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38 Fun Easter Dessert Recipes Perfect for Easter Sunday


Baking Easter desserts is such a fun tradition that you can do with your family or to gift for neighbors and friends.  These Easter desserts include rainbow jello, Easter chocolate, Easter cookies as well as free printable Easter treats.

Easter Sunday is around the corner and these yummy Easter desserts are perfect for a Spring school party, Good Friday celebration, or Easter Sunday.

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30 Fun Easter Dessert Recipes Perfect for Easter Sunday Dinner or Brunch

38 Fun Easter Dessert Recipes

Easter desserts come in all shapes and sizes and are used with a variety of sweet ingredients like pretzels, marshmallows, jelly beans, chocolate, and lots of icing.  {yummy!}

A few of these Easter dessert recipes would also make great additions to your Easter Sunday dinner table like the rainbow jello and at the end of the post there are free printables which would be great for party favors or even name tags.

Easter Dessert Recipes for a Happy Easter

These easy Easter desserts and Easter Cookies are also great for school Spring parties and edible gifts for your neighbors, co-workers, and friends.

Or you can just make them for fun as they are as yummy as they look.

Easter Edible Presents

1. Duck and Bunny Pretzels ~ These little sweet and salty treats would be a perfect party favor, wrapped in a festive spring goodie bag.  Or take them to church to pass out to friends on Easter Sunday.

Easter Bunny Tails {Easter Treats}

2. Easter Bunny Tails {Easter Treats} ~ These little treats are super cute! Made to look like Easter bunny tails they are a perfect addition to your Easter dessert spread! Make a batch with this recipe and tutorial!

Easter Graham Crackers

Easter Activities

3. Bunny Houses {Easter Activity} ~ Building yummy houses is not just for Christmas anymore! This post features the clever idea to have your kids decorate bunny houses! Instead of gingerbread, use sugar cookies and then icing and candy to decorate! Festive and fun!

4. Graham Cracker Peep Houses {recipe how to} – Glued the homes together using squeezable frosting. Then let them sit overnight to harden. The homes are totally edible. This is candy grass. edible.and so freakin good.

5. Easter Peep S’Mores {Easter Dessert} ~ Make the traditional s’mores Easter themed by replacing plain marshmallows with your favorite marshmallow Easter treat.

Easter Bunny Donuts

Donut Easter Bunny {Easter Food}

6. Donut Easter Bunny {Easter Food} ~ These little donut Easter bunnies are adorable and super easy to put together! Perfect to make for Easter breakfast! They would even be great to make for a school Easter party! Learn how to put them together with this fabulous tutorial!

Speaking of donuts, if you like this idea but want to get a little more creative check out this  Donut Bunny Easter CupcakeIt’s a sweet little Easter Bunny made from powdered donuts

Marshmallow Easter Candy

Easter Treats

7. Easter Lamb Marshmallow Pops {How-To} ~ These sweet little lambs would make a perfect Easter treat.  You could use them as basket stuffers, or since there’s no baking required, let the kids make some to pass out to their friends.

8. Marshmallow Easter Treats {Easter candy} – These cute Chicks are easy to make and there are even matching printable cards and tags that you can download for free.

Easter Treats for Kids
9. Baa Baa Black and White Sheep Treats {recipe how to} ~ Make your own adorable sheep for Easter baskets or a children’s table.

Easter Marshmallow Pops

70.  Easter Marshmallow Pops ~ Check out these adorable, not to mention yummy, Easter Marshmallow Pops.  Easy than you’d think to make thanks to this great tutorial. Makes a festive addition to your Easter festivities!

Easter Bunny Treats

10.  How to Draw on Food – Use edible markers to make little drawings to make these Easter Animal Models.

11.  How to make Marshmallow Bunnies ~ Push three jumbo marshmallows onto each lollipop stick and dip in melted candy waters then draw on the body and face.

12.  Chick Marshmallow Easter Treats ~ These cute Easter Chicks are easy to make and there are even matching printable cards and tags that you can download for free.

