40 Best Easter Egg Designs to DIY


These 40 Easter egg designs with free pictured tutorials will teach you how to color Easter eggs, give you free Easter egg templates, and learn how to make funny Easter eggs like Disney Eggs, Angry Bird eggs, and more!

Best Easter Egg Designs

40 Best Easter Egg Designs to DIY on Tip Junkie

We’ve got you all hooked up with super creative Easter egg designs that you can do as a family or for a party and even for homemade gifts and Easter traditions in preparation for you Easter Sunday.

Easter Egg Templates

1. Calligraphy Egg {free template} ~ Make your own tattoo’s to decorate your Easter eggs this Easter using the free template.

2. Melted Crayon Easter Eggs ~ After the eggs have been hard boiled and are still warm you can doodle on them with crayons.  The heat from the hard boiled egg will melt the crayon.

3. Monogram Easter Eggs ~ These monogrammed eggs are gorgeous!  Using vinyl or stickers, and egg dye you can create your own monogram Easter eggs in just five simple steps.

Easter Egg Template

4. Subway Art Easter Eggs ~ Using acrylic paint and vinyl stickers you can create these fabulous trendy subway art Easter eggs.

Egg Design

DIY Carrot Easter Eggs

5. DIY Carrot Easter Eggs ~ Aren’t these carrot eggs absolutely darling and clever?  Ceramic eggs, chalk paint and felt were used to make them!

Glow In The Dark Easter Eggs


6.  Glow-in-the-dark Easter Eggs ~ This fun game is a great alternative to hunting traditional Easter eggs this year. Tweens and teens will love this twist on traditional egg hunting as well, keeping the family tradition of hunting Easter eggs alive for a few more years.

If you’d rather Buy than DIY then you can order these Glow In The Dark Easter Eggs to Buy on Amazon with slime, $12.  {affiliate link}

Glow In The Dark Easter Egg Hunt

7. Glow In The Dark Easter Egg Hunt ~ To make these glow in the dark eggs you will need size large plastic Easter eggs and flameless tea lights. You need one tea light for each egg.

Egg Template

Temporary Tattoo Easter Eggs

8. Temporary Tattoo Easter Eggs ~ These Easter eggs are absolutely beautiful!  Instead of the traditional egg-dying technique try decorating eggs with temporary tattoo’s.  It can’t get any easier than that!

9. Pretty Ways to Dye Easter Eggs ~ These fun and funky Easter egg designs were first dyed using an egg dyeing kit.   After allowing them to dry completely you can adhere white stickers around the egg.

Easter Egg Stencil

10. How to Make Leaf Print Eggs ~ These Easter eggs are absolutely beautiful!  Instead of the traditional egg-dying technique try using a reverse-stenciling method.

Funny Easter Eggs

Funny Easter Eggs-jpg

11.  DIY Emoji Easter Eggs ~ These silly emoji eggs are adorable!  Use your imagination to create these cuties, no templates needed.

12. Mr. Humpty Dumpty Easter Eggs ~ These Mr. Humpty Dumpty Easter eggs are fun and fab.  Hard-boiled eggs are dip dyed with a hand drawn face on them.  Simple and easy!

13. Easy Hipster Easter Eggs {free printable} ~  I “mustache” you how you are dying your Easter eggs this year?  I couldn’t resist.  {snicker}  Add some whimsy and fun with these tattoo’s to your dyed eggs this Easter.

14. Playing with Food – Easter Eggs and Rolled Fondant ~ These Mr. Potato Head, Bunny and Chick fondant eggs are fun and fab.  Buy store-bought plain eggs and customize them to make it a unique gift.Decorated Easter Eggs

15. Thumbprint Easter Eggs ~ Fingertips coated in paint create perfect tiny templates for mini animals, Easter eggs, faces, and more.


16.  Funny Farm Eggs ~ These Funny Farm eggs are adorable!  A great idea if you want to go dye-free.  Use your imagination to create these cuties, no templates needed.

Cartoon Easter Eggs

17. Angry Birds Easter Eggs ~ Make your own Angry Birds Easter Eggs with acrylic paint, fun foam, googly eyes and felt.

Cartoon Easter Eggs-jpg

18. Dyed Ninja Turtles Easter Eggs ~ Quickly transfer dyed eggs into Ninja’s with a strip of ribbon and googly eyes.

Lego Ninjago Easter Eggs

19. Lego Ninjago Easter Eggs ~ Your little man will love these Lego inspired Easter eggs!  Contact paper was used for the face, dyed and then colored in.

