175 Egg-citing Easter Ideas {homemade decor, games, food}


This year Easter is Sunday, April 20, 2014. Tip Junkie’s Easter projects will have you all set with pictured tutorials and craft ideas! To make it really easy for you to celebrate, here are things to make for Easter which include bonnets, baskets, bunnies, decorations, gifts, Egg hunt and coloring ideas, Easter Sunday recipes, as well as printables, games, free coloring pages, and even parade ideas!

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Create a new Easter tradition or do a simple activitiy for kids with these awesome Spring crafts! Use these pictured instructions to make eggs, bunnies, bonnets, decorations, printable games and activities for kids, and even several ways to hunt eggs, and then recipes to make as well!

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Easter Baskets and Bonnets

coffee filter flower basket

1.  Coffee Filter Flower Basket ~  Looking for a fun Easter craft project? These little flower Easter baskets made from coffee filters are adorable and perfect to display for the Easter holiday. They could even make festive Easter party favors!


2.  DIY Burlap Easter Basket ~ With a plastic plate and some burlap straps you can create a DIY Easter decoration that works as a cute centerpiece for your brunch on Easter morning. The pictured tutorial is easy to follow and you will have an adorable Easter basket decoration in no time and for very little money.


3.  Cardboard Nest Easter Basket ~ Create your own trash to treatsure Easter basket with this tutorial. Using just a cereal box, some yarn, scissors, and glue you can create this beautiful nest like Easter basket.


4.  DIY Stuffed Animal Easter Basket ~ Turn an Easter stuffed animal into a special Easter basket that your little ones will love.


5.  Canvas Bunny Easter Basket ~ With ears that can be bent and shaped, rick-rack “whiskers” and fluffy little tails, these buckets are sure to be a hit with even the Easter bunny himself!   Cut out all of your pattern pieces, and connect the different sections of your main bucket pattern according to the instructions on the PDFs. Once your patterns are prepared, cut out the pieces for you bucket.

Easter Bonnet Fascinator

6.  Homemade Easter Bonnet {fascinator} ~ A cute and easy hair fascinator tutorial using up scraps of fabric, netting and a comb!  Don’t be afraid to make these even more fabulous with some feathers or a little veil.

Easter Bonnet

7.  DIY Floral Easter Bonnet {tutorial}These chic floral party hats are so much fun!  And, how perfect is the headband instead of an elastic string under your chin?!  Follow the step by step tutorial to make your own crepe paper flowers.

DIY Easter Bonnet

8.  How to Make an Easter Bonnet ~ Transform a plain straw hat into a beautiful Easter bonnet.  Gather all things Spring and Easter to hot glue to your hat.

Easter Bonnet Hat

9.  Springtime Easter Bonnet ~ Craft a Springtime Easter Bonnet using construction paper, tissue paper and craft foam.  It’s the perfect project for your preschooler. DIY Easter Bonnet

10.  Easter Bonnets {kids crafts} ~ It’s hard to believe that these Easter bonnets are actually made from recycled newspaper and tissue paper.  The floppy style with flower blossoms is gorgeous.  And, your children will have a blast making their own.

DIY Easter Bonnets

11.  Easter Bonnets ~ Two fabulous tutorials to make a cone hat with feathers for the boys and a floral hat using silk flowers.

Crochet Beanie

12.  Crocheted Floppy Bunny Hat {Free Pattern} ~ This adorable floppy eared bunny hat is the perfect handmade baby shower gift. Bunny Hat13.  DIY Bunny Hat ~ Dress up your little Easter bunny with this adorable floppy ear bunny hat.  It’s super simple to make and can be done in under 10 minutes. Easter Bunny Craft14.  DIY Easter Bunny Ears ~ How fun are these little Easter bunny ear headbands?!  Follow the simple tutorial to make one for your little girl.  They would make fabulous gifts too!

Easter Bonnets

15.  DIY Easter Bonnets ~ What little girl wouldn’t love dressing up in an adorable bonnet?!  It’s made with posterboard, spray paint, ribbon and doilies.

Girls Easter Bonnet

16.  Easter Bonnet Headband ~ I just adore the idea of a headband for an Easter bonnet.  The combination of bright fabric flowers is  perfection!  The tutorial shows you how to make felt circle flowers, rolled fabric flowers and a felt bow.

Easter Bonnets for Girls

17.  DIY Fascinator ~ Not only is this fascinator adorable and festive for Easter, but also makes a great tea hat.  Attach tulle, ribbons, feathers and other trimmings to a headband.

Easter Bonnets for Babies

18.  Reversible Bonnet {free pattern} ~ Could this ruffled bonnet be any more precious?!  It’s reversible so you can use coordinating fabric and get two different looks.  Download and print the free pattern and instructions to make it. Easter Bonnet for Babies

19.  DIY Pixie Bonnet ~ Upcycle an old sweater into this adorable Pixie Bonnet.  The tutorial shows you how to make your own pattern using a newborn hat.

Easter Bonnets for Babies

20.  Hankie Baby Bonnet Tutorial ~ Floral handkerchief’s are perfect for making a babies bonnet.  You can also use white or other vintage hankie’s.  How sweet would it be for a babies blessing or christening?!  

