7 Delightful Easter Bread Shapes to Bake


Easter bread is such a fun way to add a little fun to your Easter dinner table.  These Easter bead recipes include fun Spring shapes like the Easter bunny, chicks, lamb, and on the spiritual side resurrection rolls.  I even threw in a nursery rhyme with some hot cross buns. {giggle}

Have a delicious Easter with these 7 delightful Easter bread shapes to bake.

The cutest shapes and yummiest Easter bread recipes that will not only impress but also delight your friends and family during your Easter brunch or Easter dinner.

Easter Bread Recipes for Easter Sunday Dinner

Are you looking for something a little more exciting to add to your Easter Sunday menu?  What about crafting your bread into an adorably fun shape.  Here are some Easter bread recipes I thought would be so much fun to bake.

1.  The Easter Bunny Roll

How to Make Bunny Rolls for Easter Bread

How to Make Bunny Rolls ~  These bunnies will quickly disappear instead of multiply on your holiday table.  Cindy shows you step by step how to mold your bread dough into the Easter bunny shapes Easter bread.

2.  Cinnamon Easter Bread

Ninety Minute Cinnamon Bunny Rolls for Easter Brunch

Cinnamon Bunny Rolls Recipe ~ This sweet roll dough is one of our favorite Easter bread recipes. It makes the best cinnamon rolls in only 90 minutes and a fun variation on our cinnamon rolls are these little bunny rolls. Make sure to leave a space for these on your Easter menu this year! And for the grown ups, try our 90 Minute Cinnamon Rolls with Caramel Icing…..heaven on a plate right there!

Honey Bunny Rolls ~ What a great idea, and perfect for Easter. Have the kid’s help shape and decorate the bunnies.

3..Chick Easter Bread

Easter Bread Chicks in a Cup

Chicks in a Cup ~ Once your Easter bread has cooled, make eyes with edible decorating pen. Press knife into middle and stick an orange coated candy in the middle for the beak to create this adorable little Easter chick.

4.  Bird Easter Bread

Easter Bread Bird Roll Recipe

Little Birdie Roll Recipe ~ Here’s a pictured tutorial with an Easter bread recipe and on how to twist the bread dough to form and bake this adorable little bird roll for your Easter dinner table.

4.  Lamb Easter Bread

Low Carb Pull-Apart Easter Bread Recipe

Low Carb Pull-Apart Bread for Easter ~ It’s semi-homemade Easter bread recipe and according to Step Away From the Carbs this is a low-carb pull apart bread using a product called “FatHead dough” and formed into the delightful shape of a lamb which would be so fun to make for Easter.

5.  Resurrection Easter Bread

Empty Tomb Rolls Recipe for Easter Bread

Empty Tomb Rolls {Resurrection Rolls} ~ These fun rolls are a great treat for the kids to help you make in celebration of Easter.  They are actually a spiritual family lesson and a treat all rolled into one.  You place a marshmallow inside the roll to symbolize Christ being placed in the tomb, and after it bakes the marshmallow is gone.  The roll, just like the tomb, is empty.

6.  Hot Cross Buns

Perfect Hot Cross Buns Recipe for Easter Bread

Hot Cross Buns RecipeHot cross buns are a traditional treat this time of year.  This recipe includes golden raisins and a touch of sweet frosting – yummy.

I hope this gives you some fun inspiration on what to add to your Easter dinner menu.  Enjoy!

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