70 Free Easter Basket Templates for Kids

Learn how to make  baskets with these free Easter basket templates.   They include Easter baskets for boys and girls, paper baskets, free printable templates, and even how to sew mini baskets for Easter eggs.  Your kids are going to be proud to Easter Egg Hunt with their amazing homemade Easter basket this year!

Easter Baskets For Boys

Easter Baskets For Boys

1.  Monogrammed Apple Basket for Easter ~ Simply add some ribbon and a tag for a perfect Easter basket for boys big enough for a SUPER Easter egg hunt.

Boys Easter Basket Tie Stripe

2.  Boys Easter Basket Tie Stripe ~I absolutely love the color combinations and the fabric patterns of these baskets.  {not a tutorial, and unfortunately this blog is no longer online.}

Tuxedo Baskets for Boys

3.  Tuxedo Baskets for Boys ~ A pictured tutorial on how to turn white wicker baskets into tuxedo shirt baskets perfect for a boys Easter.

4 Easter Baskets For Boys

4.  Apple Baskets with Liners ~  An adorable way to use color to line an apple basket and monogram it with paint and paper.  {not a tutorial}

5.  DIY Easter Basket for a Boy ~ Follow these 6 easy steps to create this adorable Easter basket for your son, grandson or nephew! {sorry ladies, this blog is no longer online, but hopefully you can get the idea from the image!}

6.  How To Make a Fabric Basket ~  Check out the so cute monkey and banana coordinated fabric… the possibilities are endless.

7.  DIY Ribbon Basket ~ Upscale a regular brown wicker basket into a fun boy basket for Easter.

Boy Basket Make-Over

8.  Boy Basket Make-Over ~ How to use paint and ribbon to transform a pastel basket into a more masculine one.

Personalized Easter Baskets

9.  Personalized Easter Basket for Boys ~ A solid ribbon trim, or no trim at all. This bag is simple, yet durable and will look great in your Easter photos! {not a tutorial}

Tutu Easter Baskets for Girls

Easter Baskets for Girls

10.  Tutu Easter Basket for Girls ~ A tutorial on how to turn a wire basket into an adorable tutu Easter basket for girls.

3 Easter Baskets for Girls

11.  Adorable Pink Easter Basket ~ It’s super cute with pink flowers and a little bird that is perched on the side of the basket. {Sadly, this blog is no longer online.

12.  Upcycled Easter Basket ~  How to a clean empty container into an adorable upcycled Easter basket.

13.  Lacy flower basket ~ How to make your own Easter basket using lace and a fabric stiffener product.

Milk Jug Baskets

Milk Jug Baskets

14.  Milk Jug Duck ~ This darling little duck basket is made out of an old milk jug! It’s easy to make and you can fill it with goodies for Easter. {It appears that this blog has moved and we cannot find the original tutorial.}

15.  Milk Carton Easter Bunny Basket Craft ~ This Easter basket craft is a great Easter craft for kids. Not only is this bunny basket craft cute, but it’s a fun way to recycle an empty cardboard milk carton as well.

Printable Easter Baskets

Printable Easter Baskets

16. Printable Easter Bags  ~ Sometimes you don’t want to give a big Easter Basket to celebrate the season but need a little (cheap) container to pop a few things into.

Free Printable Easter Baskets

17.   Printable Easter Egg Basket ~ It’s the perfect size for chocolate goodies, a hard boiled egg or (my favorite) a generous handful of Starburst Jelly Beans. The finished dimensions measure about 4.5? x 2.25? x 2?.

Easter Basket Template

Easter Basket Template

18.  Easter Garden Teacher Gift ~ A Garden base box with an adorbale carrot folding box perfect for a party favor or teacher gift.

19.  Bunny Top Note Box ~ How to make this darling Easter Bunny paper box.  You can see another version here.

Paper Easter Baskets

Paper Easter Baskets

20.  Slated Paper Easter Baskets ~ Round basket with a woven look paper Easter basket tutorial. {Unfortunately, this site is no longer available.}

4 Paper Easter Baskets

21.  Vintage Paper Easter Basket ~ You’ll need two pieces of thick scrapbooking paper or card. Cut one into a square if it isn’t already. And cut a thick strip from the other, which we’ll use as the basket handle. {unfortunately, this site is no longer available.}

22.  Spring Paper Basket ~ This adorable scalloped edge basket is perfect for gifts and treats. Grand Big Scalloped Ovals die templates in the Grand Calibur™ machine form the base for the basket. {It appears that this die isn’t available, but we’ll keep looking.}

23.  Paper Plate Easter Baskets ~ A simple basket using plain paper plates.  Paint them any color you want for variety and fun paper crafting. {It appears that this site has moved, we’ll keep looking for the original content!}

24.  Square Paper Basket with Handle ~ Start with an 8 1/2″ square piece of Pretty in Pink cardstock and folded it using this pattern here.