Easter Eggs & Egg Hunt Ideas

Amazing Easter Eggs

21.  Chocolate Surprise Eggs {Easter Eggs} ~ Hunting for Easter eggs is one of everyones favorite Easter traditions.  Why not make it even more fun by filling the eggs with chocolate and surprises.  And not plastic eggs, but real eggs that you have to crack open to reveal their hidden treasures.  Not Martha will show you an easy way to create these Surprise Easter Eggs.

Amazing Easter Egg

22.  Gold Leaf Easter Egg ~ This Golden Bunny Easter egg is absolutely exquisite.  It reminds me of a foil wrapped chocolate bunny. Learn this fun new technique for decorating Easter eggs.  All you need is gold leaf adhesive, gold leaf, pencil and paint brush.

23.  Ukranian Eggs Made Simple ~ These traditional Ukranian dyed eggs are stunning with the intricate and geometric designs.  Using a stylus and melted beeswax you can accomplish these beautiful designs.  They are time consuming, but well worth it.

Amazing Easter Eggs

24.  Easter Egg Decorating Ideas {Easter Egg Ideas} ~ Alisa Burke has a half dozen unique ideas for decorating Easter eggs.  Each of them create gorgeous one of a kind works of art and together they make an amazing collection of eggs that will look great on your Easter table.  And the techniques are easy enough for people of all ages to use. 25.  Velum and Washi Tape Egg ~ An adorable alternative to the traditional egg dye!  Using 1/2? washi tape, vellum, and craft punches you can make a pretty pattern to decorate your eggs.

Funny Easter Eggs

26.  Easter Egg People Printables ~ These little Easter egg people are the CUTEST!  You can print out all 6 outfits for free.  Adorable for a table centerpiece or for decorating the mantel.

27.  Playing with Food – Easter Eggs and Rolled Fondant ~ These Mr. Potato Head, Bunny and Chick fondant eggs are fun and fab.  Buy store-bought plain eggs and customize them to make it a unique gift.

28.  Funny Farm Eggs ~ These Funny Farm eggs are adorable!  A great idea if you want to go dye-free.  Use your imagination to create these cuties, no templates needed.

28.  Silk Dyed Easter Eggs ~ Aren’t these Silk Dyed Easter Eggs absolutely exquisite?!  You can make them by wrapping them in silk and boiling them in vinegar water.  When you unwrap them the pattern from the scarf transfers to the egg.  Amazing. 29.  How to Make Leaf Print Eggs ~ These Easter eggs are absolutely beautiful!  Instead of the traditional egg-dying technique try using a reverse-stenciling method. Dying Easter Eggs

30.  Kool-Aid Eggs ~ These Kool-Aid dyed eggs are fun, fruity and nostalgic.  Your kids will be so excited to help.  All you need is hard-boiled eggs, Kool-Aid and water.

Decorated Easter Eggs

31.  Dinosaur Eggs ~ These Dinosaur Eggs are awesome!  They are also very easy to make.  All you need is hard-boiled eggs and regular food coloring.

Decorated Easter Eggs

32.  Neon Dip-Dyed Easter Eggs ~ Aren’t these Neon Dip-Dyed eggs absolutely gorgeous?!  You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how easy they are to make using the traditional egg dying technique with food coloring and vinegar.

33.  Pretty Ways to Dye Easter Eggs ~ These fun and funky Easter egg designs were first dyed using an egg dyeing kit.   After allowing them to dry completely you can adhere white stickers around the egg. Lace Dyed Easter Eggs

34.  How to Dye Easter Eggs ~ A fun technique to dye your eggs and lace at the same time.  You can remove the lace to show the impression or leave it on for decoration.

Decorated Easter Eggs

35.  Natural Dyed Easter Eggs ~ Learn how to naturally dye your Easter eggs with fruits and vegetables.  Aren’t the colors beautiful?!

Decorated Easter Eggs

36.  Thumbprint Easter Eggs ~ Fingertips coated in paint create perfect tiny templates for mini animals, Easter eggs, faces, and more.

37.  Silhouette Stenciled Easter Egg Tutorial ~ These silhouette eggs are gorgeous!  Using acrylic paint, silhouettes, and wooden eggs you can create your own silhouette stenciled Easter eggs in just four simple steps.

Handlebar Mustache

38.  Mustache Easter Egg ~ I “mustache” you how you are dying your Easter eggs this year?  I couldn’t resist.  {snicker}  Add some whimsy and fun with these vinyl adhesive cut mustaches to your dyed eggs this Easter.

Easter Egg Template

39.  Subway Art Easter Eggs ~ Using acrylic paint and vinyl stickers you can create these fabulous trendy subway art Easter eggs.

Easter Egg Printables

40.  Mr. Egg Head {free printables} ~ Dress up your eggs this Easter with these adorable Mr. Egg Head printable egg wrappers.  You don’t even have to dye the eggs.  {wink} Printable Easter Egg

41.  Printable Easter Egg Banner ~ Print and cut out these colorful easter eggs.  Then string them together for a festive garland, or hang them from a branch and use it as a centerpiece.  This link also has some fun easter coloring pages and kids activities.

Printable Easter Egg

42.  Printable Egg Stands {Coloring Easter Eggs} ~ Display your beautifully colored eggs with these cute printable egg stands.  A sweet little bunny and cute little chick are waiting to be part of your Easter.

Printable Easter Egg Holder

43.  Free Bunny Easter Egg Holder {Easter Printable} ~ Download and print this cute Easter bunny Easter egg holder for the kids to use while decorating their eggs this week.  He is a cute way to display their works of art and he will be a great addition to the kids table at Easter brunch.  Just download and print him and the kids can decorate him too!

