13 Brilliant Things To Make With Recycled Junk Mail


Recycled junk mail crafts can be a fun way to turn your unwanted mail into a beautiful art project. These DIY crafts for kids and the whole family are eco friendly and will leave you feeling inspired to get through that pile of paper junk mail and make something crafty!

If you hate throwing away those perfectly good security envelopes, you’ll find some creative ways to make some recycled art here instead of another grocery list. I think you’ll also love turning your unwanted catalogs into beautiful package bows that will jazz up your gifts.

13 brilliant things to make out of junk mail

What is the best way to re-use the used papers?

It is easy to get a stack of unsolicited mail, unwanted catalogs, and junk mail in general. If you aren’t sure how to recycle all of that paper, check out these 13 creative ideas to turn junk mail into recycled art. You will also learn how to take used paper and recycle it into beautiful new craft paper. It is an easy process that adds such a neat touch to your paper crafts!

Things to make out of junk mail


Art Projects

Typography Recycled Art With Junk Mail

Typography Recycled Art With Junk Mail

A fun Mod Podge recycled mail craft that turns unwanted mail into modern art. Amy has recycled two Crate & Barrel sale mailers into an art project that is worthy of any wall space. Click here for the tutorial –> Typography Recycled Art With Junk Mail

fabric security envelopes

DIY Fabric Scrap Envelopes

What to do with all of those security envelopes that come with everything? Kat turns ugly junk mail envelopes into pretty ones using fabric scraps. This recycled junk mail becomes a beautiful space to hold a special note or token of love. Click here for the tutorial –> DIY Fabric Scrap Envelopes

What You’ll Need
  • Envelopes
  • Remnant fabric
  • Steamer (or kettle)
  • Scissors
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Glue Gun
  • DIY flower paper craft

Quick And Pretty Junk Mail Gift Bow

Wow! These beautiful bows made from recycled junk mail are a perfect topper for a gift. Michelle creates Christmas bows from the unwanted catalogs that seem to arrive daily during the holidays. Those fancy bows just get thrown away Christmas morning anyways. {wink} These bows would make some fun DIY crafts for kids to make and help keep them busy over the holiday break. Click here for the tutorial –> Quick And Pretty Junk Mail Gift Bow

diy art paper craft fridge magnet

Make DIY Fridge Magnets With Paper Junk Mail Or Postcards

Keep an eye out for junk mail with pretty pictures or designs, to recycle the paper into some cute fridge magnets. Dagmar has created these beautiful magnets with sales postcards, unwanted mail, and even those pesky credit card offers. Click here for the tutorial –> Make DIY Fridge Magnets With Junk Mail Or Postcards

Tip: Crafts recycled into art help save money on those endless kids’ art projects! Create a space to start saving those extra beautiful photo paper junk mail and credit card offers with gorgeous vacation spots to have ready for crafting on a rainy day.


Eco Friendly

Plantable paper with seeds

Recycled, Plant-able Junk Mail Seed Tags

Celebrate Earth Day with these recycled DIY projects. These plantable junk mail seed tags will make great gifts for plant lovers and help recycle some paper junk mail. Adrianne shows you how to recycle your unwanted mail in a blender with some water to create a tag that is perfect for giving a friend some wild-flower seeds to plant and watch grow. Click here for the tutorial –> Recycled, Plant-able Junk Mail Seed Tags

homemade deckle

How To Make Paper With A DIY Deckle

Another great way to make your own paper crafts from recycled junk mail. Alison uses old paper from junk mail, unwanted catalogs, and even colored construction paper (like the kind your kids make paper chains with) to make your own recycled paper. It’s really quite beautiful and will add some uniqueness to your paper crafts. Click here for the tutorial –>: How To Make Paper With A DIY Deckle

Note: Not only a great DIY crafts for kids opportunity, this recycle paper project, is a great way for kids to learn about how paper is made and how recycling is eco friendly.

DIY Crafts For Kids

diy scratch paper notebook

DIY Scratch Paper From Recycled Books

Kids are going to love this DIY scratch paper that’s made from recycled junk mail, calendars, unwanted catalogs, and board books. This recycle art is actually one of my favorite things to make with old calendars and it will keep young kids busy trying to create new artwork as they scratch off the black paint to reveal the beautiful colors underneath! Click here for the tutorial –> DIY Scratch Paper From Recycled Books

3 Simple Supplies Needed:

  • Black Tempera Paint:  1/3 cup
  • Dishwashing soap:  1 tsp
  • Glossy colorful recycled junk mail
diy tree ornaments

Security Envelope Ornaments

Have you ever noticed that security envelopes come in an assortment of different patterns on the inside? This sweet ornament is one of the best things to make with that pile of security envelopes you didn’t have the heart to get rid of. This year, instead of holiday paper chains for the Christmas tree, let your kids each create their own junk mail envelopes ornaments.  Click here for the tutorial –> Security Envelope Ornaments

All you need:

  • Glue Stick
  • Security Envelopes
  • Yarn
  • Ornament Template


Floral Junk Mail Art Tutorial

This art project is eco friendly and so beautiful that you would never know it is paper junk mail art! Creativity really has no limits and Elise’s beautiful tutorial shows how to make these gorgeous junk mail flowers come to life. This recycled art will definitely need a special place to hang! Click here for the tutorial –> Junk Mail Flower Art Tutorial

diy paper craft pinwheels
@Cheap Eats and Thrifty Crafts

How To Make Pinwheels With Recycled Junk Mail

Making pretty decorative pinwheels with recycled junk mail is a fun craft for spring and makes easy DIY crafts for kids. Turn some of your unwanted catalogs and brightly colored credit card offers into this eco friendly decoration that is perfect for a garden party. Click here for the tutorial –> How To Make Pinwheels With Junk Mail

DIY Projects

diy Halloween jar labels made with junk mail

DIY Halloween Labels From Recycled Junk Mail

Learn how to make these awesome DIY Halloween labels from junk mail envelopes and other tips for eco-friendly Halloween decorations. Reece has some spooky cute things to make from recycled junk mail to help keep your holiday on a budget! Click here for the tutorial –> DIY Halloween Labels From Junk Mail

homemade scented bookmarks

DIY Handmade Paper Scented Bookmarks

Learn how to make your own paper, that smells good, from recycled junk mail and old scraps of paper. Amy’s tutorial also shows you things to make with your scented recycle paper including bookmarks, gift tags, and more! Click here for the tutorial –> DIY Handmade Paper Scented Bookmarks

recycled junk mail corner bookmarks

Corner Bookmarks From Recycled Junk Mail Envelopes

I love beautiful paper crafts and even more when they are eco friendly. These corner bookmarks are a simple and practical craft for any book lover and they are a beautiful way to use up those junk mail envelopes. Click here for the tutorial –>: Corner Bookmarks From Repurposed Junk Mail Envelopes

If you have a book lover in your life, be sure to also check out this gorgeous Book Page Wreath. I know an English teacher who would love this recycled art and you can make it for just $2. Click here for this recycled crafts tutorial –> Book Page Wreath {Recycled Crafts}


things to make with junk mail pin


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