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18 Valentines Days Crafts {printable Valentines}

There are so many Valentines Days crafts in blogland this year. I went a bit OTT on finding ideas, so here are 18 free printable Valentines, cards, and mailbox ideas.  I hope you’ll be inspired by at least one of them. I think they’re all amazing!

Valentines Days Crafts

Cindy made this adorable Valentine Lollipop Lily so easy to make with a printable flower & stem. Thanks Cindy for making it so easy!

Jen made these “You Make My Heart Glow!” Valentines to go over glow sticks. (The heart is felt.) I have 3 boys and they would LOVE these Valentines.

Zakka Life has also hooked you up with a printable version of this adorable snail Valentine.

Zakka Life also made this awesome felt heart maze Valentine. The candies are enclosed in the heart so the only way to get them out is to push them through the maze. {{fabulous}}

Crafty Daisies has hooked us up with a tutorial on how to make these little sweeties, stamped candy bags. {{sweet!}}

Beautiful Cards

These ‘be mine’ Valentines by Craft Chicks are darling!

Alisa made these “sweet!” envelopes for your treats. I adore the colors and fun shape!

Sunny Stampin created this rockin‘ V-day card perfect for your teen to hand out!

Extreme Cards has hooked you up with a fun tutorial on how to make this pop-up Valentine’s card.

I LOVE making Shrinky Dinks. Yep, I’m a closet “dinker”. So when I found Wendy’s Shrinky Dink Valentine Card, I just had to show it to you.

Check out these fabric window valentines over at The Purl Bee. It’s complete with a step-by-step tutorial.

Go Make Something created a tutorial on how to make these paint chip Valentines. What a fun idea. In my opinion, you can’t have too many little rhinestones on a V-day card. 🙂

Candy Bar Wrappers

Here are Jenny’s candy bar cozies complete with a tutorial on how to make them. What a fun idea.

Creature Comforts made this totally chic printable candy bar wrapper with a nice romantic twist. Fast & beautiful – love it.

Tanya designed this fabulous candy bar wrapper and was so nice as to give us a tutorial on how to do it. I’m totally in a scallop phase right now!

Here’s another printable Valentine for the mom in a pinch. It’s a candy box by The Scoop.

Beautiful Mailboxes

Elaine has altered a mailbox into this beautiful creation! Last year Target had them in their $1 Spot. What a perfect place to keep your Valentine’s until the big day.

Lastly, here’s Jenn’s version of the altered mail box. Fabulous!

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  1. Inspired Kara

    There is some seriously lovely inspiration going on here!

  2. Jen

    I Love Love Love all these ideas – and thanks so much for featuring my goodies.

  3. Kelly

    These are such great ideas. The candy boxes have inspired me to make custom boxes for my valentines – little crochet cupcake candy boxes. Shhhhh…I posted a picture of one on my birthday post so the girls would not get wise, but I could give readers a sneak peak. ~Kelly

  4. Katie @ makingthishome.com

    Oh cool. Thanks for sharing so many lovely sites and projects with us. It’s almost overwhelming, so many cute projects!

  5. tidymom

    Lot of GREAT ideas in that post!!


  6. Sandy Toes

    Wonderful ideas!
    -sandy toe

  7. SoBella Creations

    I love the mailboxes. Super cute!

  8. VPZ

    My daughter and I did the lollipop flowers last year for her preschool pals! We did it a little different…we cut out two different hearts for the petals of the flower, punched a tiny hole and put the lollipop through.
    She loved them and so did her friends! So cute!

  9. Jenn

    This makes me wish I had a reason to make some of these..

  10. Jody Knapp

    So cute! I made some digital cards and treat toppers for my girls this year.

  11. Lisette

    Such cute designs – love the mailboxes!

  12. Michelle

    Oh, so many cute idea’s!

  13. Cynthia B.

    Awesome ideas! Dang, my daughter picked out Littlest Pet Shop Valentines for her class this year, but now I feel we MUST do something crafty! hmmm…maybe I can convince her.

  14. Betsy

    Love those ideas…stealing them for my little dude.

  15. Shelly

    Thanks for all the research – I put a link to your post on The Happy Toddler blog

  16. Michelle

    What wonderful ideas! I see you have a CB link – a CherishBound LOVE designer book would be the perfect present to stick in one of Elaine’s mailboxes! Your Valentine will cherish the gift forever!

  17. Untypically Jia

    These are too cute!

  18. Stephanie

    These are some wonderful ideas! And I haven’t seen shrinky dinks in a long time. I used to these with my Mom when I was young….Thanks for sharing!

    Have a Beautiful Day!

  19. RebekahC

    Wow, these are some great ideas! Thank you so much for taking the time to gather and share these. I’m thinking I might have to make those snails with my daughter for her to give out at school during her V-Day party.

  20. Kimm at Reinvented

    ALL of these ideas are fabulous! My kids will love the tootsie pop valentines. We’ll try those. Thanks!

  21. Kelli

    A lot of great ideas. I have been looking for fun things to do at home with my daughter, these are great.

  22. Cherishing Mommy

    I LOVE these ideas. The cute mailbox might come in handy. I can put a copy of my love story in it and give it to my husband. THANKS for sharing. http://www.cherishbound.com/publishing/books/9808791587.pdf

  23. Dana

    hey, i’m new to tipjunkie! those candy bar cozies are just adorable!!!! i can already tell i’m going to be overwhelmed with wonderful ideas! 🙂

  24. Miss Janice

    You are so kind to share all these wonderful valentine designs!

  25. Cassandra

    Thanks for all these ideas. I love the flowers. I think I’m going to make few for my guy and my friends.

  26. Tamsin

    Amazing stuff for Valentines Day… Those handmade mailboxes are looking awesome!!

  27. Kristen

    Love it! I only wish I saw this sooner…I’ll be prepared for next year.

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