DIY Easter Basket

25.  DIY Easter Basket ~ All you need is a printer, double sided tape and paper.

Easter Bunny Basket

Easter Bunny Basket

26.  Easter Bunny Basket ~ Create an adorable  Easter basket for under $5.  Kiki has a free pattern that you can use to create this cute little bunny, complete with a pom pom tail.

27.  DIY Stuffed Animal Easter Baskets ~Turn an Easter stuffed animal into a special Easter basket that your little ones will love.

Canvas Bunny Easter Buckets
28.  Canvas Bunny Easter Buckets ~ With ears that can be bent and shaped, rick-rack “whiskers” and fluffy little tails, these buckets are fun to make with your kids.

Wood Easter Bunny Basket

29.  Wood Easter Bunny Basket ~ This is not a a pictured tutorial but I absolutely adore these wood baskets and couldn’t resist showing them to you.

How to Make a Moss Easter Basket

30.  How to Make a Moss Easter Basket ~ Love how this basket looks using moss to add an outdoor element to the Easter basket. {unfortunately the blog with step-by-step instructions is no longer online.}

Easter Egg Basket

Easter Egg Basket

31.  Pipe Cleaner Easter Basket ~ Pipe cleaners are fun and easy to work with, and they are great for kids. These mini pipe cleaner baskets make great gifts, or favors and the kids will enjoying making them! {although the tutorial is no longer available, we love the idea!}
32.  Crafted Easter Basket ~ All you need is an inexpensive basket, some paper, and a hot glue gun! Fiskar’s has removed the content but the idea is fabulous!

33.  Painted Wicker Baskets ~  A fun way on how to turn a plain white basket into a personal and fun work of art.  {not a tutorial}

Felt Easter Baskets

Felt Easter Baskets

34.  Personalized Felt Easter Basket ~ How to make  a little felt basket that had been embroidered your child’s name on it.

Felt Easter Basket Tutorial

35.  Felt Easter Basket Tutorial ~ Here is a tutorial on how to felt a sweater if you’ve never tried it before and here’s a previous post with a super tip for making learning to sew VERY child friendly.

Mini Easter Baskets

Mini Easter Baskets

36.  Cardboard Nest Easter Basket ~ Create your own trash to treasure Easter basket with this tutorial.  Using just a cereal box, some yarn, scissors, and glue you can create this beautiful nest like Easter basket.

Simple spring basket

37.  Simple Spring Basket ~ This basket is the perfect craft as it’s quick and easy to whip up with only basic sewing skills needed.

Paper Mini Baskets

38.  Paper Mini Baskets ~ Pink and yellow paper from Nikki Sivils, Scrapbooker, lends a spring-like feel to this basket. This content is no longer available on the website, but the idea is adorable!

Tiny Egg Carton Mini Easter Baskets

39.  Tiny Egg Carton Mini Easter Baskets ~ These tiny baskets are made from individual egg carton cups, and would be great for an equinox or Easter celebration.

How to Sew Baskets

How to Sew Baskets

40.  Fabric Easter basket ~ This cute basket is all about spring and would be so cute for an egg hunt or just for display!

Cris Cross Fabric Basket
41.  Cris Cross Fabric Basket ~ This is the perfect project for a couple of fat quarters!

Fabric Easter Basket Tutorial

42.  Fabric Easter Basket Tutorial ~ This little fabric basket could be useful and charming year-round, but it’s perfect at Easter and is happiest when filled with candy.

How To Make A Quilted Fabric Basket

43.  How To Make A Quilted Fabric Basket ~  A free pattern and pictured tutorial on how to sew this fabulous quilted fabric basket.

2 Quilted Fabric Boy Baskets

44.   Quilted Fabric Boy Baskets ~ These baskets were doubled from this tutorial and I absolutely love the colors that she used.

45.  Quilted Fabric Easter Bunny ~  I just adore these quilted Easter bunny fabric baskets.  This is a free pattern with pictured instructions on how to make them.

