21 Easter Crafts for Kids

Easter crafts for kids are so much fun double as traditions while introducing new art and craft skills to your kids.  It not only helps create lasting Easter craft memories but it also gives me an opportunity to be the “fun mom” this spring.

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21 Easy crafts for kids on Tip Junkie

There are so many great pictured tutorials on how to make Easter crafts for kids!  Simply click any of the links below to “jump” to the section that you want to see.  Thought I’d save you some time.  {high fives}

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Easter Egg Crafts

Baking Soda Easter Eggs {ornaments}

1. Baking Soda Easter Egg Ornaments ~ Here is a super fun project your kids will love to help out with! Easy to setup and clean up, with beautiful results, perfect to display for the Easter holiday season! Use this great tutorial to get you started on this festive holiday craft!

Chenille Bunny Ears

2. Chenille Bunny Ears ~ Transform plain plastic Easter eggs into adorable bunnies with this fabulous tutorial.  The adorable fuzzy ears are made with chenille stems.  You can even make feet with the stems.

Easy Easter Craft

3. Paper-Mache Easter Eggs {Craft Ideas} ~ Here is a fun craft ideas your children are sure to love this Easter. The egg can hold a surprising amount of candy and the tissue paper seems to e a delicate making for a delightfully heavy and yet fragile object, much like real egg. Also like a real egg you have to break the shell to get at what’s inside. Children love things they have to destroy to open.

Crafts for Kids

4.  Easter Egg Geodes {Easter Ideas} ~ This fun Easter egg project can double as an art project and a science experiment.  Turn your hollowed out Easter eggs into crystal geodes that are not only interesting but beautiful.  Melissa’s Easter egg geode tutorial will walk you through how to make your own with your kids.

Easter Bunny Crafts

These are simple crafts for kids that you can make this spring season.

5. Cardboard Tube Easter Bunnies ~ These cute little Easter bunnies are as colorful as jelly beans.  Your little ones will have fun making them and you will too!  Make an entire family and use them as a centerpiece for the kids table this Easter.

6. Easter Finger Puppets ~ These cute finger puppets are simple to make and fun too!  Make them as a family activity or tuck them into a basket as a gift!

Easter Crafts for Kids

7. Paper Plate Easter Bunny {Easy Craft} ~ This easy craft is a versatile craft perfect for a rainy spring day at home, a preschool class party, on Sunday school Easter celebration. Preschoolers will adore their little bunny they made by themselves to celebrate this loved holiday.

Easter Activities

8. Origami Easter Bunny {Easter Activities} ~ Keep the older kids busy making these cute origami bunnies, or create them ahead of time, fill with candy, and use as party favors.

DIY Chick and Bunny Treat Holders

9. DIY Chick and Bunny Treat Holders – This one’s for the kiddies a fun little craft project + friendly holders for all those Bunny treats!

Easy Easter Crafts

10. DIY Easter Bunny Lantern {Easter Ideas} ~ This fun bunny lantern is the perfect centerpiece for the kids table at Easter brunch or Easter dinner.  This fun little guy is made with a store bought paper lantern and some foam.  It would even be a fun project for the kids to work on when they are done eating but still have to wait for the Easter egg hunt to begin.

Easter Crafts for Kids

11. Paper Bunny Masks {Easter Crafts} ~ Set up a craft table at your Easter party and let everyone create their own paper bunny masks.

How to Sew Bunnies

12. Bunny Sachet Tutorial {free pattern} – This project is ideal if you have a lot of fabric scraps that you want to de-stash.  It is quick and easy to sew, you should be able to complete a dozen of them within an hour.

Easy Easter Craft

13. Marshmallow Bunny Plushie {Easy Craft} ~ Whether you love or detest marshmallow peeps, you’ll adore this project. These marshmallow bunny plushies are not only an easy craft to make, but they make a wonderful alternative to Easter candy in an Easter basket. Make a set of these bunnies to add to your Easter decor as well.

