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40+ 100 Days of School Shirt Ideas You’ll Love to Make!


This list of 100 days of school shirt ideas brings you the most creative DIY shirt design ideas you can imagine. It’s such a fun way to celebrate the day and create a tradition your child will remember for years to come. 

These 100 days shirts are sure to delight your teachers, boys, and girls and make them proud to wear it on the 100th day at their school.  Check out over 40 of the best 100 days of school shirt ideas with coordinating poems to make you giggle below.

100 Days of School Shirt Ideas

100 days of school shirt ideas to DIY on Tip Junkie

100 Days of School Shirt Embellishments

I had so much fun rounding up these easy 100 days of school shirt designs.  The great thing about these shirts is that you can use whatever crafting talents you have… or not… from painting tshirt designs to simply stick on stickers or hot glue candy.  {high fives}

To get you started on your 100 Days of school shirt making journey, I’ve rounded up some 100 embellishment ideas.  To decorate your shirt use a collection of 100 things like:

  • band-aids
  • buttons
  • candy
  • cereal
  • coins
  • cotton balls
  • feathers
  • googly eyes
  • legos
  • paint
  • pennies
  • photos
  • pom poms
  • popcorn
  • sprinkles
  • stickers
  • thumbprint {paint}
  • toys {small ones}

If you like you paint then there’s several over the top options but if your 100th day is tomorrow then grab whatever you have 100 of laying around and to for it.

PS: Usually the 100th day of School lands in February.  Double check with your child’s teacher on the exact date they are celebrating.  Now check out these 40 creative school shirt ideas that will turn you into an absolute DIY shirt lover…if you aren’t already. {wink}

100th Day of School Shirt Ideas for Teachers

100 days of school shirt designs take a little extra effort, but they make your celebration extra special and fun.  Check out some of the best shirt ideas for teachers on the web below!

100th day of school shirt ideas for teachers

Mrs.Richardson’s class looks like they are having the best time with their celebrations.  Check out her math activities, shared reading, snack, and even her matching 100th day of school shirt ideas for teachers.  Seriously impressive.

100 Days of School Shirt for Boys

Boys can be hard to get to do crafty things but with these fun shirt themes your son is going to be begging to finish his shirt.  These 100 days of school shirt ideas for boys include animals like bugs and sharks, gaming themes like Minecraft and Mario, and of course the toys they love like Lego and Marvel.

Carter's 100th Day Project 100 pictures tshirt

Photo Armor Shirt ~ Mellykat has seriously impressed me with her son’s shirt. She put two-sided-sticky-pop-dots on the backs of the pictures and stuck them on the shirt. It looks like armor, too cool.

More 100 Days of School Shirt for Boys to DIY:

100th Day of School Poems for Boys

I’m always blown away by crafty women who come up with cute sayings that match their craft! It’s one of the talents my mom has and I just love that about her.  So here’s a few tshirt themes with their coordinating quote to make it extra special.

  1. Buttons w/ Truck, I crushed 100 days
  2. Bugs, I’ve bugged my teacher for 100 days
  3. Captain America Shield, 100 days brighter
  4. Dinosaur stickers, I roared my way to 100 days
  5. Flash, 100 days of school flashed by
  6. Frog, Time flies 100 days
  7. Googly Eyes, Eye Made it 100 days, here’s another eye monster
  8. Guitar picks, I rocked 100 days of school
  9. Legos, 100 days of building a smarter brain
  10. Lightening, 100 electrifying days of school
  11. Minecraft, 100 days sharper
  12. Minecraft, Creepin’ my way to 100 days
  13. Mustache, If you “mustache”… I’m 100 Days Smarter
  14. Pirate booty, I have treasured 100 days of school
  15. Shark, 100 JAWSome days of school or 100 Days Sharper
  16. Thumbprint Bucks, 100 bucks says I’m smarter
  17. Thumbprint Ninja Turtle, I ninja’d my way through 100 days
  18. Yoda, 100 days smarter he is

100 Days of School Shirt for Boys Pirate

Ahoy Matey! I have treasured 100 days of school ~ I love the shoe string tie at the top and how creative this shirt is.  Anyone of my boys would have worn this pirate themed shirt.

100 Days of School Shirt for Girls

Girls are pretty easy to craft with and they usually like to take the reigns and do it themselves.  You can do fun crafting techniques like tie dye, sewing applique, or anything your little girl dreams up.