20. Minion Easter Eggs ~ If your kiddos love Despicable Me, then why not try your hand at painting Minion eggs?  All you need is eggs, dye, sharpie, a white paint pen, and a cotton ball.

Disney Easter Eggs

Disney Easter Eggs

21. Disney Frozen Easter Eggs ~ Here is a fancy schmancy way to decorate some eggs for your Easter decor this year!  You’ll need double sided adhesive, glitter and rhinestones perfect for a princess.  Festive and chic! 

22. Perry the Platypus Easter Egg ~ Perry the Platypus goes incognito this season and in his best disguise.  Download the free template to make your own Perry.

23. Red Queen Easter Egg ~ The Red Queen is not hard to miss with her egg-straordinarily large head.  Download and print the free template.

24. Cheshire Cat Easter Egg ~ That sneaky Cheshire Cat is sure to turn up somewhere.  He’s a purple dyed egg embellished with the mischievous character’s toothy grin.  Download the free template.

25. Disney Princess Easter Eggs ~ Sadly, there is not a tutorial for these Disney Princess Eggs.  But, I wanted you to see how adorable these eggs are.  You could probably use water colors and markers to re-create them.

26. Grandpa Gregg Egg~ Grandpa Gregg Egg has a paper tube body and glued-on features.  These egghead family members will crack your kids up.

27. Daddy Deggster Egg ~ Daddy Deggster has a paper tube body and glued-on features.

28. Mom Peggy Egg ~ Dress up Mom Peggy Egg in her Sunday best.

29. Baby Megg Egg ~ Don’t forget Little Baby Megg.  She makes a great addition to the family.

Themed Easter Egg Painting Ideas

Tv and Movie Easter Eggs

30. Doctor Who Easter Eggs ~ These amazing Doctor Who Easter eggs are not edible, but a fun conversation piece for the Doctor Who buff.  They are painted paper mache eggs.  You could also used wood eggs as well.

Pokemon Easter Eggs

31. Pokemon Easter Eggs ~  Transform your dyed Easter eggs into Pikachu and Powerball using this simple tutorial.  You’ll be the coolest mom ever!

Paper Mache Easter Eggs

Easy Easter Craft

32. Paper-Mache Easter Eggs ~ Here is a fun craft ideas your children are sure to love this Easter. The egg can hold a surprising amount of candy and the tissue paper seems to e a delicate making for a delightfully heavy and yet fragile object, much like real egg. Also like a real egg you have to break the shell to get at what’s inside. Children love things they have to destroy to open.

Easter Egg Dye

33. Stamped Decoupaged Eggs ~ Here is a beautiful example of Stamped Decoupaged Eggs.  You can create your own by stamping an image onto tissue paper, cutting around the image, then decoupaging onto the eggs.  When you add the decoupage glue the tissue paper disappears and gives it a hand-painted effect.

Easter Egg Templates for SVG Files

34. Silhouette Stenciled Easter Egg Tutorial ~ These silhouette eggs are gorgeous!  Using acrylic paint, silhouettes, and wooden eggs you can create your own silhouette stenciled Easter eggs in just four simple steps.

Handlebar Mustache

35. Mustache Easter Egg ~ I mustache you how you are dying your Easter eggs this year?  I couldn’t resist.  {snicker}  Add some whimsy and fun with these vinyl adhesive cut mustaches to your dyed eggs this Easter.

Easter Egg Patterns to Sew

Fabric Easter Egg Pattern

36. Fabric Easter Egg ~ Download the free pattern to make your own fabric Easter eggs to decorate your Easter table, home decor, or give as a homemade gift.

Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

37. Velum and Washi Tape Egg ~ An adorable alternative to the traditional egg dye!  Using 1/2? washi tape, vellum, and craft punches you can make a pretty pattern to decorate your eggs.

Confetti Easter Eggs

Carrot Confetti Easter Eggs

38. Carrot Confetti Easter Eggs ~ How fun are these carrot eggs?  Any bunny would love these!  {{snicker}}  Using an orange sharpie you can make carrots from squiggle lines.

Spray Paint

Kaleidoscope Easter Eggs

39. Kaleidoscope Easter Eggs ~ Here is a fancy schmancy way to decorate some eggs for your Easter decor this year! Spray paint paper mache eggs along with some craft paint and you’ll create beautiful kaleidoscope eggs to display! Festive and chic!

DIY Metallic Easter Eggs with Spray Paint

40. DIY Metallic Easter Eggs ~ Create your own metallic Easter eggs with a spray paint and a chalk pen.  Aren’t they gorgeous?!

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