Marshmallow Bunny Pops Tutorial

13.  Marshmallow Bunny Pops Tutorial ~ These bunny marshmallow pops are perfect to find in an Easter basket, for spring time bake sales, as a friendship gift or to make with the kids!

Chocolate Easter Bunnies

Easter Bunny

14. Marshmallow Bunny Silhouettes {Easter Treats} ~ These little bunny treats are adorable! Who could believe that they are made from Nilla Wafers, melted chocolate and marshmallows. Use this awesome tutorial to make a batch, or two to serve at your Easter get together!

15.  Easter Bunny Chocolates Recipe ~ I made large bunny heads filled with big chunks of honeycomb, bunny lollipops with a honeycomb crumbed back, honeycomb-filled chocolate eggs and lots of chocolate bunnies.

Easter Cake Pops

Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Bunnies

16. Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Bunnies ~ Dip Peeps in chocolate for a fun and easy Peeps pop!

Carrot Cake Pops Easter Desserts

17. Carrot Cake Pops {Easter Desserts} ~These carrots are a fun Easter take on the cake pop.  Both made from carrot cake and formed in the shape of carrots, they are truly carrot cake pops.  Your little bunnies will love them.

Easter Basket and Bunny Pops

18.  Easter Basket and Bunny Pops ~ How to make Easter basket and Easter bunney cake pops.

Easter Bunny Cake

19. Easter Bunny Cake Pops {Easter Bunny} ~ Bakerella walks you through her latest cute cake pop creation, this time a bunny just in time for Easter.  These cute Easter bunny cake pops will be enjoyed by guests young and old at your Easter celebration.

Easter Bunny Treats

Easter Bunny Treats

20.  Bunny Oreo Pops ~ How to make these adorable Bunnies from Oreo cookies.

21.  White Chocolate Marshmallow Bunny Pops ~ Make-n-mold bunnies made out of marshmallows, melted candy, and edible markers.

22. Easter Cake Pops {recipe how to} – Check out those ears! I found some pastel Bunny Corn at The Fresh Market. SCORE! Yes, it really said that on the container. So cute.

23.   Peep Cupcake Push Pops {Easter Ideas} ~ What a fun and colorful way to combine peeps, cupcakes and push pops!

Easter Cookies

These Easter cookies are seriously so cute in fun shapes like the Easter bunny, sheep, and nests.

Easter Cookies

24. How to Make a Bunny Cookie Lollipop {recipe how to} ~ They can be made in other colors than brown and I think that they would work just as good for a bunny themed baby shower, beside being a sweet Easter treat.

Easter Cookies

25. Easter Bunny Macaroons ~ These little bunnies would be a darling addition to any Easter basket, and are sure to taste better than the nasty old Peeps.  And I dare say, they may even look cuter from the back side {giggle}.

Easter Cookies

25. Bunny and Lamb Easter Sugar Cookies {How-To} ~ These springtime cookies are so adorable.  She shows you how to decorate your own little flock, and also has some great tips and suggestions in her comments for how to freeze and re-use leftover royal icing.

26.  Easter Basket Cookies ~ How to turn an oval cookie into a yummy edible Easter basket.

Nest Cookie Recipes

Easter Cookies

27.  Bird’s Nest Cookies {Easy & Kids Friendly} – Spring is already here!  Can you believe it?!  These adorable no bake Bird’s Nest Cookies will be a fun project to enlist your child’s help with.  All you need is 3 ingredients.

28. Birds Nest Cookies {recipe how to} – You only need three ingredients: chow mein noodles, butterscotch morsels and mini egg-shaped candies.  Butterscotch morsels gave the nests a more realistic appearance.

29. Edible Bird’s Nest Recipe ~ These edible bird’s nest’s are similar to rice krispie treats, but uses chow mein noodles instead.  So, you know just how easy they are to make.  {wink}

Easter treats

30. Baby Bird Nest Pretzels ~ The detail on these treats are amazing, but the are actually bite-sized goodies.  A great treat for Easter, but these would also be so fun at a baby shower.  You could even do little pink birdies if it’s a girl {giggle}.

