16 DIY Spice Rack Designs


Yesterday I featured some fabulous before and after spice rack makeovers and it got me thinking about functional spice racks for your kitchen.  So today, here are 16 DIY spice rack designs that you can make for your home.  Enjoy!

Spice Rack

Hanging Racks

1.  Baby Food Jars to Magnetic Spice Rack – Grab empty baby food jars and some chalkboard spray paint and you’ve got a great way to organize your spices.
2.  DIY Magnetic Spice Rack – A cool way to organize your spice rack either on your fridge or on wall mounted magnetic knife racks.
3.  Back-of-Door Spice Rack – Storage space in most kitchens is limited, so there’s no sense in wasting any of it. One area that’s typically underutilized is right behind the cabinet door.
4.  Magnetic, under-shelf spice rack – Here’s a way to store your spices in an unobtrusive way that doesn’t take up shelf space.

Spice Rack Designs

5.  Lateral Wall Mounted Spice Rack – The rack itself is an old printer’s tray from ebay.
6.  Vintage Spice Rack Tutorial – How to give a freshly painted spice rack a shabby chic feel. {{printable spice labels}}
7.  Magnetic Sheet Spice Rack – I got tired of my plain, old, dumpy lazy susan spice rack taking up space on my kitchen counter, so I decided to make a wall mounted magnetic spice rack.
8.  Stainless Steal spice rack – I just love these black topped glass jars with the spice name on them.

magnetic spice rack

9.  $2 Magnet Bar Spice Rack – A quick and easy tutorial on how to turn magnet bars into a wall mounted spice rack.
10.  Wipe Off Board Spice Rack – If you currently have a wipe off board for organizing your home, you can even turn part of it into a functional spice rack using office supplies.

12.  DIY Automated Pop-up Kitchen Spice Rack – Holy Moly someone has a incredible imagination.  Take a look at this powered spice rack caddy.

11.  Handmade Spice Rack – This DIY project is made out of plywood, magnetic spray paint, and a drill.  A very interesting idea that I can’t stop thinking about.

Drawer Storage for Spices

Drawer Storage for Spices

13.  Corner Bookcase spice drawer – I just love this idea of using what you have to make it work.  Here’s a quick pictured tutorial on how to make a drawer storage for spices.
14.  The Spice Expand-A-Drawer™ – Is a cool solution for those that must have their spices stored inside a drawer.
15.  Candy Display Spice Rack – Talk about inventive.  This was a wire candy display that is repurposed into a storage for spices.
16.  In-Drawer Spice Rack 12-bottle – A cool little gadget that holds the bottles in place so they’re perfect for a drawer storage.

More Spice Rack Ideas:


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  1. I am going to do #1 for my most used spices. I just love it!!! I have my spices in a small cardboard box and I pull it out like everyday. While its not my favorite way, it has worked for me because I like my counters clutter free. I have always wanted to buy a spinning spice rack but always stopped short because, again, I hate clutter.

  2. hey! i totally LOVE # 4 & 10. like seriously LOVE.
    have tried #14 in the past and it’s worked well.
    i just don’t have enough drawers in our new house. ::pouting::
    thanks for the inspiration!

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