Easter Egg Printable

44.  Hanging Easter Egg {Easter Printables} ~ Mix and match these cute Easter Eggs to create beautiful patterned ornaments.  Throw in a couple of cute bunny rabbit ornaments too, also included in the printable.

Tv and Movie Easter Eggs

45.  Doctor Who Easter Eggs ~ These amazing Doctor Who Easter eggs are not edible, but a fun conversation piece for the Doctor Who buff.  They are painted paper mache eggs.  You could also used wood eggs as well.

Pokemon Easter Eggs

46.  Pokemon Easter Eggs ~  Transform your dyed Easter eggs into Pikachu and Powerball using this simple tutorial.  You’ll be the coolest mom ever! 47.  Perry the Platypus Easter Egg ~ Perry the Platypus goes incognito this season and in his best disguise.  Download the free template to make your own Perry. 48.  Red Queen Easter Egg ~ The Red Queen is not hard to miss with her egg-straordinarily large head.  Download and print the free template. 49.  Cheshire Cat Easter Egg ~ That sneaky Cheshire Cat is sure to turn up somewhere.  He’’s a purple dyed egg embellished with the mischievous character’s toothy grin.  Download the free template.

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt

50.  Easter Egg Coloring Party {free printable party pack} ~ Easter… just another great reason to have a party. Here is a free printable party pack for a fun-packed Easter egg coloring party. Four invitations per sheet, designed to coordinate with the theme of the party. Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt51.  FREE Easter Party Printables {diy decor} ~ I love the vintage feel of these “storybook” Easter printables that Kirsten from Embellish designed for us. This adorable collection includes everything you’ll need to throw one sweet party! Easter Activities52.  Easter Egg Lunch Hunt {Easter Games} ~ Here is a super fun way to serve lunch on or around easter! All you need is plastic eggs and your lunch ingredients! A fun way to get even the pickiest of eaters to enjoy lunch!

53. Easter Card and Invitation ~ This Spring colored printable Easter card and Easter Egg Hunt invitation that you can download for free is really sweet!  I love the subtle use of color and design.

Easter Egg Hunt

54.  Easter Egg Hunt Printable ~ Frame this adorable Easter Egg Hunt printable or attach it to a stick to make a yard sign.  There are four color choices, yellow, pink, green or blue . Easter Egg Hunt

55. Printable Easter Hunt Kit ~ This cute printable kit is a bunny whose footprints and nibbled carrots lead you right to the loot the Easter Bunny left for you!

Easter Egg Hunt

56.  Streamer Easter Egg Hunt {Easter Celebration} ~ An Easter egg hunt is a traditional party of most Easter day celebrations, but this handy streamer easter egg hunt is a fun spin that works well for your littlest hunters.

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

57.  Carrot Pouches ~  Instead of a basket why not surprise your kids with a clue, like these *Carrot Pouches*?  Inside the pouches will be a clue that will lead them to their Easter baskets!  Fun, right? Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt 58.  Easter Basket Scavenger Hunt {Easter Printables} ~ How fun would it be to wake up Easter morning to discover that the Easter bunny had left you a little note on your door and foot prints leading to something more mysterious? Whether you’re hosting an Easter egg hunt at your house or just playing it cool with your own kiddies, these Easter Basket Scavenger Hunt printables will get the job done!

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

59.  Easter Hunt Box {Grandparents} ~ This special Easter gift, an Easter egg hunt in a box, is the perfect present to send to your little loved ones that live far away.

Easter Party Games

Easter Games

60.  Glow-in-the-dark Easter Eggs {Fun Games} ~ This fun game is a great alternative to hunting traditional Easter eggs this year. Tweens and teens will love this twist on traditional egg hunting as well, keeping the family tradition of hunting Easter eggs alive for a few more years. Easter Games61.  Egg Wars ~ The object of an egg war is to try and crack each of your competitor’s eggs without yours breaking.

Easter Games

62.  Easter Bunny Maze {Easter Games} ~ Print out a copy of this fun Easter maze and set it at the seat of each kid attending your Easter dinner or Easter brunch.  When they have finished eating, or while they are waiting patiently for their food, they can keep themselves busy with this fun Easter game.  

Easter Games

62.  Easter Egg Hunt Board Game ~ Enjoy a candy free egg hunt during Easter season with this free board game printable.

Easter Games

63.  DIY Easter Tic Tac Toe ~  Tic tac toe three in a row.  Everyone enjoys a game of tic tac toe!  Follow this great tutorial to make a festive bunny and chick game using clay and a wooden plaque. 

Easter Food

Easter Menu Bunny Salad

61.  Easter Bunny Salad ~ Turn your favorite salad into the perfect side dish for Eater dinner by adding a set of bunny ears, also known as French palmiers. Easter Dinner Menu Recipes62.  Easter Dinner Menu ~ wonderful dishes we made and rounding them out into a complete Easter dinner from start to finish. Check out all the lovely salads, potatoes, desserts and, of course, ham. Easter Brunch Egg Recipes

63.  Egg in a basket Recipe ~ Perfect for Easter brunch as little ‘baskets’of puff pastry filled with a baked egg and some scallion and cheese.

64.  Mothers Ham and Egg Crepe Squares ~ Place am slice in center of crepe and carefully crack egg onto ham. Fold edges of crepe toward center, using the egg white as a kind of glue.Sprinkle with chopped parsley and serve at once.