Easter Egg Hunt Cookie Recipe

31.  Easter Egg Hunt Cookies ~ Fill these cookies full of icing and egs to create an edible nest.

Rainbow Jello

Easter Dessert Recipes for Kids

32. Rainbow Jello Eggs {Easter Desserts} ~ These rainbow Easter eggs are a fun and colorful dessert that guests young and old will enjoy.

Egg Shaped Easter Treats

Egg-Shape Rice Crispy Recipe

33.  Egg-Shape Rice Crispy Recipe ~ Stuff plastic Easter eggs with still-soft crisped rice cereal treats for a ready-in-minutes food gift.

Easy Easter Desserts

34.  White Chocolate and Frito Popcorn ~ This fun combination of salty and sweet make a great snack and a fun edible gift to give to friends or neighbors.

35. Spring Candy Bark ~ Check out this tutorial on making your own candy bark. With two simple ingredients, you can make a tasty snack that is perfect to hand out to friends on Easter weekend our to serve at your family gathering.

Easter Treats

36. Jelly Bean Bark {How-To} ~ Check out this tutorial on making your own jelly bean bark.  With two simple ingredients, you can make a tasty snack that is perfect to hand out to friends on Easter weekend our to serve at your family gathering.

Easter Desserts

37. Homemade Gumdrops ~ These homemade gumdrops are a fun food the kids can help you make.  They will love rolling them in the sugar and then packaging them up using the free printable gift tag.  These would also make a fun addition to any Easter basket.

Bunny Tail Mix

13.  Bunny Tail Mix ~ A festive Easter treat with the perfect blend of sweet and salty.

Easter Petit Fours

15.  Easter Petit Fours ~ Petit fours are the perfect bite-sized cake treat.  Use some Wilton icing flowers to beautifully adorn them.

Easter Treats with Printables

Quickly print out these free Easter printables and combine it with an easy Easter dessert and you’ve got the perfect recipe for party favors, homemade Easter gifts, or a fun activity for kids.

Easter Cupcakes

38. Easter Cupcake Toppers & Baskets ~ Here are some darling chevron striped cupcake toppers and wrappers that look like little Easter basket.  You can print them in yellow, blue, and pink.

Easter Printables

39. Bunny Bait Treat and Printable {Edible Easter Gift} ~ Here is a cleverly silly Easter gift perfect for your kids to hand out to their friends! Made simple with the printable topper! All you have to do is find the clear bags and candy. Easy to put together, super fun to give out!

Easter Edible Gifts

40. Bunny Bait Snack Mix {Recipe} ~ Quick and easy Easter party mix with free printable.  This would be perfect to pass out to classmates or friends, or just make a big batch to set out for the Easter bunny.  {Wink}  Hop on over to see the full tutorial and you can leave her a comment or email if you would like the tags.


41. Peeps Topper ~ Show all your peeps they are loved with our free peeps topper.  One row of your favorite colored peeps chicks fits perfectly in a snack-size ziploc bag. Then, with white cardstock, cut out 6 3/4″ x 4 1/2″ pieces. Fold in half and staple onto bag. Then tape or glue your peeps topper on.

Printable Easter Candy Toppers

42.  Chick Cupcake Topper Printable ~ Use a 2.5″ circle punch to create these adorable “tweet” chick cupcake topper.

43.  Peep Sweet Treets Printable ~ A free printable Peep party favor topper to add onto a ziploc bag.

Easter Bunnies and Chick Party Favor Toppers

44.  Easter Bunnies and Chick Party Favor Toppers ~ Pop some marshmallow Peeps into ziplock bag and attach this free printable treat topper to make a great party favor or homemade gift for Easter.

Easter Printables

45. Printable Easter Flags ~ These flags are great for adding an extra little detail to you Easter items. Use them on straws, gumball tubes, cupcake toppers and more.

