34 DIY Easter Baskets for Girls

Easter baskets for girls can be so much fun to make with ruffles, bows, and lace.  These creative Easter basket ideas with blow your mind!

Making Easter baskets for kids don’t have to be the traditional wicker baskets although they can be as I’ve added a few of those tutorials too.  Scroll down for the unique Easter basket ideas for girls of all ages that you can sew, no-sew, recycle, and DIY with free step-by-step instructions and pictured tutorials.

34 DIY Easter Baskets for Girls on Tip Junkie

Your kids are going to be proud to do their Easter Egg Hunt with their amazing homemade Easter basket this year!  {high fives}

32 DIY Easter Baskets for Girls

Easter Baskets for Girls

We’ve taken away all the guess work on how to make Easter baskets for girls with these incredible tutorials. To start we’re going super girly with tutus and feminine colors.

Tutu Easter Baskets for Girls

1.  Tutu Easter Basket for Girls ~ A tutorial on how to turn a wire basket into an adorable tutu Easter basket for girls.

Easter Basket for Teens

Fabric Easter Basket Pattern

2. Fabric Easter Basket Pattern ~ A free pattern on how to make a monogrammed fabric goody bag for Easter.  The long handle is perfect for carrying around gathering eggs.

Duck Tape Easter Basket

3.  Bunny Basket with Duct Tape ~ Recycle a square food container to make this adorable bunny basket.  Simply cover with duct tape.  This is such a great basket idea for teens.

DIY Easter Basket

4. DIY Easter Basket ~ Create a gorgeous unique Easter basket with silk flowers and adhesive.  The perfect project to hit up the dollar store.

Unique Easter Basket Ideas

DIY Easter Basket

5. DIY Egg Easter Basket ~ This gorgeous Easter Basket uses a similar technique as a yarn chandelier.  A balloon wrapped in yarn and covered in a sugar/water bath.

DIY Bunny Buckets

Easter Bunny Basket-jpg

6.  Easter Bunny Bucket ~ Create an adorable Easter bunny basket.  Use the free pattern to create this cute little bunny, complete with a button nose.

DIY Easter Pails

Ribbon Wrapped Pail Easter Baskets

7.   Target and a $1.00 Pail Basket ~ Tie ribbon to the handle and with a large Easter sticker to the front of the pail.

8.  Pink Easter Bucket ~ Use a Silhouette and cut out the vinyl… and added cute pink and white ribbons to the handle.

Custom Wicker Baskets

Easter Egg Basket

9.  Pipe Cleaner Easter Basket ~ Pipe cleaners are fun and easy to work with, and they are great for kids. These mini pipe cleaner baskets make great gifts, or favors and the kids will enjoying making them! {although the tutorial is no longer available, we love the idea!}

10.  Crafted Easter Basket ~ All you need is an inexpensive basket, some paper, and a hot glue gun! Fiskar’s has removed the content but the idea is fabulous!

11.  Painted Wicker Baskets ~  A fun way on how to turn a plain white basket into a personal and fun work of art.  {not a tutorial}

painting an old wicker basket

12. This is something I could see my mom doing, painting an old basket from Goodwill and making it a cherished keepsake. I found these on Hollyhand House blog and if you’re not a painter but want one, you’re in luck. She has hooked you up with the contact info to buy one.

How to Make a Moss Easter Basket

13.  How to Make a Moss Easter Basket ~ Love how this basket looks using moss to add an outdoor element to the Easter basket. {unfortunately the blog with step-by-step instructions is no longer online.}

How To Make Easter Baskets

Easter Egg Basket-jpg

14.  How to Make a Moss Easter Basket ~ Add some whimsy to your Easter basket by adding moss.

15.  Fabric Collage Easter Basket ~ Similar to the balloon and glue method you can use fabric scraps instead.

No-Sew Basket Tutorials

Cinderella Inspired Easter Basket No-Sew

16.  Cinderella Inspired Easter Basket ~ No sewing required for this adorable basket.  A skirt was used with butterfly hair clips.

17. No-Sew Easter Basket ~ With a kraft box, fabric and glue you can create a DIY Easter decoration that works as a cute centerpiece for your brunch on Easter morning. The pictured tutorial is easy to follow and you will have an adorable Easter basket decoration in no time and for very little money.

fur Easter baskets for girls

18. Casey makes these fur Easter baskets to match your daughters Easter dress! {{squeal in delight}} How fun is that. The inside of the baskets is padded and lined.

How to Sew Baskets

How to Sew Baskets-jpg

19.  Fabric Easter Basket Tutorial ~ This little fabric basket could be useful and charming year-round, but it’s perfect at Easter and is happiest when filled with candy.

Cris Cross Fabric Basket
20.  Cris Cross Fabric Basket ~ This is the perfect project for a couple of fat quarters!

How To Make A Quilted Fabric Basket

21.  How To Make A Quilted Fabric Basket ~  A free pattern and pictured tutorial on how to sew this fabulous quilted fabric basket.

Gathered Easter Basket Goody Bag

22.  Gathered Easter Basket Goody Bag ~ A free pattern on how to make a gathered and cross stitched goody bag for Easter.

Handmade Easter Basket DIY

23.  Handmade Easter Basket DIY ~ An unbleached cotton for the outside, white on white damask for the lining, and white and cream ribbons from May Arts to decorate it.

Felt Fabric

24. Simple Felt Basket ~ Thick 5mm felt and a simple whip stitch holds this beauty together.

25. Soft Fabric Baskets ~ Adorable customized fabric baskets that can be used for Easter and then year round as storage baskets.

Easter Bunny Basket

26.  Canvas Bunny Easter Buckets ~ With ears that can be bent and shaped, rick-rack “whiskers” and fluffy little tails, these buckets are fun to make with your kids.

27.  Bunny Easter Basket Tutorial ~  A great way to turn a sewn Easter basket into a bunny rabbit.

Easter Bunny Basket

28.  Easter Bunny Basket ~ Create an adorable  Easter basket for under $5.  Kiki has a free pattern that you can use to create this cute little bunny, complete with a pom pom tail.

Easter Baskets for Kids

DIY Stuffed Animal Easter Baskets

29.  DIY Stuffed Animal Easter Baskets ~Turn an Easter stuffed animal into a special Easter basket that your little ones will love.

Wood Basket Template

Wood Easter Bunny Basket

30.  Wood Easter Bunny Basket ~ This is not a a pictured tutorial but I absolutely adore these wood baskets and couldn’t resist showing them to you.

Mini Easter Baskets

3 Easter Baskets for Girls

31.  Adorable Pink Easter Basket ~ It’s super cute with pink flowers and a little bird that is perched on the side of the basket. {Sadly, this blog is no longer online.

32.  Upcycled Easter Basket ~  How to a clean empty container into an adorable upcycled Easter basket.

33.  Lacy flower basket ~ How to make your own Easter basket using lace and a fabric stiffener product.

Bead and Pin Basket

34.  Bead and Pin Baskets ~ The baskets are made entirely out of safety pins, cheap craft-store beads and wire. You can find vintage versions at flea markets.

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