46 Amazing Easter Eggs and Easter Egg Hunt Tutorials


Easter Sunday is coming up and will be here before we know it!  Learn how to make amazing Easter eggs with pictured instructions and printable templates as well as fun Easter egg hunt games and activities.  Your kids will love all the fun, funny and surprising ways they can decorate and hide eggs to make Easter extra special this year.

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Amazing Easter Eggs

Amazing Easter Eggs

1.  Chocolate Surprise Eggs {Easter Eggs} ~ Hunting for Easter eggs is one of everyones favorite Easter traditions.  Why not make it even more fun by filling the eggs with chocolate and surprises.  And not plastic eggs, but real eggs that you have to crack open to reveal their hidden treasures.  Not Martha will show you an easy way to create these Surprise Easter Eggs.

Amazing Easter Egg

2.  Gold Leaf Easter Egg ~ This Golden Bunny Easter egg is absolutely exquisite.  It reminds me of a foil wrapped chocolate bunny. Learn this fun new technique for decorating Easter eggs.  All you need is gold leaf adhesive, gold leaf, pencil and paint brush. (sadly, this blog is no longer online!)

3.  Ukranian Eggs Made Simple ~ These traditional Ukranian dyed eggs are stunning with the intricate and geometric designs.  Using a stylus and melted beeswax you can accomplish these beautiful designs.  They are time consuming, but well worth it.

Amazing Easter Eggs

4.  Easter Egg Decorating Ideas {Easter Egg Ideas} ~ Alisa Burke has a half dozen unique ideas for decorating Easter eggs.  Each of them create gorgeous one of a kind works of art and together they make an amazing collection of eggs that will look great on your Easter table.  And the techniques are easy enough for people of all ages to use.

5.  Velum and Washi Tape Egg ~ An adorable alternative to the traditional egg dye!  Using 1/2? washi tape, vellum, and craft punches you can make a pretty pattern to decorate your eggs.

Funny Easter Eggs

Funny Easter Eggs

6.  Easter Egg People Printables ~ These little Easter egg people are the CUTEST!  You can print out all 6 outfits for free.  Adorable for a table centerpiece or for decorating the mantel.

7.  Playing with Food – Easter Eggs and Rolled Fondant ~ These Mr. Potato Head, Bunny and Chick fondant eggs are fun and fab.  Buy store-bought plain eggs and customize them to make it a unique gift.

8.  Funny Farm Eggs ~ These Funny Farm eggs are adorable!  A great idea if you want to go dye-free.  Use your imagination to create these cuties, no templates needed.

Decorated Easter Egg Ideas

9.  Silk Dyed Easter Eggs ~ Aren’t these Silk Dyed Easter Eggs absolutely exquisite?!  You can make them by wrapping them in silk and boiling them in vinegar water.  When you unwrap them the pattern from the scarf transfers to the egg.  Amazing.

10.  How to Make Leaf Print Eggs ~ These Easter eggs are absolutely beautiful!  Instead of the traditional egg-dying technique try using a reverse-stenciling method.

Dying Easter Eggs

11.  Kool-Aid Eggs ~ These Kool-Aid dyed eggs are fun, fruity and nostalgic.  Your kids will be so excited to help.  All you need is hard-boiled eggs, Kool-Aid and water.

Decorated Easter Eggs

12.  Dinosaur Eggs ~ These Dinosaur Eggs are awesome!  They are also very easy to make.  All you need is hard-boiled eggs and regular food coloring.

Decorated Easter Eggs

13.  Neon Dip-Dyed Easter Eggs ~ Aren’t these Neon Dip-Dyed eggs absolutely gorgeous?!  You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how easy they are to make using the traditional egg dying technique with food coloring and vinegar.

14.  Pretty Ways to Dye Easter Eggs ~ These fun and funky Easter egg designs were first dyed using an egg dyeing kit.   After allowing them to dry completely you can adhere white stickers around the egg.

Lace Dyed Easter Eggs

15.  How to Dye Easter Eggs ~ A fun technique to dye your eggs and lace at the same time.  You can remove the lace to show the impression or leave it on for decoration.

Decorated Easter Eggs

16.  Natural Dyed Easter Eggs ~ Learn how to naturally dye your Easter eggs with fruits and vegetables.  Aren’t the colors beautiful?!

Decorated Easter Eggs

17.  Thumbprint Easter Eggs ~ Fingertips coated in paint create perfect tiny templates for mini animals, Easter eggs, faces, and more.

Easter Egg Template

18.  Silhouette Stenciled Easter Egg Tutorial ~ These silhouette eggs are gorgeous!  Using acrylic paint, silhouettes, and wooden eggs you can create your own silhouette stenciled Easter eggs in just four simple steps.

Handlebar Mustache
19.  Mustache Easter Egg ~ I “mustache” you how you are dying your Easter eggs this year?  I couldn’t resist.  {snicker}  Add some whimsy and fun with these vinyl adhesive cut mustaches to your dyed eggs this Easter.

Easter Egg Template

20.  Subway Art Easter Eggs ~ Using acrylic paint and vinyl stickers you can create these fabulous trendy subway art Easter eggs.

Printable Easter Eggs

Easter Egg Printables

21.  Mr. Egg Head {free printables} ~ Dress up your eggs this Easter with these adorable Mr. Egg Head printable egg wrappers.  You don’t even have to dye the eggs.  {wink}

Printable Easter Egg

22.  Printable Easter Egg Banner ~ Print and cut out these colorful easter eggs.  Then string them together for a festive garland, or hang them from a branch and use it as a centerpiece.  This link also has some fun easter coloring pages and kids activities.