If you need some inspiration to get motivated here are some additional themes:

  1. Caterpillar, I’ve crawled my way through 100 days
  2. Donut, 100 sweet days 
  3. Feathers, 100 Days just Few By
  4. Feathers, This chickadee is 100 days smarter
  5. Hearts, 100 Days and I’m loving it
  6. Sprinkles, 100 Days Sparkled with Fun
  7. Stickers, Rocking through 100 days of school
  8. Sunflower seeds inside a sunflower, 100 days with you… look how much I’ve grown
  9. Up, Up and Away it’s the 100th Day

Gender Neutral Shirts for Boys and Girls:

Yes, of course I realize that there are a bunch of themes which are gender-neutral and would work great for both boys and girls.

So here are several additional 100th day of school shirt ideas I found for you:

  1. Colored Band-aids, I Survived 100 Days of School
  2. Emoji’s, Mixed emoji’s about the 100 days
  3. Packman
  4. Pennies, 100 days and counting
  5. Popcorn, 100 days and still poppin’
  6. Pom poms in gumball machine, I blew thru 100 days
  7. Puzzle Tree, 100 Days Smarter and Growing
  8. Star stickers,100 Days Brighter
  9. Thumbprint balloons, Up Up and Away It’s the 100th day
  10. Thumbs Up I’m 100 days smarter!

DIY 100 Days of School Shirt


Holly over on Kids Activities Blog has rounded up some super cute 100 days of school shirt ideas so head over to check out fun activities to make with your kids.  She’s a dear friend and did a great job finding some pretty unique ones.

100 Days of School T shirt Ideas

100th day tshirts

If you’re wanting to do some iron-on 100s then take a look at Steph’s 100 T-shirt with numbers.

Tip Junkie readers have been sharing their ideas for years, so her are a few more crafty ideas to make your own DIY tshirt could include:

  • Rose made a bunch of hearts out of felt
  • Cynthia glued skittles to a hat for her son to celebrate

I hope these help inspire you and I also hope you’ll take the time to leave your ideas and links you create or find in the comments below.  I love adding to this list and would be happy to feature you. {high fives}

100 Days of School Shirt FAQ:

We’ve gotten lots of questions over the years about 100 days of school and thought I could hopefully answer some questions that you have in case you were wondering!

  1. Do I need a template? Nope.  Pick a theme and don’t over think it.  If you want a template then you could create an iron on or print out a design and trace it onto the shirt.
  2. How do I make an iron-on?  If you’re comfortable with basic graphic design then you can make any image and print it onto iron-on paper.  I like the dark shirt iron on paper.  {affiliate link}
  3. What type of glue should I use?  You can sew it on with thread, hot glue, or fabric glue.
  4. Can I wash it afterward?  It depends on what type of materials you use. {snicker}  If you use an iron-on then wash cold and hang dry.  If you use cereal or candy… that’s a no. {giggle}
  5. What should I do with the shirt later?  I have several fun shirts that I’ve made for my boys over the years.  You can add it to a tshirt quilt, make a Christmas ornament out of it,  or put it into their memorabilia box for them to reminisce about later.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Let your child pick the theme.
  • Use a shirt that’s a good quality and can hold whatever you put on it.  If it’s not thin then your design will work better.
  • Pick a shirt that’s not a dark color unless your design is light colored.
  • Be patient and let the perfectionism go and enjoy decorating the shirt together.
  • Be proud of however it turns out!

What Did I Miss?

I’d love to know what 100th Day of School ideas and tutorials you are looking for and want to make.  Leave a comment below. I also take requests, so if you’re looking for something specific let me know in the comments.

More 100th day of school activities here…

100th Day of School Activities100th Day of School Activities

Plus, check out these 100 says of school printables…

100 Days of School Printables

100 Days of School Ideas :


Laurie Turk the Tip Junkie

Have You Made a Shirt? 

I’m dying to know what theme you made!  Leave a comment below and tell us all about it.

Promoting creative women through their tutorials and products,

~ Laurie  {a.k.a. the Tip Junkie}

P.S.  Join the conversations over on the Tip Junkie Facebook page.  It’s a great place to ask questions on how to make things or for specific tutorials you need.

100 days of school shirt ideas to DIY on Tip Junkie
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