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12 Uses for Recycled Baby Wipe Containers


There are more ways to repurpose diaper wipe containers than you may think!  You can organize with them, decorate your home with them, make toys with them and even make emergency kits with them.  So, next time you are ready to throw an empty case in the recycle bin, consider repurposing it and making something you can use!

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Creative Ways to Recycle Wipe Containers for Organizing Your Home

wipes container reuse

1.  Wipes Container Reuse ~  Reuse your old wipe containers by decorating the outside of the container and then refill with plastic bags from the grocery store.  Then, when you are in a pinch and need a bag, you’ll have one!
quilting storage

2.  Quilting Storage ~ wipes containers make a great storage solution for quilting squares and assorted pins!

wipe container as yarn holder

3.  Wipe Container as Yarn Holder ~ I love this idea for keeping your yarn tangle free and clean from knots!

scrapbooking storage

4.  Low Cost Scrapbooking Storage ~  This is super basic, but I’d guess lots of people haven’t thought of using their old containers to neatly stack and store their markers or scrapbooking pens!

Diaper Wipe Case Uses

diaper wipe container into toy

5.  Diaper Wipe Container into Toy ~  This idea is genius.  You know how much kids love to pull wipes out of the container one by one?  Well, with this toys, they do the same thing, only this time it’s with colorful fabric.  {score}

Peek a boo house

6.  Peek-a-Boo House ~   This Peek-a-book house for toddlers uses the lids from diaper wipe containers as doors on the house which open up to reveal pictures inside.  Kids LOVE it.

Earring Travel Case

7.  Earring Travel Case ~ Just add a little netting to the empty wipe case, spruce up the outside of the container and you have yourself and pretty handle travel earring case!

Car Emergency Kit

8.  Car Emergency Kit ~  I just adore this idea!  An empty wipe container is embellished to look lovely and then filled with all kinds of goodies that you are always wishing you had handy in the car!

DIY Advent Calendar

9. DIY Advent Calendar ~ It might take you all year to collect the lids for this advent calendar, but isn’t it adorable?

Recycled Baby Wipe Containers

Coin Bank

10.  Coin Bank ~ Teach the kids how to count and save money using a recycled wipe container.  Don’t worry, you won’t have to come up with the label yourself!  It’s a free downloadable printable!

wipes treasure chest

11.  Baby wipe treasure chest ~ Here’s a project your kids will go crazy for!  Treasure chests!  Using only spray paint, sand paper and gemstones, these chests are a perfect party favor!

wipes laptop computer

12.  Wipes Case Laptop Computer ~  Feeling crafty?  Your kids are going to love this one.  Instead of throwing out the case, make a laptop computer for your child instead!  They’ll go crazy for it!

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