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20 Gross Halloween Party Food Ideas for Kids

This is one of my favorite posts on gross Halloween party food for kids.  If you’re looking for fun Halloween party ideas and kids games for Halloween, why not make some of these party food ideas together!

Halloween Party

Gross Halloween Party Food

1.  Mandy’s mummy meatloaf dinner
2.  Frank’n Monster Meal
3.  Muenster Beetles
4.  Lacey’s Halloween dinner


Party Food Ideas

5.  Halloween Bento Boxes
6.  Creative Halloween veggie plates
7.  Gruesome Halloween party food
8.  Dabbled’s creepy Halloween party food


9.  Terrifying Tamale Pie
10.  Jello blood worms
11.  Monster Mouths stuffed shells
12. Toenail Brittle and other Halloween goodies


13.  Spaghetti and eye balls
14.  Frankenmallows
15.  Dot’s Halloween Drinks– Creepy bubble fun
16.  Halloween food and treats from Family Fun


17.  Spider Truffles
18.  Tif’s EL Fudge Cookie Ghost
19.  Make Your Own Gourmet Caramel Apples
20.  Witch cupcakes

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  1. Velecia

    I Love the witch cup cake, sooooooo Cute!!! Hey check out some stuff on my blog, I have a few different ideas for fun food on Halloween.

  2. Megan

    This reminds me of when I was a kid at someone’s birthday party playing a game where it was dark and you stuck your hand into bowls, and someone else told a scary story about the eyeballs (peeled grapes) and intestines (spaghetti noodles) that you were touching! I love it!

  3. sandra

    Wow! Just these ideas could keep me busy for a lifetime! Very creative. Thanks.

  4. Dom

    I often tend to look for complicated things while just like I can see here, I could get 100’s different simple and easy to make Halloween ghoulish looking but delicious foods!
    Will start this week with spaghetti!
    Thanks for such wonderful ideas!

  5. Leslie

    Such great ideas! And all in once place. What a time saver!

    Thanks for including my Frankenmallows.

  6. Kara

    Such fun ideas! I can’t wait to surprise my kids with some of them.

  7. WebSpinstress

    Thank you for featuring my compilation of Halloween bento boxes. This is a great list of unique food creations to entertain your family all month long and your guests, come Halloween night! I’ll be trying a few of these recipes myself… 🙂

  8. Lorie

    Some of those are so fun and others freak me out a little!!

  9. Annie's Online Store

    i think these are some great ideas for halloween and kids will love them as they always want to have some scary and gross ideas, buying the stuff has been made easy by Annie’s

  10. Pamper Parties

    Great Halloween food ideas. I can just imagine the look on the kids faces when they see these gory treats!

  11. Jenny

    Congrats for such a nice post. These pictures of foods are really very creative. These kind creativity adds more fun to the Halloween party. I am surely going to try to make one myself. Thanks for giving this idea.

  12. Ronte Tomse

    Those foods really look gross. But I’m sure they taste good. I got new ideas now for my dinner party ideas business now. Thanks for sharing these great foods.

  13. Lonely Crypto

    Halloween the best part of the year ..luv those costumes…

  14. Girls Pamper Parties

    These treats are brill! the kdis will defo love them this halloween

  15. Lesya Gonchar

    I made the same eyes last year. They are ever-after idea for halloween snacks *))))

  16. [email protected]

    Halloween parties are very funny & attractive. Here lots of tips provide to celebrate halloween party. I like this blog. Thank you.

  17. Wes @ Couples Costume Ideas

    The worms looked too gross to eat, the Frankenstein is cute though 🙂

  18. Cooking games

    This ideas are great. My kid will be thriled to hear those ideas that i found on your blog. Halloween is a great time to see your kid having a boat load of fun. Thanks

  19. Vicki Harmon

    wheres the pictures of the cars at?

  20. Lenna

    this was supposed to be a link to “16 outrageously decorated cars” but it seemed to have disappeared…?

  21. Kelly Graham

    I love your site. I have become totally addicted and have pulled in anyone who will let me. I don’t know how you find the time but I take my hat off to you, YOU ROCK!

  22. corporate gifts

    Thank you for sharing these ideas! Everything looks amazing and delish! Personal favorite paghetti and eye balls, Frankenmallows, Spider Truffles, Witch cupcakes.

  23. limo hire

    Wow! Such a nice post! Great ideas bout Halloween!

  24. DyAnne

    Yea, those eyes are the best. I love cooking. My kids just love having them when Halloween time comes around. I can’t wait so I’m going to surprise them when they get home with some.

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