60 Tasty Recipes For Your Easter Menu


Create a delicious and impressive Easter menu this year for Easter Sunday.  Here are 60 tasty recipes for Easter that include Easter brunch food, bread recipes, Easter dinner, desserts, and even candy and other Easter treats.

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60 Tasty Recipes For Your Easter Menu

Easter Menu

Easter Menu Bunny Salad

Easter Salad Recipes

1.  Easter Bunny Salad ~ Turn your favorite salad into the perfect side dish for Eater dinner by adding a set of bunny ears, also known as French palmiers.

Easter Bunny Pear Spinach Salad

8.  Easter Bunny Pear Spinach Salad ~ Turn a spinach salad into the perfect side dish for Easter dinner by transforming a pear into a bunny.

Easter Dinner Menu Recipes

2.  Easter Dinner Menu ~ wonderful dishes we made and rounding them out into a complete Easter dinner from start to finish. Check out all the lovely salads, potatoes, desserts and, of course, ham.

Easter Brunch Egg Recipes

Easter Brunch

3.  Egg in a basket Recipe ~ Perfect for Easter brunch as little ‘baskets’of puff pastry filled with a baked egg and some scallion and cheese.

4.  Mothers Ham and Egg Crepe Squares ~ Place am slice in center of crepe and carefully crack egg onto ham. Fold edges of crepe toward center, using the egg white as a kind of glue.Sprinkle with chopped parsley and serve at once.

Stuffed French Toast Recipe

5.  Stuffed French Toast ~ An amazingly easy breakfast which cut way down on morning prep time, and was delicious.

Easter Sunday Lunch Menus

6.  Easter Sunday Lunch Menus  ~ Delicious Easter lunch menus featuring traditional recipes such as asparagus amandine, lemon-coconut cake, and classic Easter ham.

Apple-Pear Salad With Lemon-Poppy Seed Dressing

7.  Apple-Pear Salad With Lemon-Poppy Seed Dressing ~ This salad has the perfect blend of fruit with the apples, pears, and dried cranberries. The salty cashews also balance out the sweetness.

20 Easy Bento Lunch Boxes

8.  20 Easy Bento Lunch Boxes ~ Made one-too-many grilled cheese or PB&J lunches? These beautiful bento lunch box ideas will certainly change things up,  but still let you incorporate your kid’s favorite foods and healthy snacks.

Cheese Ball Recipes

Chickie Cheeseball Recipe

9.  Chickie Cheeseball Recipe ~ Use the carrots and peppercorns to decorate the chick. Serve with an assortment of crackers.

Bunny Butt Almond Joy Cheese Ball

11.  Bunny Butt Almond Joy Cheese Ball ~ This bunny butt cheese ball is not your average kind.  It’s a sweet treat made with cream cheese, coconut, chocolate chips and almonds.

30 Easy Jello Recipes to Make

30 Easy Jello Recipes to Make ~ How to make jello, gelatin and pudding recipes in yummy flavors, shapes, and treats.   Delight your family with jello fruit recipes as well as pudding recipes, jello mold recipes, finger jello recipes, jello shooter recipes, layered recipes and salad recipes.

Easter Bread Recipe

Easter Bread Recipe

10.  Ninety Minute Cinnamon Bunny Rolls ~ The dough is just perfect. I used that recipe to create some fun little bunny rolls for the kids to snack.

11.  Bunny Bread Buns Recipe ~ These bunnies will quickly disappear instead of multiply on your holiday table.

12. Bird Bread Roll ~ Sadly, I couldn’t track down the actual recipe or original source for this adorable bird roll.  Sorry.

3 Easter Bread Recipe

13.  Chicks in a Cup ~ Once breads have cooled, make eyes with edible decorating pen. Press knife into middle and stick an orange coated candy in the middle for the beak.

14.  Little Birdie Roll Recipe ~ A pictured tutorial with recipe on how to make adorable little bird rolls for Easter dinner.

15.  Honey Bunny Rolls ~ What a great idea, and perfect for Easter. Have the kid’s help shape and decorate the bunnies.

Carrot Crescents Filled with Egg Salad Recipe

16.  Carrot Crescents Filled with Egg Salad Recipe ~ It’s a simple recipe, just two ingredients, but one I still enjoy even though my palate has been expanded immensely over the years.

