printable} ~ Celebrating the excitement of The Olympics with your family and friends just became a breeze! Decorations are printable party decor in red, white, and blue, green, and yellow that’s perfect for: * The Olympics viewing party * Sports Party * Summer party * Or use the primary colored designs individually to embellish any party theme!

 WELCOME Triangle Pennant Banner

29.  WELCOME Triangle Pennant Banner ~ Give your Party Guests a proper welcome as they enter your party or event with a large pennant banner! This WELCOME triangle pennant is designed in primary colors; red, yellow, green, and blue. The best part about this “Welcome” banner is that the printable comes with 4 blank pennants, so you can customize it any way you please! 

 "Go for the Gold" Olympic Inspired Party

30.  “Go for the Gold” Olympic Inspired Party ~ From the festive cupcakes to the torches and ring backdrop this party is absolutely amazing!  If you love the rings as much as I do there’s a tutorial to make your own.  {score!} 

Kids Olympics Birthday Party

31.  Kids Olympics Birthday Party ~ An entertaining Kids Olympics party with games that take little in the way of space and props, and even the smallest sporting enthusiasts can proudly vie for a gold medal.

Summer Olympic Party Games

32.  Summer Olympics Games  {Party Games} ~ Let the games begin! … An olympic party wouldn’’t be complete without lots of games, festive treats, and red, white and blue!  Eventhough this was a summer olympics party there are a ton of wonderful ideas to incorporate into a winter olympics party.  {wink}

Olympic Party Printables

33.  Olympic Party Printables ~ If you are hosting an Olympics party, check out these free party printables.  They include and Olympic banner, water bottle labels and cupcake toppers.

Activities for Kids

Easy Olympic Crafts for Toddlers {Torch & Medal}

34.  Easy Olympic Crafts for Toddlers {Torch & Medal} ~ Super easy Olympics themed crafts using every day supplies (like empty paper towel tubes and paint). My little girl loves her glittery gold medal and paper towel roll torch!

Summer Olympics Activities toilet paper rings

35.  Toilet paper roll Olympic Rings ~  A fun Summer Olympics Activity stamping Olympic rings out of toilet paper rolls.

Winter Olympics Bingo {free printables}

36.  Winter Olympics Bingo {free printables} ~ Bingo is a fun game for all ages.  You can include the entire family and friends with these cards.  The file includes 10 cards as well as the calling cards.

Olympic Accessories

How to make an Olympic Torch for the relay

37.  How to make an Olympic Torch for the relay ~ How to make an Olympic torch out of a toilet paper roll, paper towel roll, tin foil, yellow and orange paper and tape.

How to make an Olympic Torch38.  How to make an Olympic Torch ~ Get fired up with an Olympic torch out of tissue paper, a paper plate, and toilet paper tube.

Glowing Tealight Olympic Torch

39.  Glowing Tealight Olympic Torch ~ Celebrate the 2014 Olympic Games by making this super simple ceremonial Olympic torch craft. 

Olympic Gear to Wear

Olympic Laurel Wreath Crown Craft40.  Olympic Laurel Wreath Crown Craft ~ Here’s an Olympic laurel wreath crown craft just in time for the 2014 Sochi Olympics. The athletes in the ancient Olympic games didn’t receive medals, but simply a laurel wreath crown and the glory of the fans.

41.  Olympic Medals ~ How to make your own gold and silver Olympic Medal crafts using Mod Podge dimensional magic that has a glittery finish.How To Make Salt Dough Olympic Medals

42.  How To Make Salt Dough Olympic Medals ~ How to make  salt dough medals with number imprints ready to celebrate the Olympics which are being held in our home city of Sochi this year!

Olympic Tee {diy}

43.  Olympic Tee {diy} ~ Play-dough lids make the perfect template for the olympic rings.   Simply paint the rim of the lid and voila!

Olympic Gifts to Make

Easy Olympic Gold Medal Cookies {free printable}

44.  Easy Olympic Gold Medal Cookies {free printable} ~ These cookie award medals can be used as gold, silver, or bronze medals or you can print them all out as gold. Cookie gold medals are a great way for any type of award for kids or adults. Use them as edible awards your church group, school recognition, as party favors, or just for fun. Sky’s the limit on what you could use these cool cookie awards for.

Go for the Gold {party favors}

45.  Go for the Gold {party favors} ~ A simple and easy party favor for your athletes.  Download and print the free olympic rings graphic and attach to a bag of “gold” candy.

Olympic Macrame Bangles

46.  Olympic Macrame Bangles ~ Have you jumped into all the Olympic excitement yet?  I can’t wait. These bangles would be a quick and easy craft to make while you are watching them.  Or make several to hand out at your Closing Ceremonies party.

Olympic Breakfast Recipes

Olympic Circle Food {recipe how to}

47.  Olympic Circle Food {recipe how to} ~ All you need to make your own Olympic Ring snacks are some mini bagels, cream cheese, and writing frosting in the ring colors.  It really was as easy as it sounds and the kids LOVED it.How to make Olympic ring bagels 48.  How to make Olympic Circles bagels ~ How to make a healthy treat of Olympic circle bagels with fruit on top!

Olympic Lunch Recipes

Olympic Ring Flag Lunch49.  Olympic Ring Flag Lunch ~ An adorable Flag shaped sandwich with the Olympic rings made  with M&M’s.

Olympic Bento Lunch

50.  Olympic Bento Lunch ~ Fuel your little athlete with a nutritious lunch that consists of cheese, crackers, fresh broccoli florets, and the symbolic Olympic rings made from fresh berries and grapes.

Olympic Dinner Recipes

Olympic Rings Pizza Recipe

51.  Olympic Rings Pizza Recipe ~ The symbolic five rings – made from pepperoni – decorate the yummy homemade pizza.

Olympic Dessert Recipes

Olympic Nanaimo Bars

52.  Olympic Nanaimo Bars ~ Delicious and festive layered bars with graham cracker, coconut, nuts, chocolate and cream.

Olympic Rings Fruit Pizza Recipe53.  Olympic Rings Fruit Pizza Recipe ~ Ring in the Olympics with this festive fruit pizza from out Test Kitchen. A chocolate cookie crust is topped with cream cheese frosting and colorful fruit.Olympic Games Menu and Champion Chocolate Cake

54.  Olympic Games Menu and Champion Chocolate Cake ~ These Olympic-themed dishes are sure to take the gold that include a vegetable dip, pizza, and cake.Ice Cream Cone Olympic Torch

55.  Ice Cream Cone Olympic Torch ~ With sugar cones filled with orange sherbet flames, it’’s the perfect treat to get us off on the right foot!


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