19 Easter Cakes and Dessert Recipes


How to make easy Easter desserts that are perfect treats to serve your family on Easter Sunday. These Easter dessert recipes include Easter cakes, Easter cupcakes, and yummy Easter treats for kids perfect to bake on Easter Sunday or Good Friday.

Your family and friends will love celebrating the Easter holiday with these yummy Easter cakes and treats that remind them of Spring time and Easter.  Why not throw a party?!  {wink}

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31 Easter Cakes and Dessert Recipes

Easter Bunny Cake

Easter bunny cakes can be made in so many different ways.  Here we start with some simple round Easter bunny cakes and then we get more creative from there!

These Easter desserts would be a great addition to your Easter brunch menu.

Easter Bunny Cake

1. Easter Bunny Cake ~ You really must make this CUTE bunny cake for your Easter party! No fancy tools or complicated steps. This is simple enough that your kids or grandkids can help out too.

Easter Cake

2. Coconut Easter Bunny Cake  ~ Easy to make and almost too cute to eat, this Easter Bunny cake is a fun treat to celebrate the special day.

Bunny Cake

3.  Round Easter Bunny Cake ~ Check out Melissa’s version of the old school bunny cake that’s a tradition in her family and a little history on the original design.  This fun Easter dessert doesn’t take a special cake pan.  You can create your own bunny cake using two regular round cake pans and the tutorial provided.

Easter Cakes Recipes to Bake on Tip Junkie

Easter Cake

These Easter cakes are so delectable and easy to make and decorate thanks to a couple tips and tricks that these creative women have described for you in full pictured instructions in their Easter dessert tutorials.

DIY Easter Basket Cake Recipe and Tutorial

4. DIY Easter Basket Cake ~ The Cake Blog shows you how to transform a layered chocolate cake into a gorgeous Easter Basket Cake using green shimmer sugar, malted eggs, marshmallows and cocoa.

5. Classic Coconut Cake ~ Isn’t this cake absolutely exquisite?  I love that you don’t have to be a cake decorator to make it either.  It’s made from a cake mix with a coconut and sour cream filling.

6. Lamb Cake DIY ~ This little Easter lamb cake is adorable, and looks so fun to make.  Plus, it could double as the centerpiece for an Easter gathering.

7. Carrot Cake ~ This carrot cake will be the hit of your Easter dinner.  Forget the chocolate candies that the Easter bunny left behind, you will be wanting to search for an extra slice of this dessert. Carrots, and pecans help to make this carrot cake a one of a kind Easter treat.

Easter Cakes

8. Jelly Bean Carrot Easter Cake  ~ This adorable jelly bean covered carrot is actually a cake.  And it is the cutest Easter dessert for your family and you can also get the printable instructions.

29.  Twinkie Carrot Cake ~ Turn a twinkie into an adorable no-bake carrot treat using store bought treats like frosting, Reese’s Pieces, and gummy straws.

Easter Cakes

9. Polka Dot Egg Easter Cake ~ This little Easter cake is adorable, and looks so fun to make.  The kids could easily help with the white chocolate polka dots.  Plus, this fab dessert can double as the centerpiece for an Easter gathering.

Easter Cakes

18.  Easter Basket Kit Kat Cake ~ Find out how to make an Easy and cute Easter Basket Kit Kat Cake with this tutorial. Use boxed cake mix, frosting, Kit Kats and candy.

Easter Basket Cake

22.  Easter Basket Cake ~ Find out how to make an Easy and cute Easter Basket Cake with this tutorial. Uses rice krispies cereal, pirouettes and candy.

Easter Cakes
10. Nest Easter Cake {Easter Desserts} ~ Julie took a regular bunt cake and turned it into a festive Easter Dessert.  With the help of some frosting and a few egg shaped Easter candies, the bunt was transformed into a spring nest.  This dessert is easy to decorate and can even be made with all store bought ingredients to save time.

Bird’s Nest Cake

11. Bird’s Nest Cake ~ A double layer cake is decorated with jimmies, sixlets, licorice strings and peeps.

Easter Cake

12. Carrot Cake Supreme ~ This carrot cake will be the hit of your Easter dinner.  Forget the chocolate candies that the Easter bunny left behind, you will be wanting to search for an extra slice of this dessert.  Coconut, pecans, and pineapple help to make this carrot cake a one of a kind Easter treat.

Garden Cake Tutorial

13. Garden Cake Tutorial ~ This cake is fantastic for a summer garden party or darling as a Peter Rabbit cake for Easter. The cute colorful marzipan vegetables against the black Oreo cookie dirt simply delight the eye.  If you can work with Play-Doh you can make these little vegetables, and you’ll have this great tutorial to help you every step of the way.

