I got an e-mail from Rachel wanting some inspiration on gingerbread houses. Girl, I hit the mother load! You are not going to believe what I found blog-jogging. Here you go, have fun!

How To Make a Gingerbread House

The Farmer's Wife has gone above and beyond with several tutorials on how to make an amazing gingerbread house. 1. Find a pattern 2. Mix the dough 3. Working the dough 4. How to make glass windows Synergy Mom hooked us up with an amazing tutorial complete with candy windows that light up! {{fabulous}} Here's Random Ramblings version, I'm loving the light post. Beyond The Picket Fence made shingles for her roof! I'm loving Andrea's trees. Dianasaur has several different styles to choose from: Christmas Chalet, Country Chapel, and Candy Cottage. Wow! Tracy's version is incredible! Are those "Merry Christmas" pretzels! For those of us who are culinary-challenged {{raising my hand}}, here's a gingerbread box tutorial you can make out of paper from Paper Crazy.