Printable Easter Egg

23.  Printable Egg Stands {Coloring Easter Eggs} ~ Display your beautifully colored eggs with these cute printable egg stands.  A sweet little bunny and cute little chick are waiting to be part of your Easter.

Printable Easter Egg Holder

24.  Free Bunny Easter Egg Holder {Easter Printable} ~ Download and print this cute Easter bunny Easter egg holder for the kids to use while decorating their eggs this week.  He is a cute way to display their works of art and he will be a great addition to the kids table at Easter brunch.  Just download and print him and the kids can decorate him too!

Easter Egg Printable

25.  Hanging Easter Egg {Easter Printables} ~ Mix and match these cute Easter Eggs to create beautiful patterned ornaments.  Throw in a couple of cute bunny rabbit ornaments too, also included in the printable.

TV and Movie Easter Eggs

Tv and Movie Easter Eggs

26.  Doctor Who Easter Eggs ~ These amazing Doctor Who Easter eggs are not edible, but a fun conversation piece for the Doctor Who buff.  They are painted paper mache eggs.  You could also used wood eggs as well.

Pokemon Easter Eggs

27.  Pokemon Easter Eggs ~  Transform your dyed Easter eggs into Pikachu and Powerball using this simple tutorial.  You’ll be the coolest mom ever!

28.  Perry the Platypus Easter Egg ~ Perry the Platypus goes incognito this season and in his best disguise.  Download the free template to make your own Perry.

29.  Red Queen Easter Egg ~ The Red Queen is not hard to miss with her egg-straordinarily large head.  Download and print the free template.

30.  Cheshire Cat Easter Egg ~ That sneaky Cheshire Cat is sure to turn up somewhere.  He’s a purple dyed egg embellished with the mischievous character’s toothy grin.  Download the free template.

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt

31.  Easter Egg Coloring Party {free printable party pack} ~ Easter… just another great reason to have a party. Here is a free printable party pack for a fun-packed Easter egg coloring party. Four invitations per sheet, designed to coordinate with the theme of the party.

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

32.  FREE Easter Party Printables {diy decor} ~ I love the vintage feel of these “storybook” Easter printables that Kirsten from Embellish designed for us. This adorable collection includes everything you’ll need to throw one sweet party!

Easter Activities

33.  Easter Egg Lunch Hunt {Easter Games} ~ Here is a super fun way to serve lunch on or around easter! All you need is plastic eggs and your lunch ingredients! A fun way to get even the pickiest of eaters to enjoy lunch!

34. Easter Card and Invitation ~ This Spring colored printable Easter card and Easter Egg Hunt invitation that you can download for free is really sweet!  I love the subtle use of color and design.

Easter Egg Hunt

35.  Easter Egg Hunt Printable ~ Frame this adorable Easter Egg Hunt printable or attach it to a stick to make a yard sign.  There are four color choices, yellow, pink, green or blue .

Easter Egg Hunt

36. Printable Easter Hunt Kit ~ This cute printable kit is a bunny whose footprints and nibbled carrots lead you right to the loot the Easter Bunny left for you!

Easter Egg Hunt

37.  Streamer Easter Egg Hunt {Easter Celebration} ~ An Easter egg hunt is a traditional party of most Easter day celebrations, but this handy streamer easter egg hunt is a fun spin that works well for your littlest hunters.

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

38.  Carrot Pouches ~  Instead of a basket why not surprise your kids with a clue, like these *Carrot Pouches*?  Inside the pouches will be a clue that will lead them to their Easter baskets!  Fun, right?

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

39.  Easter Basket Scavenger Hunt {Easter Printables} ~ How fun would it be to wake up Easter morning to discover that the Easter bunny had left you a little note on your door and foot prints leading to something more mysterious? Whether you’re hosting an Easter egg hunt at your house or just playing it cool with your own kiddies, these Easter Basket Scavenger Hunt printables will get the job done!

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

40.  Easter Hunt Box {Grandparents} ~ This special Easter gift, an Easter egg hunt in a box, is the perfect present to send to your little loved ones that live far away.

Easter Party Games

Easter Games

41.  Glow-in-the-dark Easter Eggs {Fun Games} ~ This fun game is a great alternative to hunting traditional Easter eggs this year. Tweens and teens will love this twist on traditional egg hunting as well, keeping the family tradition of hunting Easter eggs alive for a few more years.

Easter Games

42.  Egg Wars ~ The object of an egg war is to try and crack each of your competitor’s eggs without yours breaking.

Easter Games

43.  Easter Bunny Maze {Easter Games} ~ Print out a copy of this fun Easter maze and set it at the seat of each kid attending your Easter dinner or Easter brunch.  When they have finished eating, or while they are waiting patiently for their food, they can keep themselves busy with this fun Easter game.

Easter Printable Game

44.  Easter Bingo ~ Here is a fun activity you can do as a family, Easter Sunday, or an Easter Party.

Easter Games

45.  Easter Egg Hunt Board Game ~ Enjoy a candy free egg hunt during Easter season with this free board game printable.

Easter Games

46.  DIY Easter Tic Tac Toe ~  Tic tac toe three in a row.  Everyone enjoys a game of tic tac toe!  Follow this great tutorial to make a festive bunny and chick game using clay and a wooden plaque.

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