Stuffed French Toast Recipe

65.  Stuffed French Toast ~ An amazingly easy breakfast which cut way down on morning prep time, and was delicious.

Easter Sunday Lunch Menus

66.  Easter Sunday Lunch Menus  ~ Delicious Easter lunch menus featuring traditional recipes such as asparagus amandine, lemon-coconut cake, and classic Easter ham. Apple-Pear Salad With Lemon-Poppy Seed Dressing

67.  Apple-Pear Salad With Lemon-Poppy Seed Dressing ~ This salad has the perfect blend of fruit with the apples, pears, and dried cranberries. The salty cashews also balance out the sweetness. 20 Easy Bento Lunch Boxes

68.  20 Easy Bento Lunch Boxes ~ Made one-too-many grilled cheese or PB&J lunches? These beautiful bento lunch box ideas will certainly change things up — but still let you incorporate your kid’s favorite foods and healthy snacks.

Chickie Cheeseball Recipe

69.  Chickie Cheeseball Recipe ~ Use the carrots and peppercorns to decorate the chick. Serve with an assortment of crackers. Easter Bread Recipe

70.  Ninety Minute Cinnamon Bunny Rolls ~ The dough is just perfect. I used that recipe to create some fun little bunny rolls for the kids to snack.

71.  Bunny Bread Buns Recipe ~ These bunnies will quickly disappear instead of multiply on your holiday table.

72. Bird Bread Roll ~ Sadly, I couldn’t track down the actual recipe or original source for this adorable bird roll.  Sorry. 3 Easter Bread Recipe 73.  Chicks in a Cup ~ Once breads have cooled, make eyes with edible decorating pen. Press knife into middle and stick an orange coated candy in the middle for the beak.

74.  Little Birdie Roll Recipe ~ A pictured tutorial with recipe on how to make adorable little bird rolls for Easter dinner.

75.  Honey Bunny Rolls ~ What a great idea, and perfect for Easter. Have the kid’s help shape and decorate the bunnies. Carrot Crescents Filled with Egg Salad Recipe 76.  Carrot Crescents Filled with Egg Salad Recipe ~ It’s a simple recipe, just two ingredients, but one I still enjoy even though my palate has been expanded immensely over the years. Easter Dinner Make-A-Menu

77.  Easter Dinner Make-A-Menu ~ Mels Kitchen Cafe has several amazingly yummy recipes for you to pick and choose to create an amazing Easter menu plan. Easter Dinner Recipes 78.  Herb-Crusted Leg of Lamb Recipe ~ Bread crumbs and a medley of fresh herbs form a savory crust on this leg of lamb, which makes an impressive centerpiece for a celebratory meal.

79.  Lamb Chops with Pomegranate Red-Wine Sauce ~ Though the lamb itself is deeply flavorful, the sweet-tart sauce is the real reason you won’t want this meal to end.

80.  Greek Chicken and Potatoes Recipe ~ One more beautiful thing about this dish: It takes about 10 minutes to prepare, and then you have an entire dinner. Delicious.

Carrot Cake Pops Easter Desserts

81.  Carrot Cake Pops {Easter Desserts} ~These carrots are a fun Easter take on the cake pop.  Both made from carrot cake and formed in the shape of carrots, they are truly carrot cake pops.  Your little bunnies will love them.

Easter Cakes

82.  Donut Easter Bunny ~ A sweet little Easter Bunny made from powdered donuts.

Easter Cakes

83.  Jelly Bean Carrot Cake  ~ This adorable jelly bean covered carrot is actually a cake.  And it is the cutest Easter dessert for your family.  You can get the printable instructions HERE.

Easy Easter Desserts

Easter Desserts

84.  Homemade Gumdrops ~ These homemade gumdrops are a fun food the kids can help you make.  They will love rolling them in the sugar and then packaging them up using the free printable gift tag.  These would also make a fun addition to any Easter basket.

Easter Dessert Recipes for Kids

85.  Rainbow Jello Eggs {Easter Desserts} ~ These rainbow Easter eggs are a fun and colorful dessert that guests young and old will enjoy.

86.  Easter Peep S’Mores {Easter Dessert} ~ Make the traditional s’mores Easter themed by replacing plain marshmallows with your favorite marshmallow Easter treat. Easter Treats

87.  Easter Lamb Marshmallow Pops {How-To} ~ These sweet little lambs would make a perfect Easter treat.  You could use them as basket stuffers, or since there’s no baking required, let the kids make some to pass out to their friends.

Easter Cupcakes

Easter Cupcakes

88.  Easter Cupcake Toppers & Baskets ~ Here are some darling chevron striped cupcake toppers and wrappers that look like little Easter basket.  You can print them in yellow, blue, and pink.

Easter Cupcakes

89.  Edible Easter Basket Cupcakes ~ What’s better than an Easter basket filled with yummy things to eat?  An Easter basket that IS a yummy thing to eat.  These are super cute and sure to be super delicious too – a fun treat for the kids to help make and give to their friends.

Easter Cupcakes

90.  Bunny Cupcakes ~ Adorable Easter bunny cupcakes that have fondant ears and M&M noses.

Easter Cupcake

91.  Banana Cupcakes as a Nest {recipe} ~ Darling banana cupcakes all decorated for Easter as a nest with little candy eggs.

