8 Spice Rack Makeovers {Before and After}


Do you have an ugly spice rack that could be spruced up and given a new function?  Well, here are several DIY spice rack makeovers to inspire you to repurpose a spice rack or jar or something in your own home.

DIY Spice Rack

DIY Spice Rack Makeovers

1. Spice Rack to Twine Rack – Need a place to put all the twine you’ve been buying? Find an old spice rack.
2. Wooden spice rack transformed – A great pictured tutorial on how to turn a plane spice rack into a gorgeous bead container drawer.
3. Repurposed Spice Rack – I just love the color and new life that was brought into this plan spice rack.
4. Spice Rack turned Craft Organizer – A fun way tutorial on how to turn a wooden spice rack into a handy craft and ribbon organizer.

Spice Rack Makeovers

5.  White Magnetic Spice Racks – These spice racks have been simply used as bead holders instead of spice holders.  {{easy!}}
6. Spin Me Around Button Holder – {{giggle}} I love the name of this project and what a fun idea to turn this ‘lazy susan’ spice rack into a crafty button holder.
7.  Before and After Halloween Spice Rack Holder – This iron spice rack was beautiful but painted in vintage Halloween it’s even more divine.
8.  Test tube Spice Rack Bead Holder – What a great idea to turn this test tube spice rack into something functional in the craft room.

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  1. Ah I love it. I love cooking so much, I love spending time in the kitchen so much. Making something fun like this will add more joy for me. Why is this not occurred to me to make a colorful spice racks? I’m gonna make it now.. Thank you so much for the tips..

  2. What clever ideas to repurpose spice racks! I love the idea of keeping sewing/crafting supplied organized with them!

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