100 Day of School Activities {14 diy ideas}

Is your 100 Day of School celebration coming up for your kiddo?  I can tell by the search results that a lot of you are looking for creative one hundred day of school activities.  So here are several new ideas!

If you’ve already had your 100th day, we’d love to see it.  Please feel free to leave your blog links in the comments or upload your photos onto the Tip Junkie Facebook page.  {{wink}}

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100 Day of School

100 day of school

1. 100 Day of School Cotton ball Sheep –  A cowboy riding a sheep of 100 small cotton balls with the caption, “It was a hard ride to 100.”
2. Jumbo Gumball Machine with 100 gumballs – I adore this 100 day of school poster board idea in the shape of a gumball machine.
3. 100 Day of School Pizza – The goal of the project was to gain an understanding of the number 100. We were supposed to take 10 groups of 10 things to equal 100 things.
4. 100 Day of School Pinwheels – This 100 day of school pinwheel poster is so colorful and fun!

100 day of school shirt

5.  100 Day of School Shirt – How darling is this shirt with a Jar on it filled with hearts!!

100th Day

100th Day

6.  Been in 1st Grade 100 Days T-Shirt – Decorate a fun t-shirt to commemorate the 100th day of school.
7.  100 Cheerios for the 100th Day – Glued 100 Cheerios to a round poster-board.
8.  100th Day Ziggle Hats – I just cute out a bunch of “ziggles” on my cricut. The kids will glue 10 “ziggles” on to a sentence strip and put 10 fingerprints on each “ziggle”.

School Activities

School Activities

9.  100 Favorite Photos from 2010 – I thought this was a really cool photo op idea for the 100th day of school.

One Hundred Days Of School

One Hundred Days Of School

10.  Darling 100th Smilie Faces Shirt – This is a quick and easy tshirt that has simple 100’s written all over it and then turned into smilie faces.
11.  One Hundred Days of School Fruit Loop Art – A Wall-E picture made out of 100 fruit loops.
12.  Cake with 100 Candles – Celebrate one hundred days of school with this cake of 100 candles.
13.  One Hundred Days of School Popsicle Stick Art – What a fun idea creating an every day picture like a house scene out of colored Popsicle sticks.

hundredth day of school

hundredth day of school

For the hundredth day of school dress up your kiddo like they are 100 years old.

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Do you have a 100 day of school project? Feel free to share it with us! Simply leave the link to your blog post in the comments, or upload a photo to the Tip Junkie Facebook page. I adore hearing from you. {{wink}}

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  1. My son strung 100 pieces of cereal to a string to wear as a necklace. We also filled a container with 100 smarties for his teacher with a tag that read “Thank you for helping me be 100 day’s smarter!!” 🙂
    These idea’s above are great! I love the dress as an elderly person! How fun!

  2. A second grade tradition at our children’s school is the 100th Day Hat Parade. Kids glue 100 items to a hat (legos, candy, flowers, googlie eyes etc…) and parade thru the school. The creativity is amazing…the kids really get in to it. They will each bring 100 pieces of their favorite cereal that will be mixed together for 100th day breakfast – also served with 100 donut holes, 100 berries, juice and milk. It is such a FUN day!

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