Easter Cakes

Easter Cakes

92.  Easter Nest Cake {Easter Desserts} ~ Julie took a regular bunt cake and turned it into a festive Easter Dessert.  With the help of some frosting and a few egg shaped Easter candies, the bunt was transformed into a spring nest.  This dessert is easy to decorate and can even be made with all store bought ingredients to save time.

Easter Cakes

93.  Polka Dot Easter Egg Cake ~ This little Easter cake is adorable, and looks so fun to make.  The kids could easily help with the white chocolate polka dots.  Plus, this fab dessert can double as the centerpiece for an Easter gathering.

Easter Cake

94.  Carrot Cake Supreme ~ This carrot cake will be the hit of your Easter dinner.  Forget the chocolate candies that the Easter bunny left behind, you will be wanting to search for an extra slice of this dessert.  Coconut, pecans, and pineapple help to make this carrot cake a one of a kind Easter treat. Garden Cake Tutorial

95.  Garden Cake Tutorial ~ This cake is fantastic for a summer garden party or darling as a Peter Rabbit cake for Easter. The cute colorful marzipan vegetables against the black Oreo cookie dirt simply delight the eye.  If you can work with Play-Doh you can make these little vegetables, and you’ll have this great tutorial to help you every step of the way.

Easter Cake

96.  Easter Bunny Cake  ~ Easy to make and almost too cute to eat, this Easter Bunny cake is a fun treat to celebrate the special day.

Bunny Cake

97.  Bunny Cake ~ Check out Melissa’s version of the old school bunny cake that’s a tradition in her family and a little history on the original design.  This fun Easter dessert doesn’t take a special cake pan.  You can create your own bunny cake using two regular round cake pans and the tutorial provided.

Easter Bunny Cake

98.  Easter Bunny Cake Pops {Easter Bunny} ~ Bakerella walks you through her latest cute cake pop creation, this time a bunny just in time for Easter.  These cute Easter bunny cake pops will be enjoyed by guests young and old at your Easter celebration.

Easter Cookies

Easter Cookies100.  How to Make a Bunny Cookie Lolly {recipe how to} ~ They can be made in other colors than brown and I think that they would work just as good for a bunny themed baby shower, beside being a sweet Easter treat.

Easter Cookies

101.  Easter Bunny Macaroons ~ These little bunnies would be a darling addition to any Easter basket, and are sure to taste better than the nasty old Peeps.  And I dare say, they may even look cuter from the back side {giggle}.

Easter Cookies

102.  Bunny and Lamb Easter Sugar Cookies {How-To} ~ These springtime cookies are so adorable.  She shows you how to decorate your own little flock, and also has some great tips and suggestions in her comments for how to freeze and re-use leftover royal icing.

Easter Treats

Easter Dessert

103.  DIY Reese Peanut Butter Eggs {Easter Candy} ~ If you love Reese Peanut Butter Eggs, this homemade version with dark chocolate should be on your to make list for Easter.

Easter Treats

104.  Jelly Bean Bark {How-To} ~ Check out this tutorial on making your own jelly bean bark.  With two simple ingredients, you can make a tasty snack that is perfect to hand out to friends on Easter weekend our to serve at your family gathering.


105.  Cotton Candy Easter Treats ~ Here is a quick treat for Easter: cotton candy cupcakes. No recipe needed, just put some cotton candy inside cupcake wrappers, add some M&M’s and Peeps and you’ve got a quick and cute alternative to cupcakes.

Easter Peeps

106.  Easter Peeps Cupcakes {And A Free Printable} ~ These sweet little peep cupcakes are fun and festive.  Follow the tutorial to make your own little hippity-hoppity cupcakes, and then print out the free “hop with me” flags  to add some flair.

107.   Peep Cupcake Push Pops {Easter Ideas} ~ What a fun and colorful way to combine peeps, cupcakes and push pops!

108.  Tuxedo Peeps {Easter Candy} ~ Don’t let your family be the only one’s in the Easter best!  Dress up your peeps too!

109.  DIY Homemade Marshmallow Peeps ~ Easter is a perfect excuse to indulge in sweets!  Follow the recipe to make homemade marshmallow peeps.

Easter Sunday Activities

Easter Activities

110.  Some Bunny Loves You ~ One of my kids favorite traditions is “boo”ing at Halloween- (dropping treats at someone’s door, ringing the bell and running away without getting caught.) I love that they are so excited to do something kind for someone else without getting any recognition for it. It’s at totally selfless act. I thought that this would be a great activity for Easter. 

Easter Activities

111.  Bunny Houses {Easter Activity} ~ Building yummy houses is not just for Christmas anymore! This post features the clever idea to have your kids decorate bunny houses! Instead of gingerbread, use sugar cookies and then icing and candy to decorate! Festive and fun!

Easter Activity

112.  Easter Bunny Photo Props {Easter Pictures} ~ This free printable easter bunny photo props are a fun addition to your Easter pictures.  Give little ones something to keep their hands busy and create cute keepsake photos of your little Easter bunnies this year.  They are also great party favors for all ages at your Easter brunch.

Crafts For Kids

Crafts for Kids

113.  Easter Egg Geodes {Easter Ideas} ~ This fun Easter egg project can double as an art project and a science experiment.  Turn your hollowed out Easter eggs into crystal geodes that are not only interesting but beautiful.  Melissa’s Easter egg geode tutorial will walk you through how to make your own with your kids.