Easter Printable

46. Lollipop Seed Packet Printable ~ Perfect for Easter or May Day, you can fill this little seed packet with jellybeans.  Have the kids put them into a pot and the next day, it will have magically grown into a lollipop.  {wink}

Easter Bunny Brownie in a Jar and Printable

47. Brownie Bunnies in a Jar and Printable – It’s an adorable edible favor and/or gift that displays the cuteness of peeps without losing the ability to actually eat them!

Easter Bunny Jar Gift Set {Easter Gifts}

72.  Easter Bunny Jar Gift Set {Easter Gifts} ~ How cute are these Easter Bunny jars?! Perfect to give to friends or family! Make a few (or a bunch) with the help of this fabulous tutorial! She even includes printable jar labels!

Easter Candy Recipes

Easter Candy Recipes for Easter Dessert

48. Dressed Up Peeps ~ Don’t let your family be the only one’s in the Easter best! Dress up your peeps too!

49. Golden Oreo Easter Egg Truffles ~ Easter egg shaped truffles made with Golden Oreo’s and cream cheese.

50. Cadbury Mini Egg Cookie Dough Brownie ~ Moist and delicious homemade brownies topped with egg less cookie dough and mini cadbury eggs.

51. Flowerpot Bunny Cupcakes ~ Darling flowerpot cupcakes all decorated for Easter as an oreo dirt pile with a little chocolate bunny.

Bunny Oreo Pops Recipe

52.  Oreo Chicks Recipe ~ How perfect for school classrooms, Easter parties and egg hunts, and even as favors at your Easter table.

53.  Easter Chick Wafer Cookie Truffles (Cake Bites) ~ This an easy sweet perfect for Easter. Little truffles made to look like Easter chicks!

Easter Egg Cookie Dough Truffles

12.  Easter Egg Cookie Dough Truffles ~ How adorable are these Easter Egg shaped cookie dough truffles?  I love that a typically round treat is shaped into an egg for the perfect festive treat.

Easter Dessert

54. DIY Reese Peanut Butter Eggs {Easter Candy} ~ If you love Reese Peanut Butter Eggs, this homemade version with dark chocolate should be on your to make list for Easter.

Easter Cookie Basket Recipe

Edible Easter Baskets

55. Easter Cookie Baskets ~ These cute baskets are constructed with tea cookies in the same way that you would construct a gingerbread house.

56. Easter Basket Ice Cream Cones – To make them: Fill ice cream cones with jelly beans. With a small knife, carefully cut two holes into the sides of each cone. Tuck either end of an apple licorice stick into the holes to serve as an edible handle.

57.  Purple and Green Easter Basket Cupcakes ~ Gather the kids and make sweet, edible Easter baskets!

548.  Printable Easter Basket Cupcake Wrapper ~ These Easter Basket cupcake wrappers are easy to print off. Slip some colored paper into your printer and co-ordinate your cupcakes with your Easter table!

59.  Easter Basket Cupcake Tutorial ~ This is an easy and fun way of making decorative cupcakes that costs a lot less than the ones at all the new fancy cupcake shops.

60.  Easter Basket Cupcake ~ How to make a Easter basket cupcake in a waffle cone and licorice.

Easter Edible Presents


Mason Jar Easter Chick

73.  Mason Jar Easter Chick ~ Gifts in a jar are a definite favorite!  Using yellow starbursts and cupcake liners you can dress up a jar to look like an Easter chick.

Goldfish Carrots

74.  Goldfish Carrots ~ These Goldfish carrots are the perfect gift for little one’s.  They’re also a great option to a sugar filled treat.

Easter Basket Treats

61.  Easter Basket Treats ~ A basket with repackaged Peeps, m&m’s sticks, Bunny Pops, and a carrot box.   I just adore these lolipop pop Easter bunnies inside this basket.

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30 Perfect Peep Tutorials for Easter

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There’s even peeps smores!  Marshmallow peeps are no longer just simple Easter candy as the following tutorials will show you how yummy and beautiful peeps can be.

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