Easter Cupcakes

Next up we move onto Easter cupcakes and how to make them from super easy nest to uber creative donut Easter bunnies.

Easter Cakes

14. Donut Easter Bunny ~ A sweet little Easter Bunny made from powdered donuts.

Easter Cupcakes

15. Bunny Cupcakes ~ Adorable Easter bunny cupcakes that have fondant ears and M&M noses.

Easter Cupcake Recipes

30.  Bunny Cupcake Wrappers {printable} ~ How about some bunny cupcakes with candy ears?  All you do is print off the bunny cupcake wrapper, cut it out  and fasten with glue stick.

31.  Easter Lamb Cupcakes ~ These cute cupcakes are the perfect treat for the kids on Easter Sunday.  To make it easier, you could leave the cupcakes out of the equation and just make the little donut lambs.

Lamb and Ducky Cupcakes

32.  Lamb and Ducky Cupcakes ~ These cute cupcakes made to look like baby animals are the perfect treats for Easter. Marshmallows, flaked coconut, and small candies come together to make these spring cupcakes super-cute.

Easter Cupcake

16.  Banana Cupcakes as a Nest {recipe} ~ Darling banana cupcakes all decorated for Easter as a nest with little candy eggs.

Easter Cupcakes

15.  Easter Chic Cupcakes ~ Easter cupcakes with cookie toppers that look like CUTE CHICKS!  Fun to make with the kids and they can enjoy 2 treats…cupcakes AND cookies!

Easter Cupcakes
17.  Edible Easter Basket Cupcakes What’s better than an Easter basket filled with yummy things to eat?  An Easter basket that IS a yummy thing to eat.  These are super cute and sure to be super delicious too – a fun treat for the kids to help make and give to their friends.

Easter Cupcakes

18. Easter Cupcake Toppers & Baskets ~ Here are some darling chevron striped cupcake toppers and wrappers that look like little Easter basket.  You can print them in yellow, blue, and pink.

19. Easter Bunny Cupcakes Printables ~ It will be a Hoppy Easter with these cute bunny cupcake printables.  Decorate your favorite cupcake recipe with these bunny ears and you will have the perfect Easter treat.

Easy Peeps Cupcakes

20. Easy Peeps Cupcakes ~ These sweet little peep cupcakes are fun and festive.  Follow the tutorial to make your own little hippity-hoppity cupcakes.

Easter Chocolate

Easter chocolate is all the rage during spring and finding knock-off Easter chocolate recipes can be super fun and even more yummy.  Here are a few I thought you would enjoy.

Easter Dessert
21. DIY Reese Peanut Butter Eggs {Easter Candy} ~ If you love Reese Peanut Butter Eggs, this homemade version with dark chocolate should be on your to make list for Easter.

30 Perfect Peep Tutorials for Easter

30 Perfect Peeps for Easter {recipe, home decor, printables} ~ Hey Peeps!  Peeps candy has so many DIY options from marshmallow peep cakes to DIY decorating ideas.

There’s even peeps smores and Easter cakes!  Marshmallow peeps are no longer just simple Easter candy as the following tutorials will show you how yummy and beautiful peeps can be.

13 Yummy Cadbury Egg Recipes on Tip Junkie

13 Yummy Cadbury Egg Recipes ~ If you love Cadbury eggsthen you are going to drool over these dessert recipes.

The best thing about cadbury mini eggs and creme eggs is that you can use them up by adding them to almost any of your favorite dessert recipes. These recipes are easy to make and mouth-wateringly delicious. They’ll definitely hit the spot!

Easter Brunch

Easter brunch is such a fun family tradition and what a great way to start out Easter Sunday celebrations with some delicious comfort food.

Easter Brunch Menu

13 Easter Brunch Recipes Perfect for Easter Sunday ~ These Easter brunch recipes include hard boiled eggs, frittata, carrot crescent rolls, french toast recipes, and hasbrown recipes.  I’ve included some amazing ones that are sure to impress your friends and family.  Happy Easter!

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31 Easter Cakes and Dessert Recipes ~ How to make easy Easter desserts that are perfect treats to serve your family on Easter Sunday.

These Easter dessert recipes include Easter cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and yummy Easter treats like recipes for kids and baking recipes.

Plus, check out these Easter centerpieces here…

Easter Table Centerpiece

How to Make Peeps Sunflower Tutorial ~ How to make these amazing Spring table centerpieces using fake sunflowers, marshmallow Peeps, and green sixlet candies. There are a few little tricks you’ll to make this Peeps centerpiece that you will want to know ahead of time.

Best Easter Crafts and Activities for Kids

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