Kids Easter Crafts

114.  Marshmallow Easter Eggs {Kids Easter Crafts} ~ Your kids will love making these fun Easter eggs with colorful marshmallows.  They will love snacking on the colorful marshmallows too.  You can even have them practice drawing lines  and using glue in this fun Kids Easter crafts.

Easter Crafts for Kids

115.  Homemade Playdoh Filled Easter Eggs {Easy Crafts} ~ These pretty little Easter eggs filled with homemade Playdoh are perfect for an Easter egg hunt where guests may not be able to eats sweets. Children will love being able to take home a treat they can play with day after day, and you’ll love how inexpensive homemade Playdoh is to make. You can’t find candy this cheap!

Easter Crafts for Kids

116.  Paper Plate Easter Bunny {Easy Craft} ~ This easy craft is a versatile craft perfect for a rainy spring day at home, a preschool class party, on Sunday school Easter celebration. Preschoolers will adore their little bunny they made by themselves to celebrate this loved holiday.

Easter Activities

117.  Origami Easter Bunny {Easter Activities} ~ Keep the older kids busy making these cute origami bunnies, or create them ahead of time, fill with candy, and use as party favors.

Easter Crafts for Kids

118.  Paper Bunny Masks {Easter Crafts} ~ Set up a craft table at your Easter party and let everyone create their own paper bunny masks.

Easter Crafts for Kids

119.  Cardboard Tube Easter Bunnies {Easter Crafts for Kids} ~ Cute little Easter bunnies as colorful as jelly beans.  Your little ones will have fun making them and you will too.  Make an entire family and use them as a centerpiece for the kids table this Easter.

Easter Printables

Easter Printables

120.  Bunny Bait Treat and Printable {Edible Easter Gift} ~ Here is a cleverly silly Easter gift perfect for your kids to hand out to their friends! Made simple with the printable topper! All you have to do is find the clear bags and candy. Easy to put together, super fun to give out! Easter Cupcakes

121.  Easter Cupcake Toppers & Baskets ~ Here are some darling chevron striped cupcake toppers and wrappers that look like little Easter basket.  You can print them in yellow, blue, and pink.

Easter Printables

122.  Printable Easter Flags ~ These flags are great for adding an extra little detail to you Easter items. Use them on straws, gumball tubes, cupcake toppers and more.

Easter Printable

123.  Lollipop Seed Packet Printable ~ Perfect for Easter or May Day, you can fill this little seed packet with jellybeans.  Have the kids put them into a pot and the next day, it will have magically grown into a lollipop.  {wink}

Easter Printables

124.  Easter Carrot Boxes {Easter Printables} ~ Hide treats for your kiddos or give Easter gifts to your friends and neighbors in these fun carrot boxes.  The free printable template will allow you to turn any fun paper into the perfect Easter carrot box.  Fill them with your favorite Easter treats and stash them around the house for your little Easter bunnies to find.

Easter Printable

125.  Easter Activity Page {Easter Activities} ~ This fun Easter maze is a great activity to keep the little ones entertained at brunch.  You can also print out lots of fun games and hide them in their Easter baskets or tucked inside Easter eggs instead of sugar treats.

Easter Printable Game

126.  Easter Bingo ~ Here is a fun activity you can do as a family, Easter Sunday, or an Easter Party.

Easter Bunnies

Easter Bunny Cake

127.  Easter Bunny Cake ~ You really must make this CUTE bunny cake for your Easter party! No fancy tools or complicated steps. This is simple enough that your kids or grandkids can help out too.

Easter Bunny

128.  Marshmallow Bunny Silhouettes {Easter Treats} ~ These little bunny treats are adorable! Who could believe that they are made from Nilla Wafers, melted chocolate and marshmallows. Use this awesome tutorial to make a batch, or two to serve at your Easter get together!

Easter Bunny Tails {Easter Treats}

129.  Easter Bunny Tails {Easter Treats} ~ These little treats are super cute! Made to look like Easter bunny tails they are a perfect addition to your Easter dessert spread! Make a batch with this recipe and tutorial!

Donut Easter Bunny {Easter Food}

130.  Donut Easter Bunny {Easter Food} ~ These little donut Easter bunnies are adorable and super easy to put together! Perfect to make for Easter breakfast! They would even be great to make for a school Easter party! Learn how to put them together with this fabulous tutorial!

Easter Art

Easter Bunny Canvas

131.  Easter Bunny Canvas ~ A bunny butt has never looked cuter!  I absolutely adore the yarn pom pom bunny tail addition to the bunny silhouette!  This Silhouette project is sure to put you in the Easter and Spring decorating mood.

Easter Art

132.  Easter Egg Wall ArtWouldn’t this darling project be a fab Easter gift for a teacher?  Or neighbor?  Or youth leader?  Or…you get it.  Round up your bright paper scraps and turn them into something beautiful.  I love the pop of glitter on a few of the eggs.

Easter Art

133.  Easter Thumbprint Art {Easter Craft For Kids} ~ Easter thumbprint art is a fun craft for kids of all ages.  Make them now and display them or use them as a fun craft to keep them busy during Easter brunch.  Make it a family tradition and you can compare their thumbprints as they grow.

Easter Art

134.  Easter Subway Art {free printable} ~ This cute printable is a great free way to add some holiday flair to the house this Spring.  The gray background would look fabulous in a chic white frame.

