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25 Creative Uses For Plastic Easter Eggs {upcycle}

Every year I have a ton of left over plastic Easter eggs with a desire to do something with them besides just storing them or throwing them away.  So, this year I’ve complied a list of 25 things to make with my left over plastic Easter eggs.

You can embellish them, decorate with them, play games with them, serve food with them, and more!

Uses For Plastic Easter Eggs

22 Uses For Plastic Easter Eggs

There are so many amazing things you can do with plastic eggs from embellishing them, to Easter games for kids, DIY home decor, snack containers, and even table cloth weights for breezy spring alfresco meals.

1. Flower Pot

Plastic Easter Egg Flower Pots

24.  Plastic Easter Egg Flower Pots ~ This is such a simple Easter craft using plastic easter eggs, scissors, hot glue, and flowers. They are adorable!

2. Bird Feeder

Easter Egg Bird Feeders

Easter Egg Bird Feeders ~ Use plastic Easter eggs, peanut butter or shortening, bird seed and string to make this homemade bird feeder for your front or backyard.

3. Mini Terrarium

How to Make Easter Egg Terrariums

How to Make Easter Egg Terrariums ~ You can make these darling egg terrariums using paper, fresh flowers, floral wire, and clear plastic Easter eggs.  Absolutely perfect for spring.

4. Easter Egg Garland

Colorful DIY Easter Egg Garland

Colorful DIY Easter Egg Garland ~ String plastic Easter eggs on twine using a large sewing needle and alternating with pom pom balls or felt balls in between.

Dena made this DIY Plastic Easter Egg Garland out of plastic eggs. The whole thing cost her less than $8 and 20 mins. Dena strung the eggs together with quilting thread (it’s more durable) and faked tying it to the posts with pretty ribbon. The true support is tape.  I’ve done this in my own home.

Scrap Fabric Eggs ~ Pull out your favorite scraps, wrap up your eggs and if want to go a step beyond, make a garland!

5.  Plastic Easter Egg Lights

DIY Easter Egg Lights on HGTV

DIY Easter Egg Lights ~ Using assorted colored plastic Easter eggs, LED lights, a drill, hot glue gun, and some crafty embellishments you can create your own Easter egg lights.

6.  Front Door Wreaths

Washi Tape Wreath

Washi Tape Spring Wreath ~ This wreath is too cute to not make and put aside for next year.  Seriously.  It’s bright and colorful and easy to make!

Square Grass Wreath ~  I love that this wreath has a non traditional shape and uses plastic Easter eggs.  Score!

DIY Plastic Easter Door Wreath Made from Cheap Plastic Eggs ~ With cheap plastic eggs, a wreath wring, ribbon, and spray paint decorate your front door with this front door wreath.  I also like this Plastic Egg Wreath colors.

7.  Easter Bunny Wreath

DIY Easter Bunny Wreath for your front door

Easter Bunny Wreath ~ Made with 2 cardboard circles and 2 ear shaped pieces, plastic eggs, and a hot glue gun you can make this adorable Easter Bunny wreath that’s perfect for Spring decorating.

8.  DIY Candle Holders

Plastic Egg Tealight Holder

Plastic Egg Tealight Holder ~ Can you believe you can make this for just over a $1?

Easter Egg Candle Holders ~ Step by step instructions on making a beautiful Easter Egg Candle Holder using plastic Easter eggs, wooden discs and dowels, paint, and mod podge.

9. Crafts for Kids

Home Toy Fireflies ~ These little lightening bugs were made with plastic Easter eggs and flameless LED tealights inside.  So fun!

10.  Play-Doh Covers

Cupcake Play-Doh Covers

Cupcake Play-Doh Covers ~ These cupcake Play-Doh covers made out of yarn (and other materials) and plastic easter eggs are so cute and clever I can hardly stand it.  This is serious creativity at play!

11.  Egg Tea Cups

Plastic Easter Egg Tea Cups

Plastic Easter Egg Tea Cups ~ Having a tea party this spring?  Here’s another gem by Creativity in Progress.  This girl has mad skills!  Aren’t these plastic easter egg tea cups adorable?  Totally do-able, too!

12.  Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon Eggs

Easter Egg Hot Air Balloons ~ These are so darling. You’ll need wire, plastic Easter eggs, cardstock, glue stick, twine, and a ump ring to make these darling hot air balloons.

13. Rocket Races

Easter Egg Rocket Races

Easter Egg Rocket Races ~ Using plastic Easter eggs, cardstock, straws, yarn, and tape you can make these super cute rockets for for your kids to race,

14. Egg Toss

Easter Game Plastic Egg Toss

Egg Toss Game ~ Gather up your plastic eggs and some empty water bottles to make this fun egg toss game.  To make cut the water bottles about two inches down from the top and hold them together with one strip of tape.

15.  Learning Activities for Kids

The True Meaning of Easter ~ The activity uses objects tucked inside plastic Easter eggs to symbolize aspects of the Resurrection of Christ to help bring the spirit of Easter into the home.  It’s a great gift idea, too!