Easter Dinner Make-A-Menu

Easter Dinner

17.  Easter Dinner Make-A-Menu ~ Mels Kitchen Cafe has several amazingly yummy recipes for you to pick and choose to create an amazing Easter menu plan.

Easter Dinner Recipes

18.  Herb-Crusted Leg of Lamb Recipe ~ Bread crumbs and a medley of fresh herbs form a savory crust on this leg of lamb, which makes an impressive centerpiece for a celebratory meal.

19.  Lamb Chops with Pomegranate Red-Wine Sauce ~ Though the lamb itself is deeply flavorful, the sweet-tart sauce is the real reason you won’t want this meal to end.

20.  Greek Chicken and Potatoes Recipe ~ One more beautiful thing about this dish: It takes about 10 minutes to prepare, and then you have an entire dinner. Delicious.

8 Best Copycat Honey Baked Ham Recipes

8 Best Copycat Honey Baked Ham Recipes ~ Honey Baked Ham is always a holiday favorite at our table! The honey glaze on the salty ham adds the right amount of sweetness for a delicious flavor you can’t resist. Here are 8 of the best copycat recipes we’ve found that you can bake at home!

Carrot Cake Pops Easter Desserts

Easter Desserts

21. Carrot Cake Pops ~ These carrots are a fun Easter take on the cake pop.  Both made from carrot cake and formed in the shape of carrots, they are truly carrot cake pops.  Your little bunnies will love them.

White Chocolate and Frito Popcorn

22. White Chocolate and Frito Popcorn ~ This fun combination of salty and sweet make a great snack and a fun edible gift to give to friends or neighbors.

Chocolate Easter Nests

Chocolate Easter Nests

23.  Banana cupcakes as a Nest Recipe ~ Darling banana cupcakes all decorated for Easter as a nest with little candy eggs.

24.  Bird’s Nest Cookies  {recipe how to} ~ You only need three ingredients: chow mein noodles, butterscotch morsels and mini egg-shaped candies.

25.  Miniature Easter Basket Cupcakes ~ Cupcakes decorated with Mini Chocolate Bunnies, candy eggs, sour patch straws and mini chocolate candy bars.

Easter Egg Hunt Cookies

26.  Easter Egg Hunt Cookies ~ Fill these cookies full of icing and egs to create an edible nest.

Easter Cakes

Easter Cakes

27. Jelly Bean Carrot Cake ~ This adorable jelly bean covered carrot is actually a cake.  And it is the cutest Easter dessert for your family.  You can get the printable instructions HERE.

Easter Cakes Recipes

28. Easter Bunny Cake ~ Easy to make and almost too cute to eat, this Easter Bunny cake is a fun treat to celebrate the special day.

29.  Twinkie Carrot Cake ~ Turn a twinkie into an adorable no-bake carrot treat using store bought treats like frosting, Reese’s Pieces, and gummy straws.

Easter Cupcake Recipes

30.  Bunny Cupcake Wrappers {printable} ~ How about some bunny cupcakes with candy ears?  All you do is print off the bunny cupcake wrapper, cut it out  and fasten with glue stick.

31.  Easter Lamb Cupcakes ~ These cute cupcakes are the perfect treat for the kids on Easter Sunday.  To make it easier, you could leave the cupcakes out of the equation and just make the little donut lambs.

Lamb and Ducky Cupcakes

32.  Lamb and Ducky Cupcakes ~ These cute cupcakes made to look like baby animals are the perfect treats for Easter. Marshmallows, flaked coconut, and small candies come together to make these spring cupcakes super-cute.

Rainbow Jello Eggs

Easter Jello Recipes

33. Rainbow Jello Eggs ~  These rainbow Easter eggs are a fun and colorful dessert that guests young and old will enjoy.

Bunny Oreo Pops Recipe

Easter Candy

34.  Oreo Chicks Recipe ~ How perfect for school classrooms, Easter parties and egg hunts, and even as favors at your Easter table.

35.  Easter Chick Wafer Cookie Truffles (Cake Bites) ~ This an easy sweet perfect for Easter. Little truffles made to look like Easter chicks!

Egg-Shape Rice Crispy Recipe

36.  Egg-Shape Rice Crispy Recipe ~ Stuff plastic Easter eggs with still-soft crisped rice cereal treats for a ready-in-minutes food gift.

