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100th Day of School Ideas {16 DIY ideas}

Hip Hip Hooray, it’s almost the 100th Day!  One of my all time favorite posts is the 100th Day of School project post I did a couple years ago. Here are some more ideas to help  your kiddo celebrate such a fun day of school.

100th Day

1.  Hudson’s 100th Day of school shirt
2. My Kids are 100 Days Smarter
3.  100 Characters of Jack shirt
4.  100 years old costume

100th day of school ideas

5. 100 Flowers
6.  100 Lady Bug Poster
7.  100 Mii’s
8.  100 pieces of felt rocket poster

100th day of school activities

9.  100 pieces of me
10.  $100 money tree
11.  Candy Island
12.  100 packaging peanuts

activities for children

13.  100 Days of School hat
14. 100 Days of School glasses
5.  100th Day of School breakfast
16.  100 days of school poster

I hope these projects have inspired you to create something fabulous with your children this year.  It’s coming up quick!


  1. Sew Perfect Creations

    when i was in school, my grandma and i got together 100 pairs of barbie doll shoes! so that’s another idea if you have little girls who are into barbie! there’s a lot of good ideas here, i especially like the 100 of me!

  2. Christine

    Your seriously my roll model!!! OMG, I ADORE your blog. :o)

  3. Lynsey

    I love these ideas! I had forgotten it was almost 100 days of school!

  4. Emily Art

    I love 100 Days of School projects. One year, we glued a 100 pennies to a poster board. We have done Cheerios, buttons and Legos before as well. Fun post. I wish my kids still did those projects, but they are too old now!

  5. corrie

    These are great ideas! In my first grade classroom I give small groups of students 100 dixie cups and watch them build and build. They then sketch their favorite building and write a few sentences about how they did it. Happy 100th Day!

  6. metin2 yang

    very nice

  7. Marina

    wowo lot of nice ideas i just did a bear with some paper sheets all with circles and squares mi son color the circles and we put circle cute eyes on it look pretty good and y just attach each part of the bear with some meta bottons so the bear can move the arms and legs ,and i attach the bear to his polo so he can wear with a little pin , with out making any mess..

  8. Katie

    I love celebrating the 100th day of school with my first graders. Every year they have to figure out how to divide 100 M&Ms among the students in the class and then I hand out the M&Ms and we graph the colors. First they graph their M&Ms (usually each student gets 4-6 M&Ms) and then we do an entire class graph together. Each student also brings their own 100 project to share with the class. Some projects I’ve seen over the years- 100 playing cards stapled to a poster board (2 decks of cards), 100 paper loop chain, 100 pieces of bubblegum in a jar (that was a student favorite since they get to chew the gum!), 100 acorns in a box, 100 legos made into a house, and 100 stickers on a poster board or scrapbook paper. I also cut a few thousand 1 inch squares of colored construction paper and have the kids count out 100 and glue them down to make a picture. I’m always impressed with their finished projects!

  9. Dentistry in Australia

    If you’ve already had your 100th day, we’d love to see it.. Here’s an interesting way to incorporate real math into your daily morning activities. Begin with the first day of school and end with the 100th day of the school year which normally falls about mid-February.

  10. Kimber

    We just made this for my son’s 100th day project: we tied 100 pieces of fabric on a ribbon and made a really cool clothes-line type decoration for our playroom!

  11. Lisa

    For both of my kids 100th day of kindergarten, we took in 100 helium filled balloons. It was so much fun and the kids were in awe. the teachers both years made it into a learning lesson by grouping colors and such. My kids are now in highschool and college, but they still talk about the 100 days of kindergarten.

  12. Dawnn

    My son and I did a 100 eyed monster t-shirt for his 100 day of school. It came out really cute! Check it out


  13. bandit500puppy

    For my daughter’s 100 day project for 1st grade, she made a school of 100 fish. Using a block o styrofoam, she chisiled the top to look like the bottom of the ocean. Using kid’s paint, she painted the top a light brown (to look like sand) and the outside a mixture of two blues. Using 5 wooden skewers painted blue, 20 swedish fish were glued back to back. The skewers were placed in the foam block along with plastic fish tank plants and a few glued on stones. It looks absolutely adorable and was something she could manage on her own.

  14. Hajira

    My Kindergartner just had her 100th day of school and we made necklaces out of 100 cheerios. I had her group the cheerios into set of 10 each and then she started stringing the cheerios. We separated each set of 10 with a colorful flower button. We even made necklaces for each of her classmates. 17 total. But for these we just strung 10 cheerios on each necklace. The next day when we handed the necklaces to the teacher she was pleasantly surprised. She had the exact same activity planned for that day but with fruit loops. So the children had two necklaces that day. Fun!

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