This is one of my favorite posts on gross Halloween party food for kids.  If you're looking for fun Halloween party ideas and kids games for Halloween, why not make some of these party food ideas together! Halloween Party

Gross Halloween Party Food

1.  Mandy's mummy meatloaf dinner 2.  Frank'n Monster Meal 3.  Muenster Beetles 4.  Lacey's Halloween dinner


Party Food Ideas

5.  Halloween Bento Boxes 6.  Creative Halloween veggie plates 7.  Gruesome Halloween party food 8.  Dabbled's creepy Halloween party food


9.  Terrifying Tamale Pie 10.  Jello blood worms 11.  Monster Mouths stuffed shells 12. Toenail Brittle and other Halloween goodies


13.  Spaghetti and eye balls 14.  Frankenmallows 15.  Dot's Halloween Drinks- Creepy bubble fun 16.  Halloween food and treats from Family Fun


17.  Spider Truffles 18.  Tif's EL Fudge Cookie Ghost 19.  Make Your Own Gourmet Caramel Apples 20.  Witch cupcakes

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