Printable Easter Candy Toppers

37.  Chick Cupcake Topper Printable ~ Use a 2.5″ circle punch to create these adorable “tweet” chick cupcake topper.

38.  Peep Sweet Treets Printable ~ A free printable Peep party favor topper to add onto a ziploc bag.

Easter Bunnies and Chick Party Favor Toppers

39.  Easter Bunnies and Chick Party Favor Toppers ~ Pop some marshmallow Peeps into ziplock bag and attach this free printable treat topper to make a great party favor or homemade gift for Easter.

Easter Bunny Treats

Easter Bunny Treats

40.  Bunny Oreo Pops ~ How to make these adorable Bunnies from Oreo cookies.

41.  White Chocolate Marshmallow Bunny Pops ~ Make-n-mold bunnies made out of marshmallows, melted candy, and edible markers.

Easter Bunny Treats

42.  How to Draw on Food – Use edible markers to make little drawings to make these Easter Animal Models.

43.  How to make Marshmallow Bunnies ~ Push three jumbo marshmallows onto each lollipop stick and dip in melted candy waters then draw on the body and face.

44.  Chick Marshmallow Easter Treats ~ These cute Easter Chicks are easy to make and there are even matching printable cards and tags that you can download for free.

Easter Bunny Treat Recipes

45. Easter Bunny Cupcakes Printables ~ It will be a Hoppy Easter with these cute bunny cupcake printables.  Decorate your favorite cupcake recipe with these bunny ears and you will have the perfect Easter treat.

46.  Marshmallow Bunny Pop Tutorial ~ How to use candy melts to make these darling Peeps Pops.

47. Rice Krispie Treat Bunnie Recipe ~ Use coco rice krispie’s to make these adorable brown rice krispie treats.

Easter Bunny Chocolates Recipe

48.  Easter Bunny Chocolates Recipe ~ I made large bunny heads filled with big chunks of honeycomb, bunny lollipops with a honeycomb crumbed back, honeycomb-filled chocolate eggs and lots of chocolate bunnies.

Easter Basket and Bunny Pops

49.  Easter Basket and Bunny Pops ~ How to make Easter basket and Easter bunney cake pops.

Marshmallow Bunny Pops Tutorial

50.  Marshmallow Bunny Pops Tutorial ~ These bunny marshmallow pops are perfect to find in an Easter basket, for spring time bake sales, as a friendship gift or to make with the kids!

Easter Basket Treats

51.  Easter Basket Treats ~ A basket with repackaged Peeps, m&m’s sticks, Bunny Pops, and a carrot box.   I just adore these lolipop pop Easter bunnies inside this basket.

Easter Cookie Basket Recipe

Edible Easter Basket

52. Easter Cookie Baskets ~ These cute baskets are constructed with tea cookies in the same way that you would construct a gingerbread house.

Edible Easter Basket

53.  Purple and Green Easter Basket Cupcakes ~ Gather the kids and make sweet, edible Easter baskets!

54.  Printable Easter Basket Cupcake Wrapper ~ These Easter Basket cupcake wrappers are easy to print off. Slip some colored paper into your printer and co-ordinate your cupcakes with your Easter table!

4 Edible Easter Basekt Recipes

55.  Easter Basket Cupcake Tutorial ~ This is an easy and fun way of making decorative cupcakes that costs a lot less than the ones at all the new fancy cupcake shops.

56.  Easter Basket Cookies ~ How to turn an oval cookie into a yummy edible Easter basket.

57.  Easter Basket Cupcake ~ How to make a Easter basket cupcake in a waffle cone and licorice.

58.  Baby Bird Cupcakes Recipe ~ Add buttercream on that baby and roll it in toasted coconut. I used a #10 tip to pipe the blue birdie blobs.  Then a #67 leaf tip to pipe the yellow beaks.  A #2 tip for the eyes.

How to fold Bunny Napkins

Bunny Napkins

59.  Bunny Fold Napkins ~ Better Homes and Gardens made an easy to follow video on how to create this fold… Click here to watch!

60.  How to Make Bunny Napkins ~ These cute-as-a-button cottontails, made from spray-starched square napkins, will energize any Easter table.

60 Tasty Recipes For Your Easter Menu for Easter Sunday


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