7 Free Basket Liner Patterns to Make


Basket liners can bring an old wicker basket from drab to fab in an instant. I’ve listed a variety of sewing tutorials from easy basket liners to super frilly to how to grow your own grass liner.  {snicker}

I’ve already featured several Easter baskets for girls and Easter basket ideas for boys and even some free printable paper baskets.  So it’s clearly time to showcase some free basket liner patterns to finish off the look that you’re trying to make.

How To Make Basket Liners

7 Free Basket Liner Patterns to Make on TIp Junkie

1. How to Make an Easter Basket Liner ~ It doesn’t take much fabric. It just takes a bit of math and maybe an hour or less.

2.  Ruffled Easter Basket ~ Dress up a plain wicker basket with adorable fabric ruffles.  Follow this step by step tutorial to make your own.

3.  Apple Baskets with Liners ~  An adorable way to use color to line an apple basket and monogram it with paint and paper.  {not a tutorial}

How To Make Easter Basket Liners

4.  Ruffle Easter Basket ~ How to make your own ruffled Easter basket liner using pre-ruffled fabric with tips on how to measure for the handles.

Easter Basket Liners

5.  Easter Basket Liner Tutorial ~ It doesn’t take much fabric. It just takes a bit of math and maybe an hour or less.

Personalized Easter Basket Liner Tutorial

6.  Personalized Easter Basket Liner Tutorial ~  A free pattern on how to make an Easter basket liner for any basket.  I love that this one is personalized with her son’s name on it.

Seagrass Baskets

7.  Make a Living Easter Basket and Avoid Plastic Easter Grass ~ This year you can actually grow your own grass in your baskets and get your young ones involved in the process.

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