Have you been wondering how to eat well and get control of your health for the healthy diet? Today we're getting healthy eating tips from Mandi our resident personal trainer! Let me tell you what most personal trainers should (but usually don’t) tell you before you slap down the $50 to have them work you out so hard you end up waddling for days:

It’s all about the food.

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Eat Well

Quickly after I started working with clients as a personal trainer, I realized results could never come without the healthy diet. This lead to my becoming a nutrition consultant soon after becoming a personal trainer and really learning how to eat well.

What Does Healthy Eating Look Like?

Eat Often Starting with breakfast, eat 5-6 times a day every 3 hours or so. Eat Enough Starving is not an option. Be sure your portions are reasonable. Eat Well Eat as many vegetables and fruits you can stuff your face with. Eat whole grains and lean proteins throughout the day for the healthy diet. Drink Water Shelf the sodas, juices, and sports drinks. Drink water, drink A LOT of it. Water is your BFF when it comes to being hydrated and making you feel full. Drink. So why even exercise if it’s all about healthy eating or the healthy diet? Why not just eat a whole lot less and watch the Nate Berkas Show at home instead of pounding away on a treadmill? Because we are going for life long health here, not just a number on the scale. Using effective exercise coupled with the healthy diet is the sweetest deal in town. You can reach your fitness goals and become a healthy person who lives a long life. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="226" caption="Photo Credit: www.fotolia.com"]Female Runner[/caption]

What Does Effective Exercise Look Like?

Cardiovascular Exercise (a.k.a. sweating your brains out) Our bodies were made to move. Do some sort of cardiovascular workout 5-6 days per week for at least 30 minutes. Cardio workouts makes for a stronger heart and lungs and lowers our risk of heart disease and some types of cancer. We will have more energy to chase our little guys around, reduce our stress levels after dealing with little guys day in and day out, and sleep more soundly when the little guys are miraculously sleeping. Strength Training Weight lifting 2-3 times a week increases your strength and improves your endurance. It reduces chances of injury, prevents disease, and strengthens bones and joints. Many women skip the weights step because of they may be overwhelmed, intimidated by the muscle heads at the gym, or be paranoid of “bulking up”. Everyone - male, female, old and young - needs strength training in their exercise routine. It is the key that will turn on your sleeping metabolism and help you become the lean-mean-calorie-burnin’ machine you were born to be.

The Healthy Diet

Whether your goals are weight loss, increased fitness, training for an upcoming race, or just trying to keep up with the little ones running around calling you “Mom!”, healthy eating, cardio and strength training will give you the results you are looking for. IMG_2704_2Mandi Reading is the author of Trainer Momma at www.trainermomma.com, a fitness and nutrition site for busy women and their families. Trainer Momma dives head first into the nuts and bolts of effective exercise, and provides healthy recipes that you will actually want to eat, and endless ideas on how to work in the workout.  She is a fitness and nutrition writer, speaker, certified personal trainer and nutrition consultant specializing in weight management. Her favorite workouts include doing wind sprints to catch her three children, running stairs with armfuls of dirty laundry, and impatiently watching her core as expand as Baby #4 develops (due in the fall!).