Work Smarter, Not Harder! {Day 10}


As a blogger, you are creating original content, which you want tons of people to read, and my step-by-step guide to get paid for your content shows you how.  In the next few months I’m inviting real bloggers who have studied my my workshop, Mom Blog to Money Blog to share their honest, unbiased opinions about the workshop, and you can see for yourself if it’s worth it to shell out the cash.

Mom Blog to Money Blog Review ~ Day 10


I can not tell you how many times a day I get asked questions on how to make money with a blog.  It breaks my heart that I can’t clone myself to give everyone a one-on-one consultation or respond to every email or notification I receive.  Therefore, I sat down for 4 weeks and wrote everything I know about blogging in this course, Mom Blog to Money Blog.

It’s an online workshop with a one-time membership fee, which is a one year membership, no strings attached, and no hidden fees.  It’s straight from my heart spilling all my secrets, with 16 printable checklists, and 21 how-to video’s.  My hope was to make you feel like I was right there next to you and walking you through the process.  {hugs}

So, are you ready to  get paid for your talent and writing writing and bring home the bacon?  I’ll show you how.  {{click the links for more info.}}

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Day Ten’s focus in the Mom Blog to Money Blog is working smarter, not harder.  I’ll teach you how to find your strengths and critical tasks so that you can create a system that does the work for you!  This may sound like a no brainer, but it’s not and Day 10 in the Mom Blog Money Blog has lots of information including 2 printable worksheets and a video.  You’ll be surprised by how many ways you can save time with the productivity Tips & Tricks I offer as well as ways to create systems to earn passive income.

Crystal & Co. ~ Review of Day 10

Crystal & Co

Crystal & Co. is the place to go if you are seeking solutions and resources for the busy mom! Crystal & Co. is a community for those looking for mom advice, those wanting to learn how to meal plan with easy recipes, ways to save money,  printable coupons as well as craft tutorials, free printables, activities for kids and birthday party ideas.

“I learned about ways to utilize the content that I already have on my site to increase my productivity!”

After going through the 30 days of Mom Blog Money Blog, Laurie really opened my eyes about ways to utilize the content that I already have on my site to create deeper content and increase my productivity. An even better part for me was learning that it is possible to have others (like contributors or assistants) to create some of that content by utilizing resources already on my site like reader contributions from my weekly linky party.

What are your thoughts on knowing when it’s the right time to hire an assistant?

Question for Laurie:  In an attempt to work smart instead of working so hard we all reach this place in blogging where we realize an assistant can be very helpful. We understand that we can outsource certain tasks for less money than what our time is worth. What are your thoughts on knowing when the time is right to hire an assistant? Even if our profits on our blog are still small, wouldn’t it make the most sense to invest that money right back into working your site?

Answer by Laurie:  This is a hard question to answer mainly because every persons situation and skill sets are different.  I hired my first assistant at a time when I was receiving 300+ emails a day, the site was doubling it’s traffic every 3 months, and I was working 60+ hours a week.  I found myself in a situation that I couldn’t sustain by myself.  I was drowning.  I was at the point where I needed to get help or quit all together.

Once I made the decision to hire help, I sat down and created a plan.  At the time I wasn’t making enough money to pay myself let alone two people. Therefore, I sat down and made a few lists:
  • 5 tasks that generate 90% of my income.
  • 5 tasks that I’m the best at and enjoy.
  • 5 tasks I’m the worst at or do not like to do.
  • 5 tasks which would increase revenue significantly if they were able to be completed.
With those lists in hand, I was able to successfully decide where I needed to focus my attention and what tasks would increase income enough to pay for an assistant.  {Disclaimer:  I was 100% confident that I could pay an assistant if I did my tasks and she finished hers.  Please do not hire on a whim and always have a plan.}
Then I took the leap of faith and asked my friends if they knew someone who met my criteria to hire as an assistant.  I already knew the person I wanted to hire but she had already declined the offer.  Thankfully, timing was right and my persistence paid off and Angie Lee with Seven Clown Circus has been by my side ever since.  {wink}
A year later I was working 5-10 hours a week doing only the tasks that I enjoyed. Angie is amazing at all of the things I’m terrible at and so she’s a vital part of the success Tip Junkie enjoys today.  In my opinion, hiring Angie was the single best decision I’ve made since 2010.  {no joke}
My advice is to hire someone who doesn’t want to be in the ‘lime-light” or be a micro-celebrity.  Hire someone who has the exact opposite strengths as you.  Have a specific list of tasks and deadlines.  Pay them well with commissions.  Value their expertise and praise them often.

Grab this online program if you are ready to take your blog to the next level!”

“The Mom Blog Money Blog course will really help you identify the best places to spend your time online while also opening your eyes to the areas you might want to give less energy to when you’re seeking a maximized return on blog visibility. Grab this online program if you are ready to take your blog to the next level!”

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