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Top Commenter Widget

I found something totally cool on Celia’s blog today. It’s a ‘Top Commenter Widget’ which displays the top 10 commenters on your blog. What a great way to reward your regular commenter!

It’s really easy if you use Blogger. Just type in your blog name as per the instructions, press Customize, then press the Add to Blog button.

It puts it directly into your layout! Drag it to the position you prefer and press Save. Presto!

Thanks once again Celia, you’re fab!


  1. Celia Fae

    My top commenter widget is cracking me up. People care.

  2. Celia Fae

    Now’s my chance to get in good with the Tip Junkie.

  3. Celia Fae

    Which is appropriate since blogging is as addicting as heroin.

  4. Celia Fae

    Wait a sec. I’m still not there. I’ll be back to check later.

  5. Celia Fae

    I’m thinking there’s some sort of delay. It’s longer than ten minutes.

  6. Heather

    Celia is cracking me up!! This is a very cool thing and I think I’ll go add it to my widgets right now.

  7. Tip Junkie

    Celia!!! You make me laugh harder than anyone else on the planet! Kuddo’s to you for getting on the Comment Counter. Fan Freakin’ Tastic!

  8. [email protected]

    whooo hooooo! i love this!! I just added it to my blog! thank you ! thank you! thank you!

    i am assuming it updates it self??

  9. Stephanie

    This is so funny because I just saw this today on someone else’s blog as well! Did they just add this or is it a coincidence that everyone noticed it today?

    So cool!

  10. Celia Fae

    Whoo hooo! I’m number two!

  11. Heather

    I just added it and it was VERY easy!

  12. Laurie

    Yes, it automatically updates.

    Stephanie – I don’t know but it’s such a cool feature I’m glad people are excited about it too.

    Now I wish blogger would track how many comments we each made. Wouldn’t that be a cool number to have.

  13. Valarie

    Thats a pretty neat widget 🙂

  14. Beckie

    Thanks for the tip! I added it to mine 🙂

  15. Cindy

    I added it wo my blog !!

  16. gina

    Awesome tip!! Thanks…and mine is added. Funny how widgets make me giddy 🙂


  17. i'm kelly

    what a fun do-hickey. it definitely brings out the competitive side of some people! it’s fun to see who’s reading too!

  18. Amanda K

    What a fun widget! Thanks for the fun idea!

  19. Are You Serious!

    ♡ I love this!!!

    Also, I just wanted to let you know that I changed my URL it’s now http://www.areyouseriousthisislife.blogspot.com

    Someone already took my old url…

  20. Tanja

    Ha-this is getting popular…

    Another friend of mine just posted this too. I ranked #1 on hers and #4 on yours. Wow, I have a lot to say-not that means much of anything… Ha-ha!

    Hope you’re having a great day!

  21. lindsey

    “thanks for sharing…what a great idea!”

  22. April

    love this…gonna post it soon !!

    Thanks !!

  23. momof3crazykids

    I’ve seen it on another blog. I didn’t realize what it was. That is pretty cool.

  24. andrea j

    I feel so special to be in your top 10, surprised too!! I really should comment more often, I LOVE your ideas 🙂

  25. Mel M. M. M.

    Thank you SO much. This is a great way to pay tribute to commenters! :0)

  26. Die Hausfrau

    i also added it to my blog. really cool! thanks for the tip!

  27. Janice (5 Minutes for Mom)

    I just said to sue this week that I wanted to put this on our site! Thanks!!

  28. Vitiligo

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  29. Vitiligo

    I have to admit it is great.

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