One of my biggest fitness questions for Trainer Momma is how to eat well yet still feel full throughout the day?  I'm a busy mom and constantly on the go and I know that you are too.  So today Mandi is sharing her tips on healthy eating for busy women. To quickly recap in case you've missed part of the series, we've already learned practical ways to get a good workout as well as tips on  how to eat well and get control of our health and today we're taking it a step further with how to feel full while healthy eating! Don’t you hate it when you eat breakfast and you are ravenous 30 minutes later? Or how about that intense, crazy 3:00 PM craving for chocolate that hits every day? Or when you get so desperately hungry you end up eating your toddler’s half eaten, left over graham crackers off the floor of the minivan? Eating well does not have to equate to being hungry all the time nor being sentenced to eating cardboard-tasting fare for the rest of our lives. It’s just a little math.

Feel Full

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All you need is the “Feel Full Formula”:  Protein + Fiber = FULL

If you make sure every single meal and snack you put in your mouth follows the Feel Full Formula you’ll step off the hunger roller coaster, take control of your appetite, and feel full throughout the day. Here are some simple, winner food combos that all have protein and fiber in them: Breakfast: Oatmeal with berries and nuts Whole grain cereal with almonds and a banana Egg whites with salsa in a whole wheat tortilla Mid-Morning Snack: Almonds and an orange Low-fat cottage cheese and a pear Apple and peanut butter Lunch: Huge veggie packed salad with some lean protein Lentil soup with some fruit Albacore tuna with veggies in a whole grain wrap Mid-Afternoon Snack: Handful of trail mix and some grapes Greek yogurt with some strawberries and nuts Banana and a cup of soy milk Dinner: Grilled salmon, quinoa and asparagus Brown rice with black beans, salsa, and cooked zucchini Whole wheat pasta with a ton of broccoli, lean ground beef topped with marinara sauce Trainer Momma Tip: With all of these meals/snacks, be sure to follow them up with a ton of water. Water tops us off, and is the world’s best appetite suppressant. By eating plenty of protein and balancing it out with stomach filling fiber, your body will get the nutrients it needs and you’ll feel full every time. Guaranteed.

Tip Junkie Fitness Series:

Step 1:  How to Eat Well and Get Control of Your Health Step 2:  How to Work in a Good Workout Step 3: How To Eat Well and Feel Full Every Time Coming Next Week:  How To Tone Your Thighs Feel free to ask Mandi any fitness or exercise questions you might have!  You can leave your question in the comments or on the Tip Junkie Facebook page. IMG_2704_2Mandi Reading is the author of Trainer Momma at, a fitness and nutrition site for busy women and their families. Trainer Momma dives head first into the nuts and bolts of effective exercise, and provides healthy recipes that you will actually want to eat, and endless ideas on how to work in the workout.  She is a fitness and nutrition writer, speaker, certified personal trainer and nutrition consultant specializing in weight management. Her favorite workouts include doing wind sprints to catch her three children, running stairs with armfuls of dirty laundry, and impatiently watching her core as expand as Baby #4 develops (due in the fall!).