Spring Break – Keep ‘em Busy!

Sorry about the little blogging break. D3 (third son) turned 2 years old last Friday and my kiddos are on Spring Break. So my Mommy duties have doubled and I’ve been enjoying that extra play time with the boys.

I know you Ladies are anxiously awaiting some fabulous tips. Let’s get back to business shall we…

Since it’s Spring break, I thought it would be appropriate to share some kid-based activity themed ideas. It’s raining here {{sigh}} so here are some at home activities.

Special Days! Get creative and assign each day a certain theme. For instance, Monday is Rescue Hero day, Tuesday is Turquoise day, Wednesday is Bionicle day, Thursday is Circle day, Friday is Safari day. (You get the idea.)

This will help the week go by faster, give your kiddos something to look forward to, and a perfect solution for the bad weather that keeps us indoors.

I’ve shared this before, it’s the Surprise Box. Simply add a bunch of old toys your child loves but no longer plays with into a bin (not clear). Put it away and only get it out occasionally, for Rainy Days, Babysitters, Sunday, Spring Break, etc.

Tip: Add a theme to your Surprise box by adding only “ABC” related items or “Blue’s Clues” items.

Make your own marching band! Here are some easy handmade instrument instructions.

Have your child make their own joke book! You can look online or check out a funny joke book from the library. Have your child pick out several favorites.

Depending on the age of your child, help them use the computer to make their own book of favorite jokes! Click here for one idea of how to make the book.

Here are several ideas for a simple paper craft as well as glue dot crafts that you can do with your younger kiddos.

*What are you doing with your kiddos for Spring Break?

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  1. I did your joke book for my son some time ago and he still loves it! You have great ideas and I tell people about ya all the time! Keep ’em coming!

  2. Make a spring tree (like the popcorn tree). Cut up tissue paper into squares, maybe 1 1/2″. Hold an unsharpened pencil with the eraser up. Center a piece of tissue on the eraser and squish it down around the pencil, making a little cup of tissue. Touch the tissue covered eraser to glue dot and transfer tissue from the pencil to the paper.

    Makes a good hyacinth, too! Cut out a flowerpot and glue it to paper. Sketch a vaguely oval shape above for your child to fill in with purple or pink tissue. Pretty.

    Extreme Cards and Papercrafting

  3. I hit the dollar store today to stock up. They have a lot right now for easter. I got stryofoam planes to play with at the park, big pack of 64 crayons and coloring books, wood frames that I think I will let them decopage magazine cut outs on, and new playdough. Think we will have to try the joke book too!

  4. I love your ideas!! Our spring break isn’t until the middle of April. I will definitely try these ideas. THANKS!!

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