Easter Sunday is April 8th and will be here before we know it!  So here are the most popular Easter ActivitiesFood and Recipes, Homemade Baskets, Free Printables, and Crafts for Kids from the Tip Junkie Easter blog.  Holy Smokes it’s a crafters dream with 200+ of the most beautiful Easter ideas online!

Easter Activities

Easter Activities

Simple Easter Paper Crafts for Kids – Darling and easy to make Bunny & Baby Chick Basket Decorations.

Egg Carton Bunny and Chick {craft for kids} – These cute little animals will be a fun craft for the kids to create and embellish.  Start saving your egg cartons now.

Envelope Bunnies {free template} –  One great way celebrate is with paper-envelope rabbits — bearing treats, of course.

FREE Easter Party Printables {diy decor} – I love the vintage feel of these “storybook” printables that Kirsten from Embellish designed for us. This adorable collection includes everything you’ll need to throw one sweet party!

Easter Food and Recipes

Easter Bunny Pancakes {Easter Brunch} – Make your Brunch tradition kid friendly with the addition of these bunny pancakes.  Kids of all ages will will enjoy these cute pink bunnies for breakfast.

How to Draw on Food – Easter Animal Models –  What do I mean by “draw on food”? I mean use edible markers to make little drawings. That’s it.

Resurrection Rolls, an Easy Easter Treat {recipe how to} – How to use use canned crescent rolls and marshmallows to tell the story of Jesus rising!

Easter Party and Parade {great props!} –  I cut the shapes out myself and am proud to say I still have all my fingers intact.  Granted I put the blade in backwards to begin with and cut the chick and rabbit out that way.

Easter Food and Recipes

Easter Food and Recipes

Baa Baa Black and White Sheep Treats {recipe how to} –  Make your own adorable sheep for baskets or a children’s table out of Milano cookies.

Graham Cracker Peep Houses {recipe how to} – Glued the homes together using squeezable frosting. Then let them sit overnight to harden. The homes are totally edible. This is candy grass. edible….and so freakin good.

Bird’s Nest Cookies {recipe how to} – You only need three ingredients: chow mein noodles, butterscotch morsels and mini egg-shaped candies.  Butterscotch morsels gave the nests a more realistic appearance.

Brownie Bunnies in a Jar and Printable – It’s an adorable edible favor and/or gift that displays the cuteness of peeps without losing the ability to actually eat them!

Easter Party Food

Marshmallow Easter Treats {Easter candy} – These cute Chicks are easy to make and there are even matching printable cards and tags that you can download for free.

Easter Cake Pops {recipe how to} – Check out those ears! I found some pastel “Bunny Corn” at The Fresh Market. SCORE! Yes, it really said that on the container. So cute.

Easter Basket Ice Cream Cones – To make them: Fill ice cream cones with jelly beans. With a small knife, carefully cut two holes into the sides of each cone. Tuck either end of an apple licorice stick into the holes to serve as an edible handle.

Jelly Bean Carrot Cake {Easter Desserts} – This adorable jelly bean covered carrot is actually a cake.  And it is the cutest dessert for your family.  You can get the printable instructions HERE.

Homemade Easter Baskets

Homemade Easter Basekts

How to Make Easter Baskets {out of fruit baskets} – Found some cute fruit baskets at Hobby Lobby for $3.99 each, and I decided that they were just the right size for baskets.

Make an Easter Bag {paper craft} –  These are such adorable baskets made out of paper sacks and embellished with a few crafty items you probably have around your  home.

DIY Stuffed Animal Easter Baskets {Holiday Craft Tutorial} – Turn a stuffed animal into a special basket that your little ones will love.

Easter Bunny Box {free template} – Simply pack this charming bunny box with cookies or candy for a one-of-a-kind gift.

Cute over-the-chair Easter bags {sew}

Cute over-the-chair Easter bags {sew} – This was super easy, cheap and fast. Even if you don’t have the animal shaped place mats, these would still be easy to make.

Crafts For Kids

Crafts For Kids

Easter Candy Topiary {Craft How-To} – Candy is always in abundance at this time of year.  Luckily, it is as cute for decorating as it is yummy for eating.  These cute speckled jelly beans make a beautiful topiary.  Pick the candy of your choice and glue it down quickly before it gets eaten.

Bunny Sachet Tutorial {free pattern} – This project is ideal if you have a lot of fabric scraps that you want to de-stash.  It is quick and easy to sew, you should be able to complete a dozen of them within an hour.

Easter Finger Puppets {Family Friendly Craft} – These cute finger puppets are simple to make and fun to play with.  You can make them together for a family friendly craft project or you can create a set to tuck in their baskets.

Button Egg {DIY Easter Decorating} – If you have been itching to make something for Spring, this button Egg is a great project to get you started.

Easter Crafts

DIY Chick and Bunny Treat Holders – This one’s for the kiddies… a fun little craft project + “friendly” holders for all those Bunny treats!

How to make Easter Bunny Straws {printable} – Here is the tutorial for the cute bunny straws. They’re the perfect addition for any table. You can use them as straws, glue them onto place cards or simply sprinkle them over the table.

Colored Rice Easter Eggs {decorate} – Keeping with the Split Pea Shamrocks idea, I stuffed the colored rice inside vinyl ovals, added an eyelet on top and voila….Eggs!

Felt Counting Eggs {sew} – Counting eggs. A little felt, a needle and thread and a bit of fabric paint and presto – you have counting eggs.


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