Learning Games Using Plastic Easter Eggs

Eight Fun Learning Games Using Plastic Easter Eggs ~  If you are looking for some fun ways to bring a little Spring into your homeschooling or preschool routine, check out these 8 Easter egg learning games.  You can use the fun plastic eggs to learn letters, numbers, practice memory skills and even problem solving.

16.  Alphabet Activities

Plastic Egg Alphabet Activity for Kids ~ I am that Mama that loves to do learning activities.

Alphabet Eggs ~ Grab a marker, egg carton and enjoy playing these Alphabet eggs with your kids.  This is an easy way to use plastic eggs to learn educational addition.

17.  Counting Activities

Number Snake ~ Kids will enjoy practicing counting and recognizing their numbers while building fine motor skills to create this playtime plastic egg snake.

Plastic Egg Sensory Bin ~ Little kids love sensory bins and having two kiddos with sensory issues I had to include this sensory project.

18.  Musical Instruments

We love creating our own DIY Musical instruments. Check out these Maracas Made From Plastic Easter Egg and Easy DIY Egg Shakers

Musical Sound Shakers ~ This cool listening enhancing games is easy to make and a huge hit.  All you need is an egg carton, plastic Easter eggs, and 6 different items for sounds.  Full directions are at the Family Sponge!

Washi Tape Easter Maracas

19.  Food Containers

Plastic Egg Snack Containers ~  Keep some on hand and use as snack containers.  Your kids will love getting treats in their plastic eggs!

Cracked Egg Cupcakes ~ These super fun looking cupcakes really do use plastic Easter eggs!  They’d make a fun April Fool’s Day prank, too!

20.  Egg Carton Lunch

16. Eggs for Food Containers ~ If you enjoy a bento lunch then you’ll really enjoy this super easy egg carton lunch without all the little extra containers.

Using plastic eggs as molds is such a great idea and skies the limit on what you can make.  I love these Rice Krispie Treat Mold ~ Use your plastic Easter eggs as molds to make these yummy rice krispie treats. There’s also hidden M&Ms inside!

21.  Easter Sunday Centerpiece

DIY Cactus Easter Egg Centerpiece for Easter Sunday

Cactus Easter Egg Centerpiece ~ How to make this adorable cactus Easter egg centerpiece using paint, paper flowers, glue, and a planter.  It’s perfect for Easter Sunday dinner.

22.  Place Cards

Place Card Easter Eggs

Place Card Easter Eggs ~ These on-theme calligraphy name cards will make your Easter brunch so much more memorable and festive. We love the idea of decorating the table with two different styles of decorated eggs, too.

23.  Tablecloth Weight

Egg weight

Decorated Egg Weight ~  This idea from Martha Stewart is genius.  The thing I love most is that it can be used year round.  This is the perfect solution to table cloths blowing off during parties.  Make them in all colors for the year to come!

24.  Bath Bombs

DIY Bath Bombs ~ There’s bath bombs, and then there’s Easter egg bath bombs! While this DIY from Bitz & Giggles definitely requires adult supervision (there’s citric acid involved), your kiddos will get a kick out of making, decorating and using these bath accessories in the tub or for some fun science experiments.

25. Epson Salt Glitter Eggs

How to Make Translucent Epson Salt Glitter Eggs

Translucent Epson Salt Glitter Eggs ~ Using clear plastic eggs, epson salt, clear sealer, and battery powered votives and mod podge create these glowing and sparkling eggs.

26.  Easter Egg Decorations

Acrylic Painted Easter Egg Tutorial

Acrylic Painted Easter Egg Tutorial ~ hand at painting some beautiful eggs in floral or fun prints on wood eggs or plastic Easter eggs.  I love the Easter colors and all the patterns.

Ruffled Fabric Easter Eggs ~ A little hot glue, beautiful fabric scraps and plastic easter eggs go a long way in making gorgeous ruffled fabric easter eggs.  You can also use your sewing machine to make the ruffles, but I like the hot glue method better.  {wink}

Bakers Twine Easter Eggs ~ Bakers twine seems to be all the rage, and you can make eggs in any color you like!  Just buy bakers twine in the colors you like!  I like that you can leave them out year round if the colors aren’t too spring like!

Twine’ified Eggs ~ I just love these twine covered eggs by Domestically Speaking.  They are very spring-like, yet they can be used year round.  Plus, I love crafts that use a hot glue gun.  {snicker}

Paper Mache Eggs ~ Making paper mache eggs is a great option for embellishing plastic eggs with kids because the eggs don’t break and with Gail of That Artist Woman’s tutorial, it won’t seem so daunting.  I might even give it a try with my boys.  {snicker!}

Decorated Easter Eggs ~  I think these would make a really lovely gift for someone who has everything.  My grandmother would adore these eggs.  The pearl, ribbon and lace embellishments are so dainty and pretty, don’t you think?

Gradient Eggs ~ Use spray paint to create this super cool gradient painted look and use any way you want to decorate for Easter Sunday or just as a fun craft to make.

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  2. Thank you so much sharing these ideas! I see several I am going to try—can even buy more eggs after Easter when they go on sale!

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