Easter Art

135.  Easter Printable Art {free printables} ~ Print and frame these adorable Easter printables.  There are several choices and colors to choose from.

Easy Easter Crafts

Paint Chip Eggs

136.  Paint Chip Eggs ~ Check out this bowl of eye candy!  You can make your own ombre eggs from paint swatches.  They would also be darling strung together for a garland.

Easy Easter Crafts

137.  DIY Easter Bunny Lantern {Easter Ideas} ~ This fun bunny lantern is the perfect centerpiece for the kids table at Easter brunch or Easter dinner.  This fun little guy is made with a store bought paper lantern and some foam.  It would even be a fun project for the kids to work on when they are done eating but still have to wait for the Easter egg hunt to begin.

Easy Easter Craft

138.  Marshmallow Bunny Plushie {Easy Craft} ~ Whether you love or detest marshmallow peeps, you’ll adore this project. These marshmallow bunny plushies are not only an easy craft to make, but they make a wonderful alternative to Easter candy in an Easter basket. Make a set of these bunnies to add to your Easter decor as well.

Easter Crafts

139.  Easter Candy Topiary {Craft How-To} ~ Candy is always in abundance at Easter.  Luckily, it is as cute for decorating as it is yummy for eating.  These cute speckled jelly beans make a beautiful Easter topiary.  Pick the candy of your choice and glue it down quickly before it gets eaten.

Easy Easter Craft

140.  Papier-Mache Easter Eggs {Craft Ideas} ~ Here is a fun craft ideas your children are sure to love this Easter. The egg can hold a surprising amount of candy and the tissue paper seems to e a delicate making for a delightfully heavy and yet fragile object, much like real egg. Also like a real egg you have to break the shell to get at what’s inside. Children love things they have to destroy to open.

Easter Count Down Tutorials

Easter Count Down Tutorials

141.  Easter Advent Calendar ~ You can make these cute little felt eggs into a fun advent calendar to help the kiddos countdown the week before Easter.  You could place little treats or scriptures in the pocket of each egg.  The tutorial includes a free printable pattern.

Easter Count Down

142.  Countdown To Easter Activity CardsThese little cards will help you remember the true meaning of Easter.  Wrap them up and hand out to friends at church, or challenge the kiddos to complete each card at least once before Easter arrives.

Easter Countdown

143.  Bunny Kisses Countdown Calendar {Easter Fun} ~ A sweet decoration or a fun count down calendar, either way these yummy chocolate Bunny Kisses won’t last long in your house.  If you have a Silhouette, you can also download the files for this project for free.

Easter Edible Presents

Easter Edible Presents

144.  Duck and Bunny Pretzels ~ These little sweet and salty treats would be a perfect party favor, wrapped in a festive spring goodie bag.  Or take them to church to pass out to friends on Easter Sunday. Easter Edible Gifts

145.  Bunny Bait Snack Mix {Recipe} ~ Quick and easy Easter party mix with free printable.  This would be perfect to pass out to classmates or friends, or just make a big batch to set out for the Easter bunny.  {Wink}  Hop on over to see the full tutorial and you can leave her a comment or email if you would like the tags. 


146.  Peeps Topper ~ Show all your peeps they are loved with our free peeps topper.  One row of your favorite colored peeps chicks fits perfectly in a snack-size ziploc bag. Then, with white cardstock, cut out 6 3/4″ x 4 1/2″ pieces. Fold in half and staple onto bag. Then tape or glue your peeps topper on.

Free Printables

20 fun ways to celebrate easter

147.  20 Fun Ways to Celebrate Easter ~ Wondering how to celebrate Easter? There are so many fun Easter activities, crafts, memories to make, and “spring” filled moments to enjoy together for a memorable and lovely Easter!  Here’s a free printable with things to count down to Easter!

easter and springtime paper doll

148.  Easter and Springtime Paper Doll ~ Look at this paper doll design just for Easter and the Spring time! {{LOVE!}} This complete Easter and Spring time Paper Doll Printable Set features a garden collection for the “Little Laurie” paper doll.


Easter Sunday

149.  Easter Table ~ Create this gorgeous Easter tablescape with handmade chocolate eggs, lollipops and bunny jars (tutorial included) in a pastel palette.  You can add more dimension to the table with tiered serving dishes.

Easter Sunday

150.  Easter Table ~ This beautiful blue and green tablescape will remind you that it’s the most beautiful time of the year and everything soon will be in blossom.  Add a charming touch to your Easter spread with egg place cards, a strategically placed chocolate bunny, speckled eggs and fresh flowers.

Easter Sunday Table

151.  Easter Brunch {decorate} ~ Beka and Kimberly put together three beautiful Easter brunch tables mixing and matching just a few different elements to create completely different looks. Easter Sunday Table

152.  Easter in a Cup {Easter Decorations} ~ Make a quick and inexpensive Easter decoration from a mug and some fun Spring items.  These beautiful Spring nest candle holders make a gorgeous centerpiece for your table.  Perfect for Easter brunch or even to keep out all Spring long.

153. Sequin and Glittered Eggs ~ These lovelies don’t have to be just for Easter.  They would be beautiful displayed throughout Spring.  Add them to baskets, candlesticks, or tablescapes.

