5 Healthy Recipe Videos with Curtis Stone

Finding short videos that show one how to prepare healthy and natural meals and snacks is easier than 1-2-3 with YouTube and Nature’s Kitchen!   Vicks® Nature Fusion™  enlisted the help of celebrity chef Curtis Stone to produce quick videos that show tips, tricks and ingredients for healthy eating that anyone can make.  The video series is called  Nature’s Kitchen with Curtis Stone and all the videos are together in one easy to find location!  I’ve talked about this series before and even shared the videos individually.   I’m excited about the series because the dishes and snacks look delicious and do-able.

In case you were as excited about the recipes as I was, I wanted to make things super easy for you, so I compiled all the videos and recipes in one place for you! {wink}

5 Healthy Recipe Videos with Curtis Stone:

1.  This video which includes a Recipe for getting your kids to eat veggies is a worth a try!  The recipe for Southwest Chili Tacos looks delicious and appropriate for the whole family and even guests if you are the entertaining type.  If you like variations on tacos, and want your kids to eat veggies without them even knowing it, this recipe  is for you!

2.  Want to make a healthy meal in one pot with a minimal mess?  Then this One Pot Wonder video is for you!  Doesn’t the corn and potato chowder look delicious, especially on a cool winter evening?

3.  The key to this Healthy Homemade Pizza recipe is natural ingredients.  Shrimp and mozzarella pizza with capers and olives, anyone?  Oh, and it’s thin crust, a favorite of many!

4.  This video which includes recipes for homemade salsa, Tzatziki dip and tortilla and pita chips is so a worth a try!  The recipes for Tzatziki Dip and Salsa taste delicious and they are healthy snacks for the whole family.  Making chips for dipping has never looked so easy, either!

5.  This video which includes Recipes and Tips for starting your day out Fresh and Healthy is just what I was looking for for a healthy, easy breakfast.  It includes recipes for making homemade granola and smoothies, and the tips are fabulous!

Remember, all of these videos can be found here!

Be sure to let me know what you think when you try any of these recipes!

all crafts Natures Kitchen Videos with Curtis Stone {healthy eating tips}A special thanks to the makers of Vick’s for choosing me to be a Vick’s Blogger and a part of this series designed to promote healthy eating using natures ingredients!

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