22 Uses For Plastic Easter Eggs


Uses For Plastic Easter Eggs

Every year I have a ton of left over plastic Easter eggs with a desire to do something with them besides just storing them or throwing them away.  So, this year I’ve complied a list of 22 things to make with my left over plastic Easter eggs.  You can embellish them, decorate with them, play games with them, serve food with them, and more!

Embellished Eggs

Ruffled Fabric Eggs

1.  Ruffled Fabric Easter Eggs ~ A little hot glue, beautiful fabric scraps and plastic easter eggs go a long way in making gorgeous ruffled fabric easter eggs.  You can also use your sewing machine to make the ruffles, but I like the hot glue method better.  {wink}

2.  Bakers Twine Easter Eggs ~ Bakers twine seems to be all the rage, and you can make eggs in any color you like!  Just buy bakers twine in the colors you like!  I like that you can leave them out year round if the colors aren’t too spring like!

3.  Scrap Fabric Eggs ~ J’adore ~  Pull out your favorite scraps, wrap up your eggs and if want to go a step beyond, make a garland!

Paper Mache Easter Eggs

4.  Paper Mache Eggs ~ Making paper mache eggs is a great option for embellishing plastic eggs with kids because the eggs don’t break and with Gail of That Artist Woman’s tutorial, it won’t seem so daunting.  I might even give it a try with my boys.  {snicker!}

5.  Decorated Easter Eggs ~  I think these would make a really lovely gift for someone who has everything.  My grandmother would adore these eggs.  The pearl, ribbon and lace embellishments are so dainty and pretty, don’t you think?


Washi Tape Wreath

6.  Washi Tape Spring Wreath ~ This wreath is too cute to not make and put aside for next year.  Seriously.  It’s bright and colorful and easy to make!

7.  Square Grass Wreath ~  I love that this wreath has a non traditional shape and uses plastic easter eggs.  Score!

DIY Home Decorating

8.  Plastic Egg Tealight Holder ~ Can you believe you can make this for just over a $1?

9.  Faux Robin’s Egg ~ This full tutorial will show you how to take regular plastic eggs and make them look like these.  There are so many ways you can display them year round, too.  I love the apothecary jar idea and the birds nest is so cute!

Twinefied Eggs

10.  Twine’ified Eggs ~ I just love these twine covered eggs by Domestically Speaking.  They are very spring-like, yet they can be used year round.  Plus, I love crafts that use a hot glue gun.  {snicker}

11.  Painted Plastic Eggs ~  Here’s a great tutorial on how to paint plastic eggs with ideas on how to display them in several different ways.  Beautiful!

Children’s Activities and Crafts

12.  Cupcake Play-Doh Covers ~ These cupcake Play-Doh covers made out of yarn (and other materials) and plastic easter eggs are so cute and clever I can hardly stand it.  This is serious creativity at play!

13.  Plastic Easter Egg Tea Cups ~  Here’s another gem by Creativity in Progress.  This girl has mad skills!  Aren’t these plastic easter egg tea cups adorable?  Totally do-able, too!

Plastic Egg Learning Games

14. 10 Fun Learning Games Using Plastic Easter Eggs ~  If you are looking for some fun ways to bring a little Spring into your homeschooling or preschool routine, check out these 10 Easter egg learning games.  You can use the fun plastic eggs to learn letters, numbers, practice memory skills and even problem solving.

Sound Shakers

15.  Musical Sound Shakers ~ This cool listening enhancing games is easy to make and a huge hit.  All you need is an egg carton, plastic easter eggs, and 6 different items for sounds.  Full directions are at the Family Sponge!

16. Bookworm ~ This cute bookworm only requires 3 materials to make!  Plastic Easter eggs, plastic lacing cord and goggly eyes. That’s it!  So cute!

17. Home Toy Fireflies ~ These little lightening bugs were made with plastic Easter eggs and flameless LED tealights inside.  So fun!

18.  A Herd of Aggimals ~  Re-use your plastic Easter eggs and make an adorable  owl, skunk, dog, cat, pig, or mouse.  The kids will love them!

True Meaning of Easter Activity

19.  The True Meaning of Easter ~ The activity uses objects tucked inside plastic easter eggs to symbolize aspects of the Resurrection of Christ to help bring the spirit of Easter into the home.  It’s a great gift idea, too!

More Uses for Plastic Eggs

20.  Cracked Egg Cupcakes ~ These super fun looking cupcakes really do use plastic easter eggs!  They’d make a fun April Fool’s Day prank, too!

21.  Plastic Egg Snack Containers ~  Keep some on hand and use as snack containers.  Your kids will love getting treats in their plastic eggs!

Egg weight

22.  Decorated Egg Weight ~  This idea from Martha Stewart is genius.  The thing I love most is that it can be used year round.  This is the perfect solution to table cloths blowing off during parties.  Make them in all colors for the year to come!

More Easter Ideas:

For all things Easter, head on over to the Tip Junkie Easter site! It has over 200 of amazing full pictured tutorials and free recipes designed to make your Easter Day fabulous and fun!


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    I have to say those were the best ideas I have ever seen for using plastic Easter eggs. We don’t normally by them, but this year, I might get them just for some of those really clever crafts. Thanks for gathering and sharing these great ideas.

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