Sock Bunny Tutorial

14.  Katie submitted her Sew a Sock Bunny tutorial. A springy sewing project to quickly put together yourself or use to teach basic sewing skills to a little one.

Easter Chick Crafts

14. Egg Carton Bunny and Chick ~ These cute little Easter animals are a fun craft for the kids to create and embellish.  Hint: start saving your egg cartons now.

Tissue Paper Baby Chicks

15. Tissue Paper Baby Chicks ~ Chirp chip this little chicky is absolutely darling!  Made from tissue paper, pipe cleaners and glue.

Easter Count Down Tutorials

20 fun ways to celebrate easter

16. 20 Fun Ways to Celebrate Easter ~ Wondering how to celebrate Easter? There are so many fun Easter activities, crafts, memories to make, and “spring” filled moments to enjoy together for a memorable and lovely Easter!  Here’s a free printable with things to count down to Easter!

Easy Easter Crafts

craft ideas, easy crafts, easy craft ideas

Painted Rock Easter Egg Craft for Kids

17.  Painted Rock Easter Egg Craft for Kids ~ With a little paint and a few dots and squiggles, you can transform an ordinary rock into an “Easter Egg” that can almost pass for the real thing.

Easter Art

DIY Easter crafts

Easter Art

18. Easter Thumbprint Art {Easter Craft For Kids} ~ Easter thumbprint art is a fun craft for kids of all ages.  Make them now and display them or use them as a fun craft to keep them busy during Easter brunch.  Make it a family tradition and you can compare their thumbprints as they grow.

Art and Craft

arts and crafts for kids

Crafts for Kids

easy crafts for kids, Easter crafts for kids, kids Easter crafts

Easter Crafts for Toddlers

Spring Crafts for Kids

Easter Crafts for Kids

19. Homemade Playdoh Filled Easter Eggs {Easy Crafts} ~ These pretty little Easter eggs filled with homemade Playdoh are perfect for an Easter egg hunt where guests may not be able to eats sweets.

Children will love being able to take home a treat they can play with day after day, and you’ll love how inexpensive homemade Playdoh is to make. You can’t find candy this cheap!

Easter Crafts for Preschoolers

easy Easter crafts

Potato Printing Easter Egg Hunt Painting

20.  Potato Printing Easter Egg Hunt Painting ~ use small baking potatoes that are egg-shaped, dry, cut in half, dip in paint and place onto your paper.

Sponge Painting Easter Egg Craft

21.  Sponge Painting Easter Egg Craft ~ Trace the shape of an egg onto a sponge as well as fun shapes. Dip into the paint and press onto paper. A different way to paint eggs with your young kids.

Kids Easter Crafts

22. Marshmallow Easter Eggs {Kids Easter Crafts} ~ Your kids will love making these fun Easter eggs with colorful marshmallows.  They will love snacking on the colorful marshmallows too.  You can even have them practice drawing lines  and using glue in this fun Kids Easter crafts.

Easter Edible Presents

How to make Easter edible presents to gift to your neighbors, friends, and family this Easter Sunday.

Easy Jelly Bean Bracelets

23. Easy Jelly Bean Bracelets ~ What child wouldn’t love making these jelly bean bracelets?  They get to have their cake and eat it too!  {snicker}

Edible Easter Crafts for Sunday School

Bunny Pop Craft {Easter Crafts}

24. Bunny Pop Craft {Easter Crafts} ~ With the attached printable, this bunny pop craft is super simple! Not only is this a easy project that your kids can help out with, but it makes a perfect Easter party favor! Grab the few supplies you need, this tutorial and printable and in no time you’ll have some adorable little bunny treats!

Paper Crafts

paper craft projects for kids

Paper Bag Nests

25.  Paper Bag Nests ~ Learn how to make a bird’s nest by rolling a brown paper bag.  Use for a centerpiece and fill with eggs.


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Best Easter Crafts and Activities for Kids

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