Sew Fabric Easter Buckets

46.  Sew Fabric Easter Buckets ~ How to sew a Fabric Bunny Bucket and Fabric Chick bucket with handles.

Gathered Easter Basket Goody Bag

47.  Gathered Easter Basket Goody Bag ~ A free pattern on how to make a gathered and cross stitched goody bag for Easter.

Handmade Easter Basket DIY

48.  Handmade Easter Basket DIY ~ An unbleached cotton for the outside, white on white damask for the lining, and white and cream ribbons from May Arts to decorate it.

49.  Bunny Easter Basket Tutorial ~  A great way to turn a sewn Easter basket into a bunny rabbit.

Easter Basket Liners

How To Make Easter Basket Liners

50.  Easter Basket Liner Tutorial ~ It doesn’t take much fabric. It just takes a bit of math and maybe an hour or less.

How To Make Easter Basket Liners

51.  Ruffle Easter Basket ~ How to make your own ruffled Easter basket liner.

52.  Easter Basket Liner Tutorial ~  A free pattern on how to make an Easter basket liner for any basket.

Seagrass Baskets

53.  Make a Living Easter Basket and Avoid Plastic Easter Grass ~ This year you can actually grow your own grass in your baskets and get your young ones involved in the process.

Pail Easter Basket Tutorials

Pail Baskets

54.  Chalkboard Personalized Easter Bucket ~ How to make these beautiful Chalkboard Personalized Easter Buckets.  You can even count your eggs as you hunt.

55.   Vinyl Easter Pails and Paper Easter Grass ~ Simply add white vinyl cut from a Silhouette–initials on one side, and names on the other side.

56.  Metal Bucket Easter Baskets ~ Buckets from Hobby Lobby with orange and white striped ribbon and monogrammed vinyl decals. {Since publication, this blog has become private. Sorry, ladies!}

Fabric-Wrapped Easter Tins

57.  Fabric-Wrapped Easter Tins ~ For a more playful, colorful look, turn a tin planter into an Easter basket.

58.  Tin Pail Easter Baskets ~ Painted and hot glue coordinating ribbon to the top of the painted area, placed stickers around the pail, and then add ribbon to the sides.

Ribbon Wrapped Pail Easter Baskets

59.   Target and a $1.00 Pail Basket ~ Tie ribbon to the handle and with a large Easter sticker to the front of the pail.

60.  Pink Easter Bucket ~ Use a Silhouette and cut out the vinyl… and added cute pink and white ribbons to the handle.

How To Make A Carrot Easter Basket

Easter Box Party Favors

61.  How To Make A Carrot Easter Basket ~ Dress up chocolate carrots with this darling basket.

62.  Bunny Top Note Box ~ How to make this darling Easter Bunny paper box.  You can see another bunny box version here.

Cupcake Wrap Easter Basket Favors

63.  Cupcake Wrap Easter Basket Favors ~  a simple little tutorial of Easter basket favors made from the cupcake wraps and party flags.

Bead and Pin Basket

64.  Bead and Pin Baskets ~ The baskets are made entirely out of safety pins, cheap craft-store beads and wire. You can find vintage versions at flea markets.

Paper Bunny Flower Pot Gift

65.  Paper Bunny Flower Pot Gift ~  I just adore this homemade gift idea on how to turn paper into an adorable bunny flower pot gift.

Happy Easter Donut Bunny

66.  Happy Easter Donut Bunny ~ This is such a darling party favor.  Pop in a few donuts into a bag and create a paper bunny face onto it.

Edible Candy Easter Baskets

67. Edible Candy Easter Baskets ~  How to create an Easter basket using candy.

Jelly Bean Baskets with Free Printable

68.  Jelly Bean Baskets with Free Printable ~ These would be great to make in mass for school, church, neighbors, whomever you want to give yummy spring time treats to!

Easter Bunny Box

69.   Big Shot Easter Bunny Box ~ All of the Whisper White cardstock (except for the whiskers and the box) were sponged with Going Grey ink.

70.  Fancy Favor Easter Box ~ The box was made from the Fancy Favor Big Shot die and a tutorial from Creations on Paper.

Egg Carton Easter Favors

71.  Egg Carton Easter Favors ~ This is the most amazing Easter Brunch and even though it’s not a tutorial, I had to show you these amazing egg carton baskets that are perfect for party favors this Easter.

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