24 Easter Decorations You’ll Love to Make


Easy DIY Easter decorations ideas to make with pictured instructions as well as free patterns.  These Easter decorations include wall decor, Easter egg decorations, garland and table decoration ideas.

DIY Easter Decorations

22 Easter Decorations You'll Love to Make on Tip Junkie

I just love the Easter colors and creative things I’ve found being made to decorate for Easter Sunday and Spring.  Here are some of the best Easter decorations that you can make at home to decorate your loving place.

Bunny Jars

1. DIY Bunny Jars ~  This jar transformation is a must see! A fabulous way to recycle old jars and turn them into functional decor for Easter! All you need is the cleaned jars, paint and plastic bunnies! Easy and lovely!

Fancy Table Setting

2. Silhouette White Rabbits {free template} ~ Dress up the Easter table with this simple yet elegant white rabbit silhouette and carnation cotton tail.  You can use them for place cards, menus, or as a centerpiece.  All you have to do is download the free template, cut, and add a white carnation for the tail.

Paint Chip Eggs

3. Paint Chip Egg Paper Craft ~ Check out this bowl of eye candy!  You can make your own ombre eggs from paint swatches.  They would also be darling strung together for a garland.

Easter Crafts

4. Easter Candy Topiary {Craft How-To} ~ Candy is always in abundance at Easter.  Luckily, it is as cute for decorating as it is yummy for eating.  These cute speckled jelly beans make a beautiful Easter topiary.  Pick the candy of your choice and glue it down quickly before it gets eaten.

5.  How to Make a Yarn Egg Wreath ~ This beautiful and creative yarn ball egg wreath would look gorgeous on your front door, on a fireplace, or a mirror.  Simply wrap plastic eggs with yarn.

6. Easter Vignette {DIY Decorating} ~ This gorgeous Pottery Barn inspired Easter Vignette was replicated using inexpensive craft supplies and thrift store finds.  You probably even have most of the items on hand.

Easter Egg Decorations

Looking for Easter decoration ideas in the shape of an egg or made from an Easter egg?  Well good. HA!  ‘Cuz I’ve hooked you up with a few Easter egg decoration tutorials below.

DIY Eggshell Tealight Candle Centerpiece

7. DIY Eggshell Tealight Candle Centerpiece ~ Make this unique and beautiful eggshell centerpiece for Easter entertaining.  Eggs are hand blown, dyed and ready for tealight candles.

DIY Modern Easter Eggs

8. DIY Modern Easter Eggs ~ Paper mache eggs get a modern makeover with a sharpie, chalk paint pen and jewelry wire.

Sequin Easter Eggs {Easter-Crafting}

9. Sequin Easter Eggs {Easter-Crafting} ~ These gorgeous sequin Easter eggs area a great craft to work on with some of your friends for a craft night.  They are a great homemade gift and the perfect touch to your Easter mantel.

10. Ruffled Fabric Easter Eggs ~ These ruffled Easter eggs are absolutely adorable!  They make a a great centerpiece.  And, you can reuse them next year.  You don’t have to worry about these eggs spoiling on you.

11. DIY Flower Easter Eggs Tutorial {Easter Crafts} ~ Isn’t this flower Easter Egg beautiful?!  It was inspired by a Pomander flower ball.  A simple and beautiful Easter decoration.  Transform a styrofoam egg by using paper flowers and push pins.

Easter Garland

Easter garland can be used almost anywhere.

DIY Paint Chip Easter Egg Garland

12. DIY Paint Chip Easter Egg Garland ~ Use your digital cutter or handcut egg-shaped ovals out of free paint chips at the home improvements or paint store. Tape string or ribbon to the back of each egg to make the garland and hang.

Homemade Carrot Paper Garland on TipJunkie

13. Easter Garland: Simple Carrot Craft for Easter ~ How to make simple Easter crafts you can use to decorate for Easter Sunday, or anytime you’d like to display an easy paper carrot garland. This homemade carrot paper garland is so easy to make that it would be a fun Easter crafts for kids.

Easter Egg Yarn Garland

14. Easter Egg Yarn Garland ~ This beautiful and creative yarn ball egg garland would look gorgeous on your fireplace, shelf or a mirror.  They’re made using a simple process of balloons, yarn and mod podge.

DIY Colored Rice Easter Eggs Decor

15. Colored Rice Easter Eggs Decor – Keeping with the Split Pea Shamrocks idea, I stuffed the colored rice inside vinyl ovals, added an eyelet on top and voila.Eggs!

Wall Decorations

Easter Bunny Canvas

15. Easter Bunny Canvas ~ A bunny butt has never looked cuter!  I absolutely adore the yarn pom pom bunny tail addition to the bunny silhouette!  This Silhouette project is sure to put you in the Easter and Spring decorating mood.

Easter Pallet Art

16. Easter Pallet Art ~ Reusing wood from pallets is a hot trend right now. Learn how to make Easter art from pallet wood, stencils and paint.

Spring Easter Egg Art

17. Spring Easter Egg Art ~ If you have been itching to make something for Spring, this Easter Egg is a great project to get you started.  Stencils were used to paint the adorable egg and chevron stripes on plywood.

Burlap Bunny Banner

18. Burlap Bunny Banner ~ Decorate your home this Spring with this simple burlap bunny banner.  The free pattern is included.  {high fives}

19.  Button Egg {DIY Easter Decorating} ~ Stitch your way into the Easter season with this button Easter Egg.  Hand stitched buttons on brown burlap give a beautiful handmade feel to your Easter decorations.

Easter Art

20. Easter Egg Wall ArtWouldn’t this darling project be a fab Easter gift for a teacher?  Or neighbor?  Or youth leader?  Or…you get it.  Round up your bright paper scraps and turn them into something beautiful.  I love the pop of glitter on a few of the eggs.

Easter Art

21. Easter Printable Art {free printables} ~ Print and frame these adorable Easter printables.  There are several choices and colors to choose from.

Easter Table Decorations

31 Fancy Easter Sunday Table Settings on Tip Junkie

22. 31 Fancy Easter Sunday Table Settings ~ How to decorate a fancy table setting for Easter Sunday using these pictured tutorials.  Easter Sunday has never looked so pretty!  {wink}  Learn how setting the table can be easier than you think with these napkin folding tutorials, place setting ideas, and party table decor ideas.

Free Printable Easter table decorating ideas

23. 16 Free Printable Easter table decorating ideas ~ Use these Happy Easter Printables from Tip Junkie which include 16 designs to help you customize your Easter table.  You can even use them in different ways to decorate your home for Spring as well.

Easter Table Centerpiece

24. How to Make Peeps Sunflower Tutorial ~ How to make these amazing Spring table centerpieces using fake sunflowers, marshmallow Peeps, and green sixlet candies. There are a few little tricks you’ll to make this Peeps centerpiece that you will want to know ahead of time.

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More Easter decorating to DIY…

31 Fancy Easter Sunday Table Settings on Tip Junkie

31 Fancy Easter Sunday Table Settings ~ How to decorate a fancy table setting for Easter Sunday using these pictured tutorials.  Easter Sunday has never looked so pretty!  {wink}  Learn how setting the table can be easier than you think with these napkin folding tutorials, place setting ideas, and party table decor ideas.

Plus, check out these Easter printables here…

47 Free Egg-ceptional Easter Printables

47 Free Egg-ceptional Easter Printables ~ An incredible roundup of free printables perfect for Easter and Spring.  They include count downs, table decor, editable gifts, home decor, and Easter Sunday games and activities.

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