10 Things to Do on Easter with Kids

These things to do on Easter with kids are so fun and unique with tradition ideas that you can incorporate year after year.  I have several amazing Easter traditions for children that you can incorporate in your own home!

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10 Fun Things To Do Easter

20 fun ways to celebrate easter

1. 20 Fun Ways to Celebrate Easter ~ Wondering how to celebrate Easter? There are so many fun Easter activities, crafts, memories to make, and “spring” filled moments to enjoy together for a memorable and lovely Easter!  Here’s a free printable with things to count down to Easter!

Easter Sunday Morning

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

2. Easter Basket Scavenger Hunt {Easter Printables} ~ How fun would it be to wake up Easter morning to discover that the Easter bunny had left you a little note on your door and foot prints leading to something more mysterious? Whether you’re hosting an Easter egg hunt at your house or just playing it cool with your own kiddies, these Easter Basket Scavenger Hunt printables will get the job done!

easter paper dolls

3. Easter and Springtime Paper Doll ~ Look at this paper doll design just for Easter and the Spring time! {LOVE!} This complete Easter and Spring time Paper Doll Printable Set features a garden collection for the “Little Laurie” paper doll.

Christ Centered Easter traditions homemade playdough tomb

4.  Carrie submitted her Christ- Centered Easter traditions like Resurrection eggs, Easter resurrection magnet play set, making a tomb out of play dough to teach and talk about the purpose behind Easter Sunday.

5.  My twitter friend, Sylvia, sent me her Lenten Treasure Chest. It has over 40 “gold” coins with different “good deeds” printed on them. For example, read bible, help a neighbor, attend a church service, etc. Ace LOVES it! Every morning they pick a coin and then do the good deed.  Sylvia made her blog private so I can’t link to it any longer.

Easter Sunday Brunch

20 Easy Bento Lunch Boxes

6.  20 Easy Bento Lunch Boxes ~ Made one-too-many grilled cheese or PB&J lunches? These beautiful bento lunch box ideas will certainly change things up but still let you incorporate your kid’s favorite foods and healthy snacks.

Easter Activities

7. Easter Egg Lunch Hunt {Easter Games} ~ Here is a super fun way to serve lunch on or around easter! All you need is plastic eggs and your lunch ingredients! A fun way to get even the pickiest of eaters to enjoy lunch!


Easter Sunday Dinner

60 Tasty Recipes For Your Easter Menu

8.  60 Tasty Recipes For Your Easter Menu ~ Create a delicious and impressive Easter menu this year for Easter Sunday.  Here are 60 tasty recipes for Easter that include Easter brunch food, bread recipes, Easter dinner, desserts, and even candy and other Easter treats.

Fun Easter Traditions

You've been egged sign
9.   You’ve Been Egged ~ This is such a fun way to surprise {and puzzle} someone you care about! take a couple dozen eggs and fill them with candy and little toys.

Easter Activities

10. Some Bunny Loves You ~ One of my kids favorite traditions is boo-ing at Halloween- (dropping treats at someone’s door, ringing the bell and running away without getting caught.) I love that they are so excited to do something kind for someone else without getting any recognition for it. It’s at totally selfless act. I thought that this would be a great activity for Easter.

18 Easter Egg Hunt and Activities for Easter Sunday

11. 18 Easter Egg Hunt and Activities for Easter Sunday ~ Delight your kids this year with an extraordinary Easter egg hunt!  These Easter activities for kids will make Easter Sunday the most memorable family gathering to date.  Here are several Easter egg games, egg hunt clues, and fun Easter activities you can play as a family.

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More Easter activities to play…

75 Best Easter Crafts and Activities for Kids75 Best Easter Crafts and Activities for Kids

Plus, check out these Easter games here…

30 Popular Easter Games and Activities30 Popular Easter Games and Activities

Best Easter Crafts and Activities for Kids

 Be sure to check out the Tip Junkie Easter site for decorations, party ideas, free printables, recipes, and kids craft ideas.

More Easter Ideas Here:

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  1. Our Easter bunny was a little naughty. He would leave a trail of chewed carrots, tail fluff and bunny footprints from the front door to the Easter baskets. The tail fluff was little puffs of fiberfill. The bunny footprints were baby powder. If you hold the container parallel to the floor and shake it forward ONCE, hard, it makes a surprisingly convincing bunny footprint. A pain to clean up, however!

    How to make an Easter egg pop up card!
    Extreme Cards and Papercrafting

  2. Thanks so much for the award (beginning of February). Your Easter ideas are GREAT! My kids would totally love the bunny headband with painted on whiskers!

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