Easter Sunday Table

154.  Decorating the Easter Table {tutorial} ~ I had so much fun putting my Easter table together this year and it all came together in the end!  Here are the tutorials on how to make all of these details for your own fabulous Easter Sunday dinner. Easter Sunday Table155.  Pottery Barn Easter Eggs {Spring DIY} ~ Mary loved the gorgeous Pottery barn Spring display, but the pieces together cost almost $200.  She took the inspiration from the magazine, DIYed a few of the pieces, and created her own DIY Spring Decor for $23!  Almost 1/5 of the cost.  You can see how she created the Easter egg ornaments and the rest of the centerpiece on her blog. Easter Table Centerpiece156.  How to Make Peeps Sunflower Tutorial ~ How to make these amazing Spring table centerpieces using fake sunflowers, marshmallow Peeps, and green sixlet candies. There are a few little tricks you’ll to make this Peeps centerpiece that you will want to know ahead of time.

157.  Ruffled Fabric Easter Eggs ~ These ruffled Easter eggs are absolutely adorable!  They make a a great centerpiece.  And, you can reuse them next year.  You don’t have to worry about these eggs spoiling on you.

Easter Napkin Folding

158.  Easter Bunny Ears & Napkin Ring ~ Folding napkins into bunny ears is a simple go-to technique.  You can slide a napkin ring on them or place them in a stemmed glass.  You can make your adorable bunny napkin ring with the free download and tutorial.

Napkin Folding

159.  Easter Bunny Fold for Napkins ~ Easter-rabbit-shaped napkins are a festive detail for the holiday table, and they only require a few simple folds. Napkin Folding

160.  Bunny Fold Napkins ~ Better Homes and Gardens made an easy to follow video on how to create this fold… Click here to watch!

Easter Sunday Table

161.  How to Make Bird’s Nest Napkin Rings ~ Learn how to create your own adorable Easter or Spring napkin rings for just $5.

Fancy Table Setting

162.  Silhouette White Rabbits {free template} ~ Dress up the Easter table with this simple yet elegant white rabbit silhouette and carnation cotton tail.  You can use them for place cards, menus, or as a centerpiece.  All you have to do is download the free template, cut, and add a white carnation for the tail.

Easter Table Place Setting

163.  Spring Garden Easter Table Setting ~ Very simple elements make up a gorgeous table!  A neutral linen table cloth with bright coral, yellow and green table runner and napkins accented the table.  I especially adore the shabby fabric flower plate accent (a tutorial is included).

Fancy Tablesetting

164.  Spring Garden Tablescape ~ It’s spring now and fresh flowers are among the best and simplest decorations. Of course, traditional rabbits and eggs are not to be forgotten!  Learn how to gather items already at home to put together a classically beautiful tablescape.

Party Table Settings

165.  FREE Full Set of EASTER Printables ~ Huge set of Easter printables, perfect for Easter Egg hunt parties, Easter brunches and more!  Includes a banner, signs, cupcake toppers, water bottle wrappers and more.

Easter Party Table

166.  Carrot Themed Easter Luncheon {Unique Party Themes} ~ Leave the pastels and the bunnies behind and go for a more modern Easter gathering with this orange and green carrot themed Easter Luncheon.  You can also use the free printable invitations, place cards, favor tags and thank you cards to help you with your party planning. Easter Party Ideas167.  Spring Flowers Table ~ Spring represents new growth and youth which makes it a perfect party theme for children.  There are fun activities that include planting seedlings and making a wool blossoms tree.  You can also find an adorable flower wand tutorial as well as free cupcake flag printables.

Easter Party Table

168.  Easter Egg Decorating Party {Easter Celebrations} ~ Fun Easter decorating ideas that make for a beautiful egg decorating party, egg hunt, or Easter brunch.  Lots of great treat ideas and a beautiful carrot centerpiece.

Paper Flower Tutorial169.  Spring Paper Flower Centerpiece {Centerpiece Ideas} ~ This gorgeous spring centerpiece ideas makes a one-of-a-kind decoration for any party. Muted water colors give these flowers a soft, mottled effect fitting for a wedding or shower. When your party’s over, move this gorgeous centerpiece to a table for a beautiful spring table decoration.

Spring Paper Flowers

170.  DIY Springtime Tablescape {Table Decorations} ~ These gorgeous table decoration are the perfect additional to a springtime tablescape. Create these table decorations in soft pastels for a beautiful and festive Easter tablescape.

Paper Flower How-to

171.  Crepe Paper Flowers {Paper Design Ideas} ~ This beautiful Crepe Paper Flower tutorial is a paper design idea perfect for a centerpiece or a lovely little bouquet for a wedding.

Easter Treats for Kids

172.  Baa Baa Black and White Sheep Treats {recipe how to} ~ Make your own adorable sheep for Easter baskets or a children’s table.

Kid's Easter Table Setting

173.  Kid’s Easter Table ~ This brightly colored Kid’s Easter Table is sure to bring a smile to the kiddo’s faces!  Some of the decor elements included stacked clay pots to make a fabulous cake pop stand, colored rice for bunting place cards, felt bunny bags and Peeps stir sticks.  

Kid's Easter Table

174.  Easy Easter Table ~ Embellish the kid’s table with this super easy tutorial.  All you need is burlap ribbon and craft foam stickers.   


easter parade

175.  Easter Party and Parade {great props} ~ All you need are some great props for a great Easter parade.  Here’s an example of props made from a Martha Stewart template and how the simple props can make an extraordinary parade!


Tip Junkie Easter

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