Witches Brew


Do this as a family activity or at a Halloween party.  Mix together and serve in cups with a lid or sandwich baggies.

Ingredients: 1 cup of each

red hots
chocolate chips
butterscotch chips
candy corn
frosted flakes
licorice strings
pretzel sticks
wheat chex
jelly benas
miniature gum drops
frosted graham crackers


1 cup blood drops – red hots
1 cup owl eyes – chocolate chips
1 cup cat eyes – butterscotch chips
1 cup chicken toenails – candy corn
1 cup fireflies – M&M’s
1 cup butterfly wings – frosted flakes
1 cup bugs – raisins
1 cup earthworms – licorice strings
1 cup bones – pretzel sticks
1 cup cobwebs – wheat chex
1 cup snake eyes – peanuts
1 cup lizard gizzards – jelly beans
1 cup witches wards – miniature gum drops
Frosted graham crackers for tombstones

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