18 Easter Egg Hunt and Activities for Easter Sunday


Delight your kids this year with an extraordinary Easter egg hunt!  These Easter activities for kids will make Easter Sunday the most memorable family gathering to date.  Here are several Easter egg games, egg hunt clues, and fun Easter activities you can play as a family.

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18 Easter Egg Hunt and Activities for Easter Sunday

Easter Egg Hunt Party Printables

All of these are FREE.  Whoohoo!!  Consider leveling up your Easter egg hunt this year by throwing a party.  Simply print out these invitations, cards, and home decorations on your printer to make party planning so much easier.

Easter Egg Hunt

1. Easter Egg Coloring Party {free printable party pack} ~ Easter… just another great reason to have a party. Here is a free printable party pack for a fun-packed Easter egg coloring party. Four invitations per sheet, designed to coordinate with the theme of the party.

2. Free Easter Egg Hunt Party Printables ~ These storybook Easter printables from Embellish includes everything you’ll need to throw one sweet party!  The collection includes party circles, an Easter egg hunt sign, invitations, favor tags, tented cards, water bottle labels, and a Hoppy Easter banner.  WOW!

3. Easter Card and Invitation ~ This Spring colored printable Easter card and Easter Egg Hunt invitation that you can download for free is really sweet!  I love the subtle use of color and design.

Easter Egg Hunt

4. Easter Egg Hunt Yard Printable ~ Frame this adorable Easter Egg Hunt printable or attach it to a stick to make a yard sign.  There are four color choices, yellow, pink, green or blue.

Easter Egg Hunt Surprises

Amazing Easter Eggs

5. Chocolate Surprise Eggs {Easter Eggs} ~ Hunting for Easter eggs is one of everyone’s favorite Easter traditions.  Why not make it even more fun by filling the eggs with chocolate and surprises.  And not plastic eggs, but real eggs that you have to crack open to reveal their hidden treasures.  Not Martha will show you an easy way to create these Surprise Easter Eggs.

Easter Eggs

6. Chocolate Filled Easter Eggs ~ Real egg shells have been coated with chocolate on the inside and filled with little treats for these fun treats.  This tutorial shows you each step to make these little beauties yourself, and even how to package for delivery.  The tutorial is absolutely fabulous and I highly recommend this activity that’s edible, original and surprising!

Amazing Easter Egg

7. Gold Leaf Easter Egg ~ This Golden Bunny Easter egg is absolutely exquisite.  It reminds me of a foil wrapped chocolate bunny. Learn this fun new technique for decorating Easter eggs.  All you need is gold leaf adhesive, gold leaf, pencil and paint brush.

Carrot Confetti Easter Eggs

8. Carrot Confetti Easter Eggs ~ How fun are these carrot eggs?  Any bunny would love these!  {{snicker}}  Using an orange sharpie you can make carrots from squiggle lines.

Easter Egg Hunt Games

You Easter egg hunt doesn’t have to be a free for all that lasts a whopping 5 minutes.  Consider making a fun game out of your hunt with a few of these Easter egg games.

9.  Stacy submitted her creative Easter Egg Hunt with puzzle pieces; instead of the traditional candy filled Easter eggs, these eggs contain an activity to complete after the egg hunt.

Each kid was assigned egg colors and they could ONLY pick up their egg color. Inside the eggs were puzzle pieces. Once they found all their eggs, they would go inside to see the box of their puzzle and begin putting their puzzles together. Some were traditional puzzles and others were larger board puzzles. {depending on age}

Easter Egg Hunt

10. Streamer Easter Egg Hunt for Toddlers ~ An Easter egg hunt is a traditional party of most Easter day celebrations, but this handy streamer easter egg hunt is a fun spin that works well for your littlest hunters.

Easter Hunt Box Inside

11. Easter Hunt Box with Free Printables ~ This special Easter gift, an Easter egg hunt in a box, is the perfect present to send to your little loved ones that live far away.


12.  Glow-in-the-dark Easter Eggs ~ This fun game is a great alternative to hunting traditional Easter eggs this year. Tweens and teens will love this twist on traditional egg hunting as well, keeping the family tradition of hunting Easter eggs alive for a few more years.

Scripture Easter Egg Hunt {Religious Easter}

13. Scripture Easter Egg Hunt {Religious Easter} ~ Here is a brilliant way of incorporating scripture into your Easter egg hunt. All you need is twelve eggs and this post with the coordinating twelve scriptures. Easy to create, fun and festive to hunt!

Easter Egg Hunt

14. Printable Easter Hunt Kit ~ This cute printable kit is a bunny whose footprints and nibbled carrots lead you right to the loot the Easter Bunny left for you!

15. Easter Basket Scavenger Hunt Printables ~ The Easter bunny has hidden your baskets full of goodies and it is your job to find them.  He has left you clues to lead you on a scavenger hunt to find your treats.  These free Easter Basket Scavenger Hunt printables will be the start of a fun Easter tradition for your family.

Egg Scavenger Hunt Clues

If a scavenger hunt is your thing then we have a few ideas that you’ll love!  These egg hunt games are great for a big group or just for two.

Carrot Pouches clue

16. Carrot Pouch Pattern ~  Instead of a basket why not surprise your kids with a clue, like these *Carrot Pouches*?  Inside the pouches will be a clue that will lead them to their Easter baskets!  Fun, right?

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

17. Easter Basket Scavenger Hunt {Easter Printables} ~ How fun would it be to wake up Easter morning to discover that the Easter bunny had left you a little note on your door and foot prints leading to something more mysterious? Whether you’re hosting an Easter egg hunt at your house or just playing it cool with your own kiddies, these Easter Basket Scavenger Hunt printables will get the job done!

Easter Activities

18. Easter Egg Lunch Hunt {Easter Games} ~ Here is a super fun way to serve lunch on or around easter! All you need is plastic eggs and your lunch ingredients! A fun way to get even the pickiest of eaters to enjoy lunch!

Easter Parade Yard Decor

easter parade

19. Easter Party and Parade {great props} ~ Use to decorate your yard or great props for a great Easter parade.  Here’s an example of props made from a Martha Stewart template and how the simple props can make an extraordinary parade!

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