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Thirteen 100th Day of School Activities

Here are thirteen 100th Day of School activities you can do with the kids. You will have so much fun making these 100th day of school projects with your children. This is such a fun topic! So here goes…

100th Day of School

This year my son and I made 100 eye balls. I found this plaque at Hobby Lobby for $2, painted it black, backed it with some funky paper, and pushed on the sticky backed eye balls.

My son was excited about it until his class mate trumped him with 100 pieces of dog food. So FYI mom’s, dog food is better than eye balls. Who knew?

100th Day of School Activities

Here are a couple other fun ideas that were at my son’s school. I love this idea of having your child draw a picture and then framing it with something.

Isn’t this beautiful!! Making a picture out of colored beads, buttons, candy, etc is a fabulous idea.

100 Day of School

Look at Marna’s cute skittle apple!

Stella and her son made 100 Sums of 100. Very clever.

Smlwoman got seriously creative and made a volcano with licorice ropes for the lava and sticky dinosaurs at the bottom. My boys would go crazy for this one. I’ll have to keep it in mind for next year.

Leppard showcased several fun 100 day of School activities. This was my favorite, the blissful candy tray.

Erin wanted to showcase 100 pennies – here’s her project.

Now let’s feature “what to wear” there are so many fun ideas. Steph made a 100 days T-shirt with numbers.

Rose made a bunch of hearts out of felt.

Mellykat has seriously impressed me with her son’s shirt. She put two-sided-sticky-pop-dots on the backs of the pictures and stuck them on the shirt. It looks like armor, too cool.

Allison made her kiddos these applique T-shirts.

Cynthia glued skittles to a hat for her son to celebrate!

100th Day Trail Mix Recipe

10 Pretzels
10 Cheerios
10 Chex
10 Cocoa Puffs
10 Gold Fish
10 small Marshmallows
10 chocolate chips1
0 M&Ms
10 white chocolate chips
10 raisins
1 Ziploc baggie

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  1. Mellykat

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and sharing the 100th day shirt idea!

    Very cool blog you have; I’ll be stopping by again!


    Mellykat ūüôā

  2. Heidi

    Thanks!! You are super fast! I will definitely be using one of these ideas!!

  3. ©hoklateRain

    OMG that is too cool…I wished I knew about this blog when my child school had their 100th day. I’m saving this link for more tips. Great idea’s I’m luving.

  4. momof3crazykids

    Ok another one to remember, my son starts Kindergarten in August so I’m sure he will need to do something for 100 day of school. I’ve got to make a folder with this info to come back to.
    Thanks for all the ideas.

  5. Melissa ~ A BumbleBaby Mommy

    Great ideas! I didn’t realize 100 days was such a big deal until my Kinder came home talking about it.

    They did a huge counting party too!

  6. Missy

    For the 100 day of school I took around 175 pictures of my 6 year old making faces. I then downloaded them to my computer. Printed them out wallet size with 9 different images on 8 1/2 X 11 paper. Glued the 8 1/2 X 11 papers to poster board and titled it 100 silly faces. It was a hugh hit and the local newspaper even came and did a short story on it. The principal and teachers studied it for hours trying to find faces that were the same. To no luck!

  7. Ms C

    Last year I helped my nephew with his 100th day of school project. Knowing the curriculum, I knew that kindergarten was writing small moments. I told my sister to print out 100 pictures and made an album out of them. It was called “100 Special Small Moments”. It wasn’t an easy project and VERY time consuming (laminated each page on construction paper while making patterns) but it was worth it. They loved it and most importantly, it says so much about my nephews adventures. He will always have it to remember